Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today's activity.
First, rumah terbuka SMK SSAAS :)

Logesh :D Sry tak rotate ;p

Mah girls. Kelly, Filzah, Mira, Farah, Anis & Aina :)
Next was Razny's home. Sedap mak dia masak :D

Gorgeous (Y)
Next house was Izzat's. Met Ayeen, Kimi, Put, Elisa, Abang & Adik. Long time no see~

Halim sesat di tengah2 :D haha.
After that, we went to Lily's house. Makan keropok! Hihi.

Smile (:
Lastly, we went to Amirah Ibrahim's house and made it like our own
-,- Haha

Muka kenyang.

Beatiful day spent with gorgeous human beings. Love them to bits.