Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Morazana moment :)

Me: Wedding Filzah tak payah guna kereta, guna train. Panjang sikit "JUUUUUUUUSTTT MARRIEEEDDDD!"

RaZaNa: Hahahahahaha XD


This image is very self-explanatory :) Thank you.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Kenapa rasa macam ni? Macam ada yang tak kena :/ I don't wanna feel this way. Please go away, feeling. Please.

Yeah, nooo

STPM in a few more days. I can already feel the tension building up. Go Mora Go!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

My weakness

Here's a story about a girl.

She found her man.
Her life was perfect since then.
And she is trying her best to ensure it stays that way.
Even though she is just a very ordinary girl.
She's still gonna try.
She's not quitting.
She's happy.
And it's all because of him.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Thank you for today. It was wonderful :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

HB to me


Thank you to those who wished me. Really really appreciate all the doas today :) Amin.

It wasn't the best, but it was the one to remember.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Abinos Carlos

She is Abinos!

This wonderful girl is my best friend since high school! Nur Sabrina Azman :) She is the most outgoing, joyful, hyper, sporting, brilliant, bright and gorgeous friend of mine. I've known her for more than 7 years and we have done lots and lots of things together. You name it, from A to Z, what else have we not experienced? Had meals, went for co-curricular activities, camp, sleepover, parties, iftar, solat, homeworks, study groups, shopping, window shopping, playgrounds, watched an orchestra, clothes fitting, movies, ice-skating, disco-skating, birthday surprises, LRT rides, "kidnapped" oh and God knows what else!

How I miss her. I dearly miss her and all the good times we had. She had been there for me. Rooting for me. Picking me up when I fell. She had never been selfish. Never ever. Not even once would she left me alone. I love her. I always do :')

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I spent most of my time staring into blank spaces. Or shall I say, stare through the blank spaces into my own little wonderland. Except that now it is not as "wonder" as it should sound like.


A scene at the canteen.

Me: Acik, nak nasi goreng dengan telur.
Syafiq: Saya pun sama cik.
Makcik: *letak nasi and telur yang baru digoreng.
Syafiq: Waahhh, panas lagi!
Makcik: *hulur nasi to us.* Ni special untuk two person.

Wahh, kelas kau Mariaaaa! Acik kantin speaking (Y)

Monday, October 22, 2012

M & W

I love it when I looked, stared or even blinked and you can tell what's in my mind. You can tell if it's a yes or no, if i'm okay or not. It is as if you can see right through me. Its amazing!

And for that, and so much more, is the reason that I'm thankful to have you. Because I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

ILY :)


A scene with Kana in class.

Teacher: Who's the richest man in Malaysia? I can't recall his name.
Class: *making noise*
Kana: Errmm... Aha! Teacher! Fernando Torres!
Medi & Me: Haaa?
Medi: Tony Fernandez la Kanaaa!

Us: HAHAHAHAHA! Pun boleh!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Awesome !

Travis Garland- Settle Down (Cover)

His voice is so harmonious :)

Don't be scared

You are the permanent resident there :)
The only resident, in fact.

Now and forever

Rujuk gambar di bawah ;) My boinkboink!

Hmmm :P

Macam pinang nak kena belah :p

Haha pretty Fatin Ameera :)

MPPPU Annual Dinner 2012

So, semalam dinner MPPPU at Hotel Uitm Shah Alam. It was good! Everything went well, despite my personal problem last night. Sigh. But anyways, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

 Masquerade baybay!

Farah & myself 

Sweet couple of the year ;) 

2 GORGEOUS ladies :) 

Anis surrounded by brongs brongs kacak.

Us with Anis and Kana :D 

They are seriously VERY VERY pretty! 

Adik-adikku yang comel :* 

Teacher, substitute teacher, sister of substitute teacher and class monitor's girlfriend :P 

Flawless & super graceful Anura and beautiful Sabirah :) 

Razny in her favourite colour (purple) with Oppa Shazani :B 

 Bak kata Razny: Izzat the Bartender :D

Rifdi & the apple of my eyes ;) 

Adikku, Fatin :) 

Teh Ben Hur, the best treasurer ever!

Seriously, I think my girlfriends looked very very beautiful last night. Its nice to see them dress up. Especially Anis, you look gorgeous in pink! Plus, Rifdi and Anis made a great combination as the Master of Ceremony for the event. Congratulations on the good job guys :D Credits to photographers for the lovely photos :) 

P/s Huge huge appreciation from me to all of my lovely Form 6 friends and teachers for making it happen. It was a success. And it was all because of you guys. Love all of you to bits :)


He's the one.
The only Wan.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


A scene with le sister.

Adik: Kakak, nak pinjam phone.
Me: Buat apa?
Adik: Nak call mama.
Me: Mama dekat bawah?
Adik: Tak.


Adik: Dekat bilik sebelah.




A scene with my bro.

Abang: Kita date berkembar la ye.

Me: ...

Abang: Skemanya date berkembar. Double date sudahh.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


You know who you are kan? :)

This song is plain beautiful :)

Done !

Yayyy! Done with MUET test :D We had our Reading, Writing and Listening test for MUET one whole day today. It was okay. Comme ci comme ca.

Esok dinner night. Hopefully everything goes well as planned :) Amin.

Anis Anis~

A scene with Anis.

Wan: Bagus lah Anis buat kerja !
Medi: Nanti lepas dinner kita kumpul duit ramai-ramai belanja Anis.

Anis: Nanti korang belanja I dekat Victoria Secret! ^_^


Anis: Ehhhhh! I nak cakap Victoria Station!

Hahahaha, nice one Anis (Y)


Monday, October 15, 2012

Good times


Had a great great laugh today with my lovely RA, ZA and NA. Thank you Medina for buying us those beautiful bracelet! I love it :)

Medi punya macam lada hitam (black)
Razny punya macam asam boi (orange)
Mora punya macam biji limau HAHAHAHAHA! Biji delima (red)
Filzah punya macam...

Biji durian!

Hahahahahahahahaha (Y) Padahal warna biru, takde kena mengena? :p

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I know I might not be the prettiest, nicest, richest,
 or anything better than any other girls out there,
but I hope you will keep loving me,
as for your love that keeps me alive,
that keeps me being me.

And I hope you would fight for me,
just like how much I am fighting for you.

No need for introduction

And I've found my man.

Key Ell

Just got back from KL yawls! It was a short family vacation over the weekend but it was a good one. Short but packed with activities. Mostly visiting malls :p Which I'm sure my dad didn't quite enjoy. Haha.

Anyways, I'm home :) and I'm tired. School tomorrow. Fishhhh -.-"

P/s fish means oh no! :p

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Kadang-kadang jadi manusia tu, jangan mulut celupar. Rasanya, kau tak perlu terasa kalau benda takde kena mengena dengan kau. Where's your balls man? Kerja kau cakap belakang. Cakap dekat muka aku la kalau kau berani. Kalau kau rasa kau betul, tak perlu terasa kut. Aku cuma beri peringatan. Untuk kebaikan. Aku nak semua orang faham dan beri kerjasama. Supaya semua benda boleh selesai. Aku akui semua orang buat kerja dengan baik, excellent. Yang bagus tu bagus lah, yang tak bagus yang aku marah ni cerita dia.

Mungkin aku nampak macam tak buat apa-apa. Secara fizikal, mungkin korang lebih penat dari aku. Ye, aku akui. Tapi aku penat layan kerenah manusia yang macam-macam. Termasuk satu yang macam kau ni. Kau memang dari awal tak suka aku kan? Then, semua yang aku buat, kau rasa salah. Sebab kau benci aku. Aku buat apa pun memang tak kena dkt mata kau.

Bermula dari hari ni, aku tak nak ambik tau lagi apa-apa yang kau nak cakap pasal aku. Memang aku tak sempurna. Kau pun.

Tapi sekurang-kurangnya, aku tak mulut kurang ajar macam kau.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Forever mine

You just can't take him from me. That ain't gonna happen, girl friend.

P/s Love you.

A night at RBB

Alright so tonight, I went to help out at Rawang Burger Bakar at Subang Jaya. It was a great experience working with hilarious people there.

Amir:  Betul lah tu. Semalam hari Rabu. Esok hari Khamis.
Fa: Habis tu hari ni hari apa? Hari percuma?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Boink Boink

Mine forever.

It's a special day today :) And I had a great time. Nasib baik Vitara boleh start. Haihh, merajuk pulak dia tiba-tiba. Cuak dah tadi :O

P/s I love you, MonoSodiumGlutamate.

Pp/s Cute koala! :D

Presentation PA~

Today, our PP & History teachers couldn't make it to school because of other duties. Therefore, we learnt Pengajian Am for the whole 6 periods. 10.40 until 2.30pm. Whoaaaa, boleh tahan lembik jugak lah.

And today, we had Azim Izani's group consisting of Aqiff, Halim and Ammar presenting their topic on Integrasi dan Perpaduan.

Aqiff: Halim, baca paper pun Tamil.
Cikgu: Bagus, boleh tanya maksud dkt kawan-kawan, rapatkan silaturrahim.
Halim: Halim cari maksud dekat kamus, setahun tak habis.


Ada lagi.

Aqiff: Contoh terdekat la, aku jurulatih dekat gym. Halim ahli bina badan. Jadi, bila aku pegang macam ni *pegang bahu Halim*, dah ada hubungan dekat situ. Lepas tu, aku cakap "Suka la urat kau." Dah boleh nampak dekat situ.

Halim: Lepas tu, terus Halim tak pegi gym dah.


Tolong lah guys. Boleh kena heart attack gelak dengan korang ni.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Deep condolences

I just heard about the death of my former class teacher's daughter, Nashuha.

"I want to be a doctor and save people. People like me."


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Demand :P



Good night.

Siblings moment

While having KFC for dinner with my brother and sister at the kitchen;

My sis: Tak suka la bahagian dada ayam ni.
Me: Tinggal. Biar kakak makan.
Abang: Breast dia kecik.



Me: Kecik-kecik pun sedap :D



My sis: Kecik ni keras.

Us: *stares at each other.

And then burst into laughter :D Great time with le siblings :)


I believe that everyone knows what FAQ stands for. Well, in case you don't, it's Frequently Asked Questions. In my whole life, I've been getting a lot of similar questions by a bunch of people I knew And most probably you guys would be curious about as well.

So today, I am gonna kindly answer them all.

Are you a Malay?
Yes, I am.

Are you mixed? (mixture of different races)
No, I am purely a Malay. My dad's a Kelantanese and my mum is a pure Malay.

What section in Shah Alam do you live in?
*Muka pelik. Is there such place?
Yes, there is. Go home and check out the map you fool.

Why didn't you go for matrix or university?
Because I don't want to. And I'm glad I didn't. 

What's with your nickname? Why "Mora"?
It was given by one of my best friend, Hannim Hussin out of randomness :)

Any study tips?
Focus in class and study when exam's coming.

Why do you sound like a guy?
God made me this way.

How long have you learnt drumming?
Since 2008. Until I got my own drum set.

Are you single?
No. Taken and superbly happy :)

Why choose him?
Because he's a gentleman. In all ways possible.

Why don't you have a Twitter?
I do now, so stop asking.

Why aren't you jealous of him with other girls? (I get this one quite often lately)
He chose me. And I trust him.

And this one particular statement which I get SO FREAKIN' much and in which I don't know how to respond -.-


For the love of God, I was born this way. It's not like I have a choice anyway. In fact, if I was given one, I would still choose to stay how I am :)

Pd doink

Heyya guys! I miss blogging so much :'( Sorry for neglecting my blog lately. I will try my best to update it as frequent as possible :)

And so, my family and I went to Port Dickson this weekend for a vacation. It was alright. PD was super hot hence we stayed as far away as possible from the beach. Jaga kulit. Hahaha :P Gedik gila oh my God.

Comme ci comme ca.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Did, do and forever will.

I am sorry. That I made you restless. I am the cause of your sufferings. I just hate myself right now. I won't disturb you anymore, good night. I am sorry for being selfish.

Ben moment~

Ben was really sweet yesterday. I was so stressed out about MPPPU's annual dinner because our budget wasn't enough to support the event. And so, I cried. It was involuntary. I went out to the washroom to cool down plus I don't want my classmates to see me like that. Hehh.

Then Ben, who was the treasurer for the event texted Medina, who was with me that time.

"Medina, kenapa dengan Mora? Don't worry, I'll work it out."

And I cried some more. This time because he was being such a sweetheart :')

P/s Thanks Ben. I really appreciate your commitment to this.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pro much?

I am just freaking in love with you.


HEY GUYS! I am sorry for neglecting my blog lately. I've been busy with school and life. Lots of amazing things happened to me these few days. And currently, trial's over. A weight is lifted off my shoulder, but there's still a huge weight which is STPM. Which is really just around the corner. 1 month to be exact :O Oh boyy.

And earlier in class Medina told me this conversation she had with Azim Izani and Halim;

Azim: Dinner masquerade tu nak pakai mask apa eh?
Medi: Hmmm, ntah la.
Azim: Nanti Azim pakai mak Azim punya.
Medi: Oh.
Azim: Facial mask, 2 in 1. Untuk pakai masa dinner, then balik, muka berseri-seri.

Then, Medi semput. *Inhaler*
Hahaha :p

Then, masuk si Halim;

Halim: Letak timun sekali dkt mata.

Boleh tahan jadi gila jugak gelak tadi. Hahaha!