Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Potluck with le friends!

Aqiff (middle) will leave us soon for UiTM

Potluck. Makan makan !

Birthday boy Ajimbo :)

Menikmati la tu :p

Kekasihku bersama kekasih gelapnya ;P

Muka paling menawan abad ini :p HAHA!

Rood, Aqiff, Dinesh, Husna, Mira Z, Mora, Wan, Halim and Rifdi. (plus photographer, Ajim)

UNO Spin!

A few of our classmates are going for UiTM end of this month. Therefore, we organized a small potluck for them :) It was this morning around 10am till 12pm at padang belakang library lama. We had fried chickens, kuey teow, curry puffs, sandwiches, keropok and drinks :) Thanks to my wonderful friends who contributed those (Y)

Later on, we played UNO Spin. Seriously, it was the funniest, most hilarious and ridiculous UNO Spin game I've ever played before!

As I was giving a briefing on the rules and how to play the game, this happened:

Me: Kalau dah tinggal satu card je lagi, kena cakap UNO. Kalau tak, kena ambik 2 cards.
All: Ohh okay okay. *angguk2.

Halim: Kalau Halim cakap UNA?


P/s Conclusion, it was awesome! I had a great time :)