Friday, June 29, 2012

The geek in me~

Me and my classmates in 6BB.

From left; Kana, Diyana, Filzah, Razny, Mora.

And this is the geek :B

Even in our busy-ness, we managed to find time to have fun and relax.


Hari Koperasi SMKSSAAS 2012

Getting ready with the make-ups. With Halim.

The pontianak, pocong and vampire :)

That's me, already sweating~

Filzah and Daniel (Zombie)

Geng Hantu(s)

Me, Fatin, Aina and Redio.

Ghosts ready to serve.

My lovely non-ghost friends :) Liyana, Syira & Farah

Last but not least, Abang Shazani with tetamu jemputan Aaron Didi ;p kahkah~

Alright so in my current school, SMK SSAAS held a yearly event called Hari Koperasi. And form 6 students had to organized "Rumah Hantu". It was kinda like a tradition under MPPPU club. And so all of us put our efforts into it, it was really tiring as a whole process. A few days before the event we had to start decorating the class (my class), making it as dark as possible with newspapers (lots of it) and curtains. Also not to mention the table arrangements which kept changing from time to time. And etc.

Then on the day itself I was one of the ghost. I played as a Living Doll. I did the make up myself so I'm sorry it's not perfect -,- From 9 am until 2.30pm I was stuck in the super HOT and dark room with other ghosts, scaring people away. I got punched in the stomach by this one girl -,- It hurt so bad they had to pause the rumah hantu to check on me. After a couple minutes, we started running the ghost house once again because the queue was too long to wait even a split minute.

Besides the Ghost House, MPPPU also opened a food stall downstairs and Alhamdulillah, everything was sold out pretty fast. Impressive (Y) Later in the evening, it started to rain heavily. Such a relieve to finally get out of the room, while having the clouds to pour it's contents :)

By the end of the day, I felt satisfied. Even though it was super tiring and annoying but I gained a new experience. Not everyone liked what we've done but for the minority who enjoyed it was much of a satisfaction to me. After all our hard work, their screams made our day :)

And the very next day, we spent our whole school time cleaning up. By 12 pm, our class was back to how it was. With teamwork we can achieve the impossible. Thank you friends <3

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Kan seronok kalau dapat picnic dkt padang shah alam, sambil tgk bulan dgn angin malam yg dingin. Fulamakk mcm dlm filem.

Anyways, I just got home after a great family dinner at Ikan Bakar Sekinchan (Shah Alam). It was really nice and satisfying :) And soon after we left the restaurant we head to padang Shah Alam. It was just beautiful to see people of all ages mingle around.

Hihi. Okay lah, selamat malam :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Red Tears

I open the box.
Inside it is softness and steel. Tissues and blades.

Emily Bowyer seems to have it all - lots of friends, loving family and good grades. But beneath the surface lies a wretched secret.

Life isn't as much fun as it would appear. Emily's friends are going off her, her family s having problems, and there's the constant mountain of homework. The pressure to excel. To be perfect.

Tension, anxiety, anger, self-hatred. Where does it go when no one will listen? Emily has found a way to let it all out, a way to cope when life is overwhelming. But it is private. No one must ever find out...

-adapted from a novel entitled, Red Tears.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I just watched a movie on tv entitled Sayang You Can Dance. It was a great romance movie. I loved it and I thought it was brilliant :) Variety of cultures shown. But sadly, the hero died in the end :'( My heart broke to pieces.

And currently, I'm having the biggest crush on this particular guy.


I find him very very attractive :) xoxo

Friday, June 22, 2012

What a journey~

Khadijah's Restaurant for lunch.

Me, Zizan & my sis.

Food were delicious (Y)

So it started with just having lunch at Khadijah Ibrahim's restaurant. The food were scrumptious, especially their bubur pulut hitam (Y) oh yeahhh. Haha and the price was surprisingly worth it. It's decorated in such a way that gives the feeling of warm and classiness. 

And then we made a last minute plan to go to The Curve. And guess who we saw? ZIZAN RAZAK ! When my eyes confirmed to me it was Zizan with his PA and 2 dudes, I ran towards him, greeted him and asked whether or not I can take pictures with him. And Zizan, being such a kind-hearted person, he said "boleh, boleh". He was a really polite and down to earth considering he's a public figure. Thank you Abang Zizan :)

Oh 17/6/2012 was indeed a good day and marked a spot in my heart. I had a great time with my family and a little surprise. How much better this could be ? :D

It's the weekend :D

It feels like forever waiting for the weekends to come.

And jyeaahh, it's finally here. THE WEEKEND. Haha. Today nothing much happened. Subjects after subjects, classes after classes until my head felt like crying and my tummy growling angrily. Now I realized how hard it is to survive in the outside world.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I just came to say HELLO


I know I know, it has been long since i last posted something. But school has been super busy, and i barely have enough time for myself. So it's been 2 weeks of permanent schedule and I am already dying~ With the long bus rides daily and all those walking, i think i might have dropped some carbs there. Haha. Anyway, nothing much happened recently. Just homeworks and more homeworks.

So yeah, it's school. What do you expect kann? Kelas semakin penuh, meriah :D But kalau tak ramai lagi best. Lebih focus. Currently everyone's still playing around and stuff. I really hope I can survive STPM :) Pray for me alright?

Love you guys to the max (Y)

Thursday, June 14, 2012


You are my first. Do you really have to blow it?

I am giving my best, trying my best to make us work. Therefore, I hope you can give me your cooperation. I have such great faith in you. Don't destroy it. Please and thank you, bro.

Currently listening to this beautiful song. Enjoy~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I just got home from school today. It's already 6pm. But school today was great.

Okay, I have a statement to make.

My SSAAS Pre-U friends are the awesomest (Y) They make me feel appreciated. They've been really helpful, kind and funny. After school today, Me, Liyana, Aina, Redio, Fatin, Farah, Filzah, Razny, Syira and Kelly went out for ABC ! It was a beautiful moment, no doubt (: Just true friends having lunch together still in school uniform :') I am quite surprised at how we managed to be rapat in such a short while. I mean, it's been only 1 month together, with everybody from different places. BJ, 7, 11, 9, Georgetown, TTDI, SSAAS and Klang. Impressive much?

Thank you, guys. For showing me what friends actually mean :)

Anywaysss, this morning muka everyone mcm X_X. Dengan eyebags semua. Ini telah berpunca daripada homework yang bertimbun-timbun. Haha. I slept at 2.30am finishing my homework. And terlewat bangun, blm iron baju and belum kemas beg sekolah. Kelam-kabut pagi tadi. Hahaha seriously I thought I was the only yang restless, but then when I got into class, I might as well take back what I said. I don't know whether I was in the class or at the market, because everybody looked like dead fishes :D hihihi. And I was half awake and half asleep throughout the entire day in class today.

So, I'll be resting my soul now. Ciao.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Love this song. And trying so hard to play it. If only anyone out there can help me~

L to P

Alhamdulillah lulus ujian memandu jpj. Watch out everyone, another turtle will be on the road :B

Met a bunch of new friends and long lost friends. I had fun at Metro today, surprisingly, haha. Thank you everybody, especially Bro tester tadi. Abang (abg lg ke?) AWESOME :D Cayalahh~

And thanks for your support lovely humans <3


Front cover 

Back cover

Movie poster

First two photos are the cover of a comic i recently bought and still LOVE. It's entitled Rapat Dalam Kejauhan. Heart-wrenching. Pure love between mother and son. That bond can never be separated. Their love were immortal. I cried reading it. And it's worth-it; cheap and yet fully colored from cover to cover.

Casper, the movie I watched with my sister on TV. MUST WATCH ! Even better than most clishay love story :)

Hope you'll enjoy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Asal ni? All of a sudden I can smell something bad ahead of me. Please, please.

What's wrong? Why do I feel so lonely? Why now are you acting this way? When I already envy her, you just had to break my heart. I don't get it. I need an explanation.




Le me & me sistah

Edu Fair pegi kejap je, makan yg lebih ;p

Hahaha so these pictures i uploaded to update you guys about some of my activities this school holiday. More to come :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Wahhhhhh a day to remember :D

Monday, June 4, 2012

Aku takdelah mulia, tapi aku tak kejam.

Everyone has their own story. We come from different backgrounds, status and paths.

But one thing I can be sure everyone has in common is that all of us have REGRETS.
And I believe if only we could turn back time, that's the very first thing we'll change/avoid/prevent. Do not lie to yourself, there must be at least once you felt so stupid you cried looking back at it. Even I regretted a few things in life. Lots of things, actually.

And that is exactly why we shouldn't judge or look down or isolate those people who admitted to have done sins, or crime or wtv crap. Nobody's perfect. But everyone deserves to live a beautiful life. If you yourself is trying yr hardest to change, the others might have been trying twice as hard.

Forgiveness. The key to a peaceful world. Memang susah nak maafkan orang. Tapi lagi susah nak buat orang maafkan kita. Karma. What goes around comes back around.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I'll kill you

Tears. Those tears broke my heart.

If you really wanted to know, I am who I am today because of you. I worked so hard for you and thus, I am like this because YOU had made me this way. I became heartless because I'm already numb by the pains you led me through. I became ignorant because you never gave me a chance to have my say. I'm rough and tough because my route was never easy. And yet I'm standing tall. Eventhough my heart had broken to pieces long ago. Hit me, shot me in the head, kick me till I die. I'm okay with it. Anything except making her teardrops fall on her cheeks. I'd rather die than seing her cry.

So don't you dare ask me why am I like this. You shaped me.

Current mood: Hatred + Teary.