Saturday, March 31, 2012

err okaaayyy

Me: Pulangkan buku sebelum seminggu tau dik.
Kid: Okay.*walked away.


Kid: *came back.* Kakak, seminggu ada berapa hari?

Just another day at work.


This is what I spent my whole morning making.

M&M Cookies!

Alright, I know its ugly~ But it's my first experience baking anyway, so I'm not surprised at all, in fact I expected worse. Thank God it even looked like something eatable. Haha :B To be honest, it wasn't easy to bake these -,- I got the steps wrong. The eggs and extract was supposed to go into the mixture first before the flour, baking powder, salt and such but I did it in the other way round so I was super panicked but then I got it all sorted out.

And because my oven is bite-size, it took me 1 hour to finish every bit of the dough -.-" Tiring, indeed but it was worth-it :D So, after the cookies are cooled completely, tasting time ! *munchmunch, hmmmm. Too much of almond extract but overall it was sweet enough to be called cookies ;D Haha (Y)

So, macam tu lah ceritanya. I'll try something else someday and be sure to update you guys with it. That's basically it for now.

Click here for the recipe.

P/s Happy Earth Hour! Hope you guys did switched off your lights as well :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


"I FAILED in some subjects in exam,
but my friend PASSED in all.
Now he is an engineer in Microsoft
and I am the owner of Microsoft."
-Bill Gates

hehehehehehe *troll face


Currently listening to Coldplay-Fix You.

Peaceful, indeed.

Okayy noww


Okay so around 11 am, Aisyah picked me up from my house. We went to fetch Liana at her's. Then, Hannim. And in Aisyah and Hannim's brain is that we're gonna watch The Vow at Subang Parade. But Liana and I had other plans :B

Liana offered to drive Aisyah's car. On the way, we blindfolded Aisyah and Hannim. They can't stop whining,

"I can't see."
"Where are we?"
"Can I check my phone for a while?"
"You do know you'll get in trouble if I scream for help right?"

And there was I,
"Oh you don't ever do that. Do we look much like kidnappers?"

And plus, kidnappers cover mouths, not eyes -.-

Anyways, back to where we were. We arrived at Subang Avenue. We had to guide Aisyah & Hannim into the lift, escalator, restaurant, drinks, menus and etc. Finally, the rest (Abin, Tiha, Reha) arrived. We took Aisyah & Hannim to the topmost floor to THE WHEELS, DISCO SKATING! We got in and surprised them with party-packs-stuff and presents :D

And so we started disco skating and falling on our asses together, laughing like mad, dancing and doing trains, skated hand-in-hand. It's such a beautiful place, being with beautiful human beings, having so much fun. Nothing else compares :')

We played Tag, You're It! And Liana was it , she fell down chasing Hannim and Abin. Funny thing is, they left her on the floor because they were to scared to be IT. Haha. And then I was tagged, so I'm It and I was skating so fast to get to Abin and Hannim and as I tried to make a sharp corner, BAAAAMMMM!


I fell down on both of my knees and palm. It was embarrassing. And it hurts like crazy. Best thing was that Abin had a second thought whether to help me up or not T_T And now my knees are swollen. Definitely worth it :B After that, we took some pictures and head to Subang Parade.

Me, Liana, Hannim and Aisyah had Uncle Lim's for lunch. Reha, Abin and Tiha got themselves Carls Junior. And so we all ate together happily. Then, home.

Thanks, you guys (:


I really wanna write long in this post but I lost my mood so,


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Err kaaayyy

Apa kena dengan jiran aku ni. Adoii braderr melalak pulak petang2 ni.

Wengg betul~

Monday, March 26, 2012


The Hunger Games. It is too too too AWESOME ! I'd give it 5 stars for ze great adventure (Y) I am in love with the girl's bravery. I mean, danggg, I wouldn't ever had such courage to do what she did. She's calm, energetic, fast, multi-skilled, precise, considerate, kind, loving and she just ROCK the game her own way. I would like to see me as her one day.

Okay dear readers, please watch The Hunger Games at the cinemas near you. Totally worth what you paid. 2 hours 15 minutes of adventure packed movie. Great actors, great actresses, great editing, great director. What else would you ask for?


Goodnight (:

le moustache~~

I can conclude that today has been such a productive day :D

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Aduhh, baru habis 5 hours of KPP. And for now, I'll have to start studying for Ujian Undang2 :O

Saturday, March 24, 2012



It's such a great day today.

And I was offered a part time job as a tutor ! Awesome :D

Friday, March 23, 2012


#Fact about life

If you're ugly and you're sweeping the floor,
people will say, "Bibik, tolong sapu bersih2 ya."

If you're pretty and you're sweeping the floor,
people will think, "Calon isteri terbaik !"

Shallow-minded human beings.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I speak for the trees

I watched Lorax 3D with le siblings last night. It's funny and super cute! Well, the story was actually about this guy who destroyed trees and this other kid who wanted to save em. Quite simple and straight to the point but the director's imagination is what I can say impressive (Y)

The story itself brings a huge message to our generation that unless someone care enough to preserve the trees, then it will keep on dying till one day we would have to buy oxygen to breathe.

Two awesome quotes in the movie;

"Don't look at what it is, look at what it can become."

"A tree falls the way it leans. So be careful where you lean."

5/5 for the graphics, 3/5 for the story.

best present ever.

One fine day, I scrolled down my homepage and saw budak-budak SPM dapat iPhone, iPad, handphone, laptop etc as a gift for their result.

And the same night, my dad called;

(Long chat)


Me: So, now you're saying that my present is an investment of my PLKN allowance in BSN?
Dad: Yeah, dapat rebate 7% setahun. Bagus untuk masa depan. Nanti dah masuk college senang.

Thank you Abah. You're the best daddy ever :) Honest.


Worked as usual at the library.

Suddenly a teacher came in.


Oh I love my job.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

700th post!



And congratulations too, to all the excelled 94's (: May the future brings joy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Currently listening to Tonight, tonight.

Sooo cam esok result SPM keluar. Hmmmmm. Takde feeling oh. Maybe because I'm still glad that I'm out of NS that I don't mind taking my result, which God knows how bad it is. Well, whatever it is, I did my best and gave all out. So there's nothing to be so disappointed about.

I got this from a friend;

If God doesn't give you what you want right away, it means He's preparing a better one.
If God doesn't give you what you want at all, maybe He thinks you deserve way better than what you wished for.


Out-got work tomorrow.

kids !

Started working at primary school's library.

During work,

Little girl: *put a letter on my desk.
Me: ?
Me: (Opens and read the letter) "Kakak ni comel lah."

Good day at work. Don't you just love kids? Too adorable ;9

Monday, March 19, 2012


Macha dkt kedai mamak: Tamil ka?

Me: (Frowns)

Macha: Tamil ka? *smiling creepily.



I bet you guys wanna know more about PLKN.

But to tell all the details, I might need at least 3 months. So, I'm just gonna sum it up.

First of all, the basics. There, we were called PELATIH. For male it's WIRA. For female it's WIRAWATI. We were divided into 4 groups called "Company". Something like rumah sukan la. There's Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. So, we would have to collect as many points possible for our company to win. This is kinda similar to Hogwarts where points will be given when you win something and points will be deducted if you break any rule or create a chaos/problem/crime. I'm in Charlie Company. And I love my company.

In PLKN, the activities were separated under 2 categories, Module Character Building and Module Physical.

In Character Building, there's a few syllabus. Character Building Module 1, Character Building Module 2, Budaya Kerja, PKRS (Pendidikan Kesihatan Reproduktif Sosial), Kenegaraan and Integrasi. Basically we're separated by classes of about 60 pelatih per class. Then each class has 2 teachers who will be teaching us based on an exercise book for each syllabus. Senang cerita, macam sekolah. Ada classroom, textbooks, teachers, peraturan, uniform, games, presentation, performances, assignments, recess, ketua kelas and friends.

Module Physical. Here, we have another group of teachers. We were taught Kawad Kaki, Pertolongan Cemas, Tempur Tanpa Senjata (Taekwando + Silat), Menembak M16, Water Confident, Sukan (Bola Tampar, Bola Baling, Futsal, Kayak), A-frame, Kraf Hutan, Survival Hutan, Flying Fox and Navigasi Peta. Honestly, it's AWESOME but terlalu sekejap and minimum sangat these activities. Maybe they could improvise on that.

So, my company was the champion in Kawad Kaki (Main event in PLKN). And I am one of the platoon in my skuad. I was so proud of myself that I cried the moment we were announced winner. Haha. And Sukan Air (Kayak single, double, campuran) pun Charlie champion. Penembak terbaik was also from Charlie.

Keseluruhan, tempat pertama Delta, second Bravo, third Charlie and last Alpha. But seriously, it didn't matter who won because we had fun and we have this strong friendship bond between companies. I mean, Charlie's bestfriends with Delta. We even have a combined cheer! So to hell whoever won.

My refleksi of PLKN;
First of all, you would need a great big huge patience to survive there. Although, it is a great place to learn other cultures. I mean, it's my first time having friends from Sabah and Sarawak. I got the chance to know their songs (Sayang Kinabalu & Anak Kampung), their dances, festivals, attire and bahasa. It's surprisingly interesting (Y)

But still, your mental memang kena kacau habis. And kena layan dramaqueens dkt sana. Gaduh gaduh, buli, tak puas hati. Exactly like high school. Just that you have nowhere to run. And you'll be lost from the outside world. I once helped an old man carry his stuff to his car and then I got scolded for going outside even for a few darn steps. Sheesh mann, I wasn't trying to run anyway -,-

And there's uncountable roll calls, strict rules, waking up early in the morning, sleeping late, duties and punishments. You'll get use to it somehow. Bak kata my penghulu "Suka tak suka, kena buat jugak."

Glad to be home.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A day to remember

My friends are just the BEST people in the world.

So, my mum took me from Kem Princess Haliza Sepang yesterday morning around 9 am. Then, we went to Bagan Lalang. I love love love the sand on the beach, so soft its unbelievable! Then we had breakfast somewhere there.

Later, we stopped by Tesco because I figured I would need a new spectacles and contact lenses. And so we got it. Suddenly my mum bought a barrel of KFC. I was like "Eh ma, I thought you said you wanna cook?"


Then, when we reached home everyone was like preventing me to go upstairs. I was like wth?!? I helped my mum serve the food on the dining table. In a blink of an eye, I saw Ahmad Haziq, Abin and Kamal running down the stairs.


I was shocked as hell. I was touched to the core.

We then have lunch together and chatted like crazy. It's a wonderful day for me with amazing people to celebrate with.

At night, we did a surprise advanced birthday party for Farhan Izani. He was so blur -,- Enjoyed the rest of the night with most of my gang.

My friends are just AWESOME.


Just wanted to inform you guys, I am back from Kem PLKN Princess Haliza, Sepang.

And now I'm too sleepy, thus I will update more later.