Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Abinos Carlos

She is Abinos!

This wonderful girl is my best friend since high school! Nur Sabrina Azman :) She is the most outgoing, joyful, hyper, sporting, brilliant, bright and gorgeous friend of mine. I've known her for more than 7 years and we have done lots and lots of things together. You name it, from A to Z, what else have we not experienced? Had meals, went for co-curricular activities, camp, sleepover, parties, iftar, solat, homeworks, study groups, shopping, window shopping, playgrounds, watched an orchestra, clothes fitting, movies, ice-skating, disco-skating, birthday surprises, LRT rides, "kidnapped" oh and God knows what else!

How I miss her. I dearly miss her and all the good times we had. She had been there for me. Rooting for me. Picking me up when I fell. She had never been selfish. Never ever. Not even once would she left me alone. I love her. I always do :')