Friday, September 28, 2012

Found it

Boink boink :)


Had our Sejarah test (repeat) for God knows what reason. I think this whole repeating thing is a mess. I mean, really, it won't change anything that much. It's just plain tiring.

In class;

Cikgu PA: Contohnya, A Binti B telah mendaftar untuk *yadayadayada.
Me: C Bin D
Medi: Hahahaha.
Me: Si Bendi.

Seronok Medi. Ketawa je. She's a great friend of mine. And I don't wanna lose her :)

P/s do check out her blog at She got interesting stories there! :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ben Moment

Le moment with Ben in class during MUET;

Medina: Ben's a mercenary.
Me: Only interested in money?
Ben: Oh yes, I love money. My family marah I suka duit. My uncle2 semua kata, duit tak penting, yang penting kita buat apa yang kita suka. Tapi I still suka duit.
Me & Medi: Hahahahahaha!
Me: Okay, okay. Let me give you a situation.
Ben: Okay.
Me: If 1 million US dollars and your mum are falling off a cliff, which would you save?
Ben: ..................


Me: OH MY GOD! Medina, he's even considering it?!?!
Medi: Seriously Ben? You're considering it?!
Ben: Errr...............

Me & Medi: My Goodness, he's still considering it! For real Ben? :O

P/s Extreme Ben is extreme~


Oh yes you are.

P/s great day, well-spent.

Triple Birthdays

Today, 26/09, is 3 of my relatives' birthday! How awesome is that? :D

First, my cousin Shafiqah Azman or more likely to be called Ieka. Happy 17th Birthday cous! May God bless you with good returns :) You have been such an amazing cousin to me, you're like my favorite cousin (not that I'm being unfair :p) but yeah, you're the one who listens to all my stories, gossips, secrets and God knows what else! You're awesome the way you are. You cook, bake, sew, babysit, study with passion and that's why you're good in all those, no doubt about that :) I know SPM is just around the corner and you're stressing out but always remember, that STPM is coming soon as well :p hahaha which means we're both in trouble! Alright (Y) Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Stay how you are, you're amazing.

Next, is my aunt, Nurliyana Syahirah, preferably called Kak Syira who's turning 24 today! Yayyyyy :D Happy Birthday Kak Syira! Tua dah :p This aunt of mine is a very happy-go-lucky person, outgoing, loud and always hilarious. She's good in teasing and being sarcastic to others. I love being around her since she's talkative, thus, never making the situation awkward. Anyways kak, Happy Birthday :) Have a blast!

Third is my aunt (which is younger than me), Neesa Athirah who is sharing the same birthday with 2 of my relatives stated earlier. This girl's hyper, joyful and really friendly. I would love to hangout with her someday. She had been really busy and we kinda live far away from each other. Therefore, we only meet during family events. But still she is no less wonderful to me :) So, Happy Birthday dear!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Le twin

2 charming twins! Jack and Finn :D

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bimbo HAHA

My boink boink!

Kick out

A tiring day. I don't care anymore. You wanna kick me out? Alright, it's fine. Thank you for the opportunity. I learnt  a lot. I learnt to not be the slave of anyone. I've been stepped on and used as for what I am capable/willing to do. Guess what, not anymore. I am sick of doing things for other people and not getting any credits for it. I felt unappreciated enough already. Congratulations.

P/s puas menangis, not gonna cry anymore.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wishes do come true

Because one day it may come true. Trust me, mine did.

P/s my boink boink!

Annoyed me~

Another scene with sister at Giant Section 13.

Aina: *singing. Three blind mice, three blind mice, three blind mice.
Me: .....
Aina: *keeps on singing repeatedly, over and over again.
Aina: *still singing.
Annoyed me: One blind sister *showing my fist.


*facepalm moment

A scene with my cousin, Afiq at a small gathering at my aunt's.

Afiq: What's these? *pointing to something beside some grapes.
Me: Those are cherry tomatoes.
Afiq: *took one and eat them.


Afiq: Eeeeewwww! You lied -.-
Me: Whaaaaat?
Afiq: It tasted like tomato.
Me: It is tomato.
Afiq: I thought it was a cherry?!
Me: I said it's a cherry TOMATO. It is tomato that looks like a cherry.
Afiq: But you said cherry first before tomato.
Me: *facepalm.

Thank God he's 13 or else I would have smack him in the face. Hahaha kidding.

P/s red apple. It's an apple that's red. Kannnnn?

Friday, September 21, 2012


She's my sister :)

He's my brother :)

We may fight sometimes (well lots of time actually :p) but if you mess with them, you're gonna have to face me.


P/s now playing: Justin Timberlake's songs. All time favourite.

Speech and speech and speech

Frankly speaking, there's nothing interesting today in school.

Its a very unfortunate day for me. I am officially annoyed with Malaysian drivers, specifically today -.- oh and I am finally done with my MC speech for the "wedding" ceremony next Tuesday. Tried out the outfit (teacher Sara's nikah clothes) and it fits perfectly! Niceeeee.

Oh well, that's it for today I guess.

P/s Excuse me mister, I don't mind us being good friends but please be aware that I'm owned. Don't cross the line or you'll be getting it from him. And trust me, you won't like it :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

YES, you

Randomness with halim

A scene with Halim;

Me: Semalam Mora tertidur dengan laptop atas perut.
Halim: Bangun-bangun hangus, panas laptop :p
Medina: Hahahaha.
Me: Hahaha, takde la panas mana.
Halim: Kawan Halim, dia tidur dengan seterika atas baju. Ada ke patut?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then Medi and I went hysterics, laughing our hearts out at Halim's sarcasm/joke. Macam-macam la Halim ni. Kena pakcik tu :p

P/s Nasi lemak ikat tepi? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This song explains everything that I am going through currently.



Buah hatiku.

P/s I waited for you for almost an hour. I'm pretty sure you fell asleep. I understand that you're tired. Hope you get enough rest :) Bonsoir!

Seats swapping

So Medi, Razny and I temporarily swapped seats in class just now.

Razny sat on my place, Medi sat on Razny's and I sat on Filzah's.

Razny: Rasa ada aura Mora dekat sini/
Me: Hahahaha!
Medina: Rasa nak snooker pulak. Hahahahaha
Us: Hahahahahahaha XD
Me: Ehhh, tiba2 terjatuh cinta dkt Syafiq?

HAHAHAHA! Awesome girlfriends are awesome (Y) Love them to bits.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Went for pemilihan bowling under MPPPU today at Plaza Alam Sentral.

And to be honest, I'm a bad bowler. Embarrassed myself~ Hahahaha. So not gonna play in public anymore. Loser!

Officially, I announce today as Gossip Day! Macam-macam gosip hari ni. Menarik, sangat menarik. I had fun today. Indeed an awesome day :) Suka la hang out with Farah Husna! She's outgoing and very random :D Sandal terbanggg!

Hahahaha. Alright good night guys. Esok sekolah. NOOOOO T_T

P/s buah hatiku~

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sunday morning

Today, 3rd day being a substitute mother/housewife.

Went to Pasar Sect.13 in the morning. Bought some ikan kembung, ikan tenggiri, daging lembu, sotong, sayur and breakfast for my loved ones. Then, balik rumah siang ikan, cuci sayur, cuci semua yang boleh dicuci and serve breakfast with warm Earl Grey tea. Haven't done the laundry yet T_T

It is really tiring being a mum. Haha (baru tau)! Plus, hari terakhir puasa enam :D Yay!

P/s dull day.


A scene with Daddy

So, we were having dinner just now before my dad started a conversation;

Dad: Esok Hari Malaysia kan?
Me: Yes.
Dad: Tadi ada 6 helikopter bawak bendera. Rehearsal untuk esok.
Me: Esok ada apa?

HAHAHA! Soalan bonus!

Dad: Hari Malaysia lah! Macam budak tadika B la dia ni.


P/s funny daddy is funny.

Friday, September 14, 2012


School today was alright. Quick meeting before Majlis Bacaan Yaasin for Pn Norehan and Pn Norrosidah who are going for Haji in about 2 weeks from now. Will miss them so badly :'(

As a whole, today had been tiring and filled with anger. I'm a very bad person.

P/s *tummy growls.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Code Memo

I know he's cute and all but if you touch him, I'll kill you.

HAHA! Jk jk. :p

Le scene with le bestie :)

In class this morning, Medi was trying to fool Amirah Zul by saying;

Medi: Semalam Syaz tumbuk i, lepas tu i pegi dkt mora.
Mira Z: Tipu la Mediii.
Medi: Betul, tanya Mora.
Me: Haa?
Medi: Kan Mora kan? Semalam Syaz tumbuk i, then i pegi kat you.
Me: *whattafish is happening?*
Medi: Kan Mora? *made her please-help-me-lie face.
Me: Yeah, yes yes.
Mira Z: Eleh, korang ni.

Me: Wasn't it me yang tumbuk you, then you pegi dkt Syaz?
Medi: Or was it me yang tumbuk Syaz, then pegi dkt Mora?
Me: Ke I yang tumbuk Syaz, pegi dkt you?
Medi: Ke I yang tumbuk you, pegi dkt Syaz?

Medi: Or both of us tumbuk Syaz?
Me: Then blah.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Takde kerja betul -.- Good times (Y)

P/s Sabar Medi. Maybe he's not for you. I'll be here if you need me :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So, I saw this survey at Medina's blog;
And so, I decided to answer it :) Just that, I don't have 3 guys to refer it to :p Anyways, enjoy~

1. If I saw you, I would …

Smile, and smile and smile.

2. If we were to talk, we would talk about …
Let's see, where to begin with? :p There's always something to talk about. We talked about almost EVERYTHING :) And we're comfortable that way.

3. I like you as …

My other half.

4. We should …

Go out.

5. In the future, I can see me and you …

Living a beautiful life.

6. I’m following you, and you’re following me, so why don’t we …

Spend our Saturday nights together.

7. I’ve always wanted to tell you …

I'm glad you came. I'm glad you're my first. And I want you to be my last.

8. I like you because …

You're such a natural, hilarious, outgoing, hyper, kind, supportive, caring, loving, gets on my nerves, responsible, cheerful, unique, amazing and the list goes on and on.

9. We should be a Tumblr couple because …
We're very cute together *choiii

10. I don’t talk to you because …

I am scared that I would be a bother. And a burden. But I can't resist talking to you everyday. So cam, yeah~


Sorry semua. Saya takde apa nak ditulis hari ni. Good night :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dog days

High school life. It wasn't easy for me. It was my dog days. And I can still cry right now thinking back of it. So please, I don't wanna look back. Give me a reason not to.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Open House Elvi

Pre-U (Y)

Tuan rumah :) Elvi Suraya.

Mora with the cousins :B


I already have a Twitter account. Okay, lame. But yeah, do follow me :) morafaz.

P/s Aduhhh, mcm mana nak study ni. Makin banyak social-networking. I won't neglect you, blogspot. Don't worry, you're still my favourite (Y)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Happy day!

So today, after library, went to Elvi's openhouse. Thank you for the delicious meals :)

HIKHIKHIKHIKHIKHIK it's a wonderful day today! Omgod :D Haha.

P/s HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEDINA! It's unfortunate that we can't hang out on this very special day but I want you to know you're always in my heart. Thank you very much for being there for me, through my ups and downs. Dealing with my mood swings and sugar rush :D You're amazing, stay that way. Love you lots.


Buah hatiku :) Ben & Medi. They're so cute together!

President dan ehem ehem~ :D

Juniors (Y)

Hero-hero malaya :B

Anura & Aina :)

2 lagi kosong oi :p

1Malaysia (Y)

Jejaka-jejaka awesome.

Ketupat mintaknya. Dah siap tkde rupa ketupat -.-"

More photos!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Photos of today

Hari yang sangat memenatkan. Balik from all the openhouses, ada jamuan raya pulak at my mum's school. Right now I am exhausted and totally worn out.

Enjoy some photos!

Men and lady in black (:

The purples!

Makan time~ with Intan.

Supporting Halim & Didi singing on stage :B

Medi & Kana. Both my sweethearts.


Pasangan pengantin. Walimatulurus on 25th Sept. HAHA!

Filzah & Mira with Datin :D

Kawan baik dua orang ni :D

Mereka :)

Purely, me.


Jangan macam-macam. Haha :p


Today's activity.
First, rumah terbuka SMK SSAAS :)

Logesh :D Sry tak rotate ;p

Mah girls. Kelly, Filzah, Mira, Farah, Anis & Aina :)
Next was Razny's home. Sedap mak dia masak :D

Gorgeous (Y)
Next house was Izzat's. Met Ayeen, Kimi, Put, Elisa, Abang & Adik. Long time no see~

Halim sesat di tengah2 :D haha.
After that, we went to Lily's house. Makan keropok! Hihi.

Smile (:
Lastly, we went to Amirah Ibrahim's house and made it like our own
-,- Haha

Muka kenyang.

Beatiful day spent with gorgeous human beings. Love them to bits.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My kids

For those who know me very well, they should know that I don't like cats. But since my brother, Amir, brought 3 kittens from his workplace; I had to take care of them. And it seems like they're not all that bad. Manja, sangat sangat manja. I even named them already. Coffee, Mocha and Caramel. But apparently, Caramel is sick :( And I have no idea how to help him :'(

Wish me best of luck with my new 3 kids :)

Kekasih cerahku~

Logesh kelakar! Haha love him lots :D


Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sooooo, met with my long lost friend, UMI FADHILAH at gerai ABC Sect 3. Oh how I miss her so much!

Foo being Foo

So today, went to SMK Seafield for a Public Speaking competition. Malik, however, volunteered to do the public speaking. So, before the competition started I helped Malik to rehearse. Yada3, he did a great job although he was shaking in terror. Haha. Anyways, it was okay. Had fun, met some new friends. Didn't win but still worth it.

P/s Foo: Teachers, what kind of sausages do you like?


Foo: What? Did I get that wrong?


My one and only :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Susah sangat.

Sorok je aku dalam peti besi terus.


A friend shared this video on Facebook. And it moved my heart to watch it.

P/s A reminder to the ones I love.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Nice one, Lil Wayne.


Today, I sat for Ekonomi paper. Alhamdulillah, I managed to finish all the questions. Although I have no idea what I wrote but yeah, as long as I did my best, I'm more than satisfied :)

Sorry kawan-kawan, if whatever I post here ada buat korang terasa ke apa ke. I love you guys :)

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hey guys :) I've been getting complains (acewahh, complain) on why they can't comment on my blog. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience but until this moment right now I still don't know what's wrong-.-  So, instead of wasting my time repairing the impossible, I found another solution.

I recently created an account on
There, you can ask me anything you want without exposing yourself. And insyaAllah I will try to answer everything as soon as I can. So, for those who have something in mind, do ask me :)


A scene in class;

Phone rang.

Me: Hello?
Dude: Hello? Ada missed call nombor ni ke?
Me: Takde pulak.
Dude: Dekat mana ni?
Me: Errr, kenapa? Ni siapa?
Dude: Azahar. Dekat mana ni?
Me: Sekolah.
Dude: Sekolah mana?
Me: Errrr awak dari mana ni?
Dude: Pahang.
Me: Sorry la, saya tak kenal awak siapa.
Dude: Saya Azahar. Boleh berkenalan tak?



Me: TAK.

Tut tut tut. Terus letak phone. Macam tu ke cara mengorat? Tolonglahh, takde class langsung. Come on la, gentle la sikit. Aduh


Be positive :)