Sunday, September 23, 2012

*facepalm moment

A scene with my cousin, Afiq at a small gathering at my aunt's.

Afiq: What's these? *pointing to something beside some grapes.
Me: Those are cherry tomatoes.
Afiq: *took one and eat them.


Afiq: Eeeeewwww! You lied -.-
Me: Whaaaaat?
Afiq: It tasted like tomato.
Me: It is tomato.
Afiq: I thought it was a cherry?!
Me: I said it's a cherry TOMATO. It is tomato that looks like a cherry.
Afiq: But you said cherry first before tomato.
Me: *facepalm.

Thank God he's 13 or else I would have smack him in the face. Hahaha kidding.

P/s red apple. It's an apple that's red. Kannnnn?