Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Triple Birthdays

Today, 26/09, is 3 of my relatives' birthday! How awesome is that? :D

First, my cousin Shafiqah Azman or more likely to be called Ieka. Happy 17th Birthday cous! May God bless you with good returns :) You have been such an amazing cousin to me, you're like my favorite cousin (not that I'm being unfair :p) but yeah, you're the one who listens to all my stories, gossips, secrets and God knows what else! You're awesome the way you are. You cook, bake, sew, babysit, study with passion and that's why you're good in all those, no doubt about that :) I know SPM is just around the corner and you're stressing out but always remember, that STPM is coming soon as well :p hahaha which means we're both in trouble! Alright (Y) Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Stay how you are, you're amazing.

Next, is my aunt, Nurliyana Syahirah, preferably called Kak Syira who's turning 24 today! Yayyyyy :D Happy Birthday Kak Syira! Tua dah :p This aunt of mine is a very happy-go-lucky person, outgoing, loud and always hilarious. She's good in teasing and being sarcastic to others. I love being around her since she's talkative, thus, never making the situation awkward. Anyways kak, Happy Birthday :) Have a blast!

Third is my aunt (which is younger than me), Neesa Athirah who is sharing the same birthday with 2 of my relatives stated earlier. This girl's hyper, joyful and really friendly. I would love to hangout with her someday. She had been really busy and we kinda live far away from each other. Therefore, we only meet during family events. But still she is no less wonderful to me :) So, Happy Birthday dear!