Friday, August 31, 2012


Wan handsome :D

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Normal much?

Mood swing

These beautiful ladies are mine :)

P/s in case you're wondering where the heck am I in the picture? Well, worry not, because I am not in any of the pictures above :D Mood swing.

Awkwardly cute!

Medina, soooo Azim Izany :D

Ambang Merdeka

Our performance was actually quite a success :D Yay! All of us were super tired but it was worth it. Although our second performance during the evening session wasn't as good as the first one but yeah whatever. We were exhausted, so do not mess with us. Haha. Then, right after we're done we went to Aina's house. Had lunch ramai-ramai. Thanks aunty! You're the best. It's almost dinner and I'm still very full. Haha :)

P/s great and fun day. Personal reasons :p

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So lately I've been getting a lot of this;

"Eh semalam tu kau kan yang chat dgn aku?"

Of course la -.-" Yes. Enough said :)

Kids being cute

Aaaawwww :')

Cat fight!

Today had been a very stressful day, well mostly to the girls in my class. Jangan la bergaduh kakak kakak adik adik sekalian. Come on, kata family? Sekarang bila time2 serabut mana pegi "family" tu? As matured 18 year-old girls, we should unite and work together as a whole. Do not take things personally and try to accept or at least HEAR other people's opinion.

Being a leader is all about emotion and mental control. Chill, relax, take a break, have Kit Kat or what ever. Kalau semua orang nak marah pun tak boleh jgk kan? Hee :B


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28

Last night was a very very very great night. I can't mention why but I had a good time :)

Banyak betul soalan-soalan cepumas. Membawa maut~ Semalam jugak la semua nak tanya macam-macam. Aduhh, selalunya takde pun ;p Sabar je lah. Thanks Halim for the INFO ;)

And school today was tiring. Just the usuals. All the teachers without doubt came into class. Teaching their hearts out. Awesome dedicated teachers (Y) Agak memenatkan tp study apa je yg tak penat kan?

Last 2 periods were spent doing practice for our persembahan this Thursday. And the same thing will happen tomorrow, starting from after recess. Lots and lots to do. Trials getting nearer. Please pray for our success alright?

Chiao :)

P/s My favourite penggodam ;)

Razny oh Razny

This morning in school, I had a very interesting conversation with Razny;

Me: Eh, Razny. You dah tengok blog Anis?
Razny: Dekat mana?


*crickets sing.

Me: Dekat blog?

HAHAHAHA Razny Razny. Kau boring eh ;9

Monday, August 27, 2012

Convoy :D

Last Sunday, my friends and I went for a "Convoy Raya" at a few of our friends' houses in Shah Alam. We gathered at Aina's house and when everyone has arrived we head to our first destination; Diyana's place.

Elvi and Azim in a congkak battle ;p

Mora and Mira Z :)

Our next destination was Atiqah Anura's house !

Were served fish fillet with potato wedges :D

Diyana, Elvi, Mira Z, Anura, Aina and Mora

When we're done, we move to our next target, Redio's house (: 

Zaza, Anura, Elvi, Redio, Aina and adik Redio :9

Diyana, Mora, Husna, Mira Z ^-^

Azim Malik my bestfriend. hehh~

Next, we went to Fatin Nadhirah's home !

2 of my favourites :3

Fitting onto the couch ;p

Awesome human beings!

Lastly, we went to Farah's place (:

Rifdi Aaron and Elvi Tasha ;)

Makan steamboat ! Kelas kau Maria :D

My beau :B Hahaha!

Took a group picture before going home.

It was a fun day. Indeed it was.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Someone said to me that he is sending messages through his jokes.

Right now I'm scared that I interpret it wrongly.

Why would he want...

Someone like me?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Raya at Wan's

With president ;)

Neighbour :) 

Senior !

Best friend ;p

Tuan rumah :)


It's Saturday. Only one day left before school starts this Monday T_T

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back off


Thursday, August 23, 2012


When I shut up, it doesn't mean that I'm scared. It only means that I'm afraid I'm gonna lose my temper.

Please stop making me cry.

More photos!

Le awesome siblings :)

Pretty cousin, Ieka ;)


Sisters vain-ing ;D

With everyone I love (:

There's more from where that came from.
Ada banyak lagi dari mana ia datang.

-,- cartoons & direct translation nowadays. Joke killer.

No faith restored

Maybe I'm just everyone's friend. Maybe nobody sees me as anything more than that. Maybe that is exactly what I should just be.

Photos :)

1 Syawal

All the single ladies ;p

At a majlis akad nikah.

Beautiful people

Before home :)

Eid Mubarak

I'm home :D

My Eid this year was spent at Kelantan and Perak. It was alright. Not the best Raya I've had but still good enough.

My must-haves for Aidilfitri are my grandma's rendang and kuih raya plus my grandad's lemang. Ohh there is nothing to compare with those. Kelantan without the traffic jam was great. One night we had dinner at a restaurant under the heavy rain :D Haha. We had no choice but to bare with it. It turned out quite awesome though~ Celebrated my uncle's birthday today before heading home from Taiping.

And so, after settling down, here I am in front of my dearly-missed laptop ;)

Photos coming soon!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Check this video raya by my form 6 friends from SMK SSAAS! Credits to Rifdi & Syazwan (:

And today's my little sister's BIRTHDAY !


It's been great having you as my sister. Though you might be crazy and wicked weird but nothing can compare to your awesomeness. Thank you for all these years. Looking forward for more from you :) I love you so much :*


le me with eyebags :O

P tu yang penting :9


Scene at the surau.

I saw this one aunt who's very familiar to me. She's one of the AJK at the surau. Therefore, I see her every Ramadhan since I first move here. And today, 2 days left before 1 Syawal, she was crying non-stop all the way through terawih. I noticed that her friend was calming her down. I was fine at first. But during withir I couldn't stop thinking about her. What could be bothering her mind? And so I started suggesting my own reasons.

"Maybe her kids forgot her, maybe she doesn't have kids at all, maybe her husband left, maybe she missed her grandchildren..." and the list goes on.

But during doa right after withir I suddenly felt sad. As if I'm feeling the pain she's going through. So before I left the surau I went to see her.

I shook her hand and said;

Mora: Mak cik jangan sedih. Boleh saya peluk mak cik?

And then I hugged her tightly as if I can make the pain transfer upon me. And what she replied made my heart wrenched and tears pour down my face like a river after rain.

Mak cik: Terima kasih nak. Terima kasih.

I hope she will be blessed all her life. InsyaAllah. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cuti la sangat

School holiday's here !

Well, there's not much of a difference. I mean, trial is just around the corner. Thus, my Raya would be filled with book-reading alongside long, boring car rides. Sigh. And here I am, dumbly thinking that ohh maybe now I am stress-free after SPM and I can actually "RAYA". When I first chose STPM I never knew the burden is still the exact same -.-

P/s pagi beraya ramai2, malam study sorang2.



Queen control?

Sedih betul tengok lelaki yg jd mangsa queen control ni. Jgn jd hamba "cinta". Cinta la sangatttt~ Girls, if you really love someone you must understand them and accept them wholeheartedly. After all, they're still a person, they make mistakes.

P/s hate to see my bro stressed out.


He may not look like he's ever serious in anything, but oh I've seen the best of him. He owns such a great heart, sincere and protective. If he never shows it to you, then maybe you're the problem here.

Part 2

Ieka !

Candid much~


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Pics

My sistahh.

Macaroons at my aunt's.

Siblings & Cousins

Looked through some photo album in my lappie and look what I found :D

A scene with Diyana~

Diyana: Mora, I nak tukar duit 50.
Mora: I taknak pecahkan duit.
Diyana: Tak, I nak pecahkan duit 50.
Mora: I taknak duit kecik.
Diyana: I nak tukar 50.


Razny: Tak tak, dia nak duit kecik, RM10-10. Dia bagi you 50.
Me: ...


Terserlah kebodohanku di situ. Malu sebentar ^.^

P/s abang saya kata saya gila.

Uhuk uhuk~

Today had been a really INTERESTING day in school. The day when Mora got bullied :O

I was not feeling very well today thus I started to cough in class. It was such a relief. Before Razny & Wan opened their mouths and said;

Razny: Mora batuk fake gila. Haha XD
Wan: Mora batuk macam buat-buat oh.

Me: Memang ah sengaja buat2 batuk. Hobi sebenarnya. So cam tkblh buat apa la. Memang suka :9

Therefore, the whole day today in class Razny, Medina, Wan and God knows who else (-.-) copied my so-called 'fake' cough. Uhukuhuk~ Wow. Imagine, I had to hold my cough in until school finishes at 2.40pm today. I could have DIED.

P/s Razny posted a little something about me in her recent blog post. Very nice of her ;p

Monday, August 13, 2012


Skipped school today. Bad bad fever alongside flu and cough. Arghhh tak suka la. I hate to skip school. Especially Economy class. Skipping Mrs Chee's class is like missing the whole year round -.- Isn't she awesome or what?

So today, nothing much. Most of my day were spent on my bed. Resting, coughing, sleeping. Accompanied my brother to Poslaju. We got lost for almost 1 hour searching the place -,- Then, went to settle his phone bill. Then, home at last.

Lepas sampai je rumah, boleh to-be-continued pulak demam -.- So, curled up in bed again. Until berbuka. After buka, went to my aunt's. Took some kuih and went home.

Nak kata penat tu taklah penat sgt. Okaayyy laa. Well good night :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Esok sekolah. NOOOO T_T Homework belum siap. Memang cantiklah.

Hmm. My life lately had been very boring. Empty. Entertain me. Somebody please!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


This guy is super stunning I wanna eat him~

Please stop being so gorgeous, Lachowski. Oh I'm definitely buying whatever you're selling ;)


METAL SLUG X. My all-time favourite game on Play Station :) Good old days :')