Saturday, October 20, 2012

MPPPU Annual Dinner 2012

So, semalam dinner MPPPU at Hotel Uitm Shah Alam. It was good! Everything went well, despite my personal problem last night. Sigh. But anyways, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

 Masquerade baybay!

Farah & myself 

Sweet couple of the year ;) 

2 GORGEOUS ladies :) 

Anis surrounded by brongs brongs kacak.

Us with Anis and Kana :D 

They are seriously VERY VERY pretty! 

Adik-adikku yang comel :* 

Teacher, substitute teacher, sister of substitute teacher and class monitor's girlfriend :P 

Flawless & super graceful Anura and beautiful Sabirah :) 

Razny in her favourite colour (purple) with Oppa Shazani :B 

 Bak kata Razny: Izzat the Bartender :D

Rifdi & the apple of my eyes ;) 

Adikku, Fatin :) 

Teh Ben Hur, the best treasurer ever!

Seriously, I think my girlfriends looked very very beautiful last night. Its nice to see them dress up. Especially Anis, you look gorgeous in pink! Plus, Rifdi and Anis made a great combination as the Master of Ceremony for the event. Congratulations on the good job guys :D Credits to photographers for the lovely photos :) 

P/s Huge huge appreciation from me to all of my lovely Form 6 friends and teachers for making it happen. It was a success. And it was all because of you guys. Love all of you to bits :)