Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Confused la weh. Kau ni, jangan la drastic sangat.

Anyways, I've been enjoying my "school" life. And so far, I've been getting a lot of negative responses by almost everyone except my family. And all I gotta say is, haters gonna hate right? I know exactly what I'm doing. This is my choice and so far, Alhamdulillah I'm having such a great time.

I know most of you guys have already settled into matriculation or colleges or local university or even overseas by now and I'm wishing all the best to all of you. Allah has written all of us our own paths. Some longer, riskier, bumpier but you know what, it does not matter which road you take, it only matters where you arrived.

I hope we can all change our mindset about a certain issue. Me, on behalf of all the other STPM students hope that we won't be looked down at. We had to face every single living day answering and arguing about our own decisions with other people who would never understand. It's never easy. But we'll go through it anyway.


Currently practicing for jamming session with le Form 6 friends :D Lagu taknak yang susah2 je enn. Terbaikkk kawan2~


I will give my best. Don't worry.


Went to the library with my sister half of the day today. Bukan nak cakap apa la, but today service sgt teruk. I am highly disappointed.

Although, I did had such great time watching XD (6D) short movie titled Canyon Coaster. It was worth it, fun, exciting, breathtaking and spectacular :D I recommend everyone of all ages to go watch it.

While I was waiting for my mum to pick me up, I saw this one poem in this book titled "Sastera". It touched me, at first-sight. So here goes;

Each time,
The wind,
Blows into the princess,
Forbidden garden.

Will be the time,
The wind will be justing,
With the flower of its dreams.

While the guards,
Of the forbidden garden,
Keep watching,
Day and night.

No matter how high the hedges be,
How numerous the guards watching,
Love belonging to the wind and its flower,
Will blossom everywhere.

            -A.Ghani Abdullah.

Monday, May 28, 2012


So many interesting things happened that I don't know where to start.

Well, first thing first, last Friday in my school (SSAAS) held Majlis Hari Guru. And since its my first year there, I was actually looking forward to their celebration. It was fun, the teachers were so outgoing and sporting. My classmate, Diyana performed Perwira and it was such a success she had to sing it twice. Hahaha. And we had to handle the games on that day. Fun + Exhausted~

But of course, nothing can compare to SMKBJ. I've been in that school for almost forever, my whole high school was spent there. And throughout my 5 years, our Teachers' Day celebration had always been the most awesome event ever. Our teachers were the best ones; vogue, sporting, hilarious and just superbly gorgeous. I miss SMK Bkt Jelutong :')

Oh and besides that, my classmates and I went out on our first outing together. It was such a journey -,- After school, we waited for the bus. Took the bus to PKNS. Walked all the way to Plaza Alam Sentral. Had lunch at KFC. Walked around pointlessly. I got super tired so I decided to take a cab home.

Oh and I've started to be more active lately. Badminton and cycling every evening. And I'm currently enjoying Skrillex's music. And DRUMMING. Addicted :3

Hmmmmmmmm. Banyak lagi sebenarnya tapi tak ingatt~

Sooooo basically, this 2-week school break is cleaning + studying spree !

Whoaaa best gilaa.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day ~



Western delight 

Chocolate Mousse (YUM)

Artis jemputan, Farhan (AF) 

 Me, Mum, Sis

4 Kelantan supporters :D

Alright, so last night I went to a dinner in celebration of Teacher's Day SKBJ at Riverside, PWTC. It was really a last minute thing but I had no idea how perfect my night was gonna be with the teachers. Buffet was awesome; variety of western, eastern, deserts & beverages available. First thing I saw was the Chocolate Mousse :O and I fell in love at once. Haha. I had Carbonara & Beef Bolognese pasta, potatoes, salads, mushroom soup with bread, nasi + curry + chicken, ABC, chocolate mousse and lychee syrup. Love love love :3

Oh and btw, coincidentally the Kelantan vs Sime Darby football match (final) was last night. So as you guys can see, the male teachers were in their Kelantan jerseys. So to avoid dinner tu tak dapat sambutan sbb ramai yg nak tgk bola, the restaurant pasang the live match dkt TV all around the restaurant. And when Kelantan scored, they were screaming and cheering. Since I'm also a Kelantan supporter (mainly because my hometown is in Kelantan + Imma big fan of Khairul Fahmi ;p), I am happy they won :D

And so, while enjoying the football match, we were entertained by Farhan and the teachers with lots and lots of song. Sangat meriah, hilarious and fun. Around 11.30pm the event ended and everyone went home, satisfied. Nevertheless, everything was free, so no one dare to complain. Haha.

What an awesome night :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pre-U Got Talent

Sorry agak lambat, but here are the pictures :D

Jamming session

My lovely beautiful friends :)


The macho dudes

Shafiq Afzan, le guitarist

Le vocalists; Hafidz & Diyana

Mora berbaju kurung

Friday, May 18, 2012


Currently listening to songs I used to listen back then when I was still a kid.

Unfaithful, Beautiful Soul, Unwritten, A Thousand Mile, Forever, Don't Trust Me, Closer and still counting :B

Got Talent?

Awesomeness lvl: Last minute prep

Okay so, there was a Pre-U Got Talent today and so I've decided to perform with my new friends from Pre-U, Shafiq Afzan, Isam. We only agreed to perform yesterday and we lack a guitarist as well as a bassist. So 90% of my mind was like, this is impossible. And not to mention, how the heck are we gonna bring the drumset tmrw morning, at least before 8 am. I dont think my car would fit. And we have no idea what song to play, nevertheless time to practice.

By the time I reached home (Shafiq sent me home), it was already 3pm. And I was super tired to the core I slept the whole evening. Yada yada yada, and so we picked Drive By-Train and Decode-Paramore. To be honest, I didnt even practised any of it. Redha je lah. Haha. And such a sweetheart Qadri (owner of Munkee Studio) agreed to rent me his drums for a very reasonable price + transportation.

And the day has come. Super super cuak. Considering that I lansung tak practise and we havent jamm and I dont know whether the other bandmates are also prepared enough. And WE ONLY HAVE 3 FREAKING HOURS TO MAKE SURE ITS PERFECT. And Diyana agreed to sing Decode for us. Hafidz "bidan terjun" because Diyana tak sampai certain keys. Can you IMAGINE how under-prepared we were? They even sang while referring to the lyrics.

So the MC announced us to come up on stage to perform as the last performance of the day. We started with Drive By sang by Isam. Okay seriously, I have no idea what happened? Hahaha Isam lupa lyrics once in a while but it was overall alright. Next was Diyana + Hafidz singing Decode. I love playing this song because I can literally let my heart out. Hahahaha and I cant stop laughing because Hafidz was jumping here and there, lyrics all over the place. At one point he forgot his line he said, "Lalalalablabla". It was hilarious. Wasn't embarrassing at all and I still dont know why. Haha :D

Okay as conclusion, I love the performance, and I am proud to the fact that we did such a good job although we practised for less than a day. And I had fun, so nothing else mattered.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Newly wed :)

Guest book table, artwork by Kak Chik, Farah, Kak Syira, Kak Humai and me.

Makan makan :D 

Mora & Aino

Pelamin (Untunglahhh)

Flower Girls

Okay so yeah, these are some of the highlights of my aunt's wedding i attended end of last month. Sorry agak dah terlambat~

Sunday, May 13, 2012





Class of 2011 party

So, this might be a little late but I'm gonna give a little feedback on the 94's Reunion Party last Wednesday.

Okay so that night I arrived on 8pm. I managed to do a last minute sound check with my bandmates. Saw the PA system and instruments already set up really amazingly by the poolside. 

And after Isyak the crowd started coming in. And the dinner went on. Catering was done by Arief's parents. Delicious spags, chicken wings, sandwiches :D Thankssss. And after dinner, the actual party started !

I performed 2 songs, Heart Attack-PushPlay and Keep Your Hands Off My Girl- Good Charlotte with my band ( Muzen, Hazeeq, Qhaikal, Amir, Arief, Usman) and one acoustic band performed as well, and a dance performance by a few guys from Showdown (awesome).

Later that night, DJ Sofia came along with all her equipment. She spin a few techno songs and the crowd started to dance and go crazy. Then, another male DJ spin a couple of songs for us and everyone went wild. Moshing, shuffling and break dancing. It was cool. The guys started to jump in the pool and swam their hearts out.

The party ended at around 1 am. I was already super tired by then after all the drumming and dancing. Me and a few guys helped Qadri and Kashfi with the PA system. Getting it into the car and bringing it back to the studio. By the time we reached MUNKEE STUDIO, it's already 2 am. 14 cars filled with my friends came along to help bawak naik the stuff to tingkat 3 considering absence of elevator.

I felt grateful and honored to have such awesome friends who volunteered to help us even though dah pukul 2 pagi. When everything's settled at the studio, Me and my dudes went for supper at McD Section 9. Ate, chatted and laughed like mad with mahh homies :D Muzen sent me to my brother at 3 am. Freshen up, slept at 3.30 am. Went to school the next morning (Y)

Conclusion, it was fun. It was amazing. I love my dudes. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


After my driving class yesterday;

Me: Tahniah cikgu, kerana terselamat.
Cikgu: Hahaha!


Mungkin hidup ni tak pernah susah pun, cume kita yang tak tahu mencari kesenangan. Asyik mengeluh, menyesal, menangis. Boleh selesai ke masalah agak-agaknya?

You guys miss high school? hehhh, prove it.

Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Class of 2011

Let's get the party started everybodayy :D

Click here for the Facebook Event page.

So, here I'm giving you guys the details of the party. Alright so basically this party was organized by Ahmad Haziq, my ex-classmate. It's kinda like a reunion party for all the 94s from all around Malaysia. Everyone is invited, from every part of Malaysia as long as they were born on 1994. It will be held at Monterez Golf Club Shah Alam on the 9th of May 2012 (Wednesday) from 8.30 pm untill midnight. Dresscode: Smart casual. Ticket price: RM 50.

On that night, you'll get a chance to meet up and socialize with your old friends that maybe dah berabad tak jumpa since primary school or your ex-classmates, tuition-mates, Facebook friends etc. There'll be buffet dinner with a variety selection of meals (Eastern & Western). Music includes a few live bands. Even I'm performing that night with my bandmates/classmates/prefectmates :) Haha. So, do make yourself present there to catch me perform live ;p (acah2 gempak ramai org nak tgk).

So, yeah, thats about it. Hope you guys can come. For tickets or any other questions, you can contact me via phone or Facebook (Mora Faz). Peace out.