Tuesday, October 2, 2012


HEY GUYS! I am sorry for neglecting my blog lately. I've been busy with school and life. Lots of amazing things happened to me these few days. And currently, trial's over. A weight is lifted off my shoulder, but there's still a huge weight which is STPM. Which is really just around the corner. 1 month to be exact :O Oh boyy.

And earlier in class Medina told me this conversation she had with Azim Izani and Halim;

Azim: Dinner masquerade tu nak pakai mask apa eh?
Medi: Hmmm, ntah la.
Azim: Nanti Azim pakai mak Azim punya.
Medi: Oh.
Azim: Facial mask, 2 in 1. Untuk pakai masa dinner, then balik, muka berseri-seri.

Then, Medi semput. *Inhaler*
Hahaha :p

Then, masuk si Halim;

Halim: Letak timun sekali dkt mata.

Boleh tahan jadi gila jugak gelak tadi. Hahaha!