Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is it. Again.

PLKN Semester break dah habis :'( Boo.

Goodbye everyone. I don't think there will be anymore cuti semester, so see you guys after 17th of March.


Another Great Day

Overslept today due to last night's awesomeness.

Suddenly received a text from Aisyah inviting me to her house. So, arrived and started playing Rockband with Aisyah, Abin and Liana. Played full of enthusiasm and spirit. Hooyeahh!

Then started karaoke-ing. Wali band, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson semua kitorang sapu. Siap dgn dance dance sekali :D HAHA ! Hebaaattt~

Malam, bowling with le family at Monterez. And guess what? I met Eza, Jannah, Evonia, Ee Lynn, Ashman and Kuok Fung there. What a coincidence huh? Won 2 over 3 rounds to my sister ;p

Went for supper at Ombak, Section 7. This one particular waiter there was SUPER cute ! HOMG :O He has his left ear pierced so I am not pretty sure if he's a Malay or not but he does look absolutely "Melayu", if you know what I mean. He's tall, a bit tan, slim and slender. I don't know why but he does look like what I'd have imagined for a boyfriend. SO MY TYPE (Y)

Okay after a long hour at Ombak (constantly staring at Mr Right), we head home. On our way, my sister suggested to stop by i-***y. We found out that they had automatic gates now. My dad was like;

Dad: Nak masuk ke? Kena ambik ticket ni. Kalau taknak masuk nak patah balik.
Mama: Mana boleh patah balik, salah jalan tu. Masuk je la.
Me: Rasanya if belum 5 minit tak payah bayar ticket.
Dad: *masuk.


Me: Okay takde apa pun.
Mama: Keluarla cepat, before 5 minit. Tak payah bayar.
Me: Belum sampai 5 minit pun lagi ni. 2 minit baru.
Dad: *head to the exit.

Dad: *masukkan ticket to the machine.
Machine: *reject.
Staff: Belum bayar eh?
Dad: Belum. Masuk sekejap je.
Mama: Pusing je tadi. Belum 5 minit pun.
Staff: Kena bayar, dia kira per entry.
Dad: *keluarkan a 1 ringgit note.
Staff: Sepuluh ringgit.

WHATTHAFISH ?!?! Seriously? 10 bucks for a less than 2 minutes view by CAR even?!?! Tidakkah anda rasa itu adalah melampau? Apakejadahnya sampai begitu sekali? Menyesal masuk. Cekik darah ke apa? Kalau mcm tu baik ambik tiket, then duduk 2 hari dlm tu. Kata PER ENTRY kann?

Apa ke budus sangat mereka ini?

Sabar je lah. Oh and by the way, I already have a phone. An old one from my mum but it's still working so, that's good enough. I bet it's indestructible too. So please inbox me your phone numbers via Facebook if you wanna be remembered.

Thank you & goodnight.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Day

Hang out one whole day with le cousin, Ieka :D

Went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday with Ieka. Watched Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Out of 5, I'll give it a 4. It's an action comedy movie starring The Rock, Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson. Great movie filled with fantasy and day-dream :D For 1 and a half hour I suddenly forgot about reality, logic and quantum of physics~

Then, ARCADE ! It's Ieka's first time playing in the arcade. We played a basketball game and a STUPID shooting game. Pembaziran yg terlampau -.-

We window shopped, yada yada yada then went home to Ieka's. Had a little barbecue of burgers, sausages and omelets :D Nice oneeee (Y) After that, KARAOKE ! Home karaoke la. Memekak, satu house area tak boleh tido dgr suara gua yg merdu ni :9 HAHA !

Went home at around 1.30am. Had a great time with awesome human beings (:

Monday, January 23, 2012

por favor

Followers increased to 45 !

This small detail made my day (: Just so you know dear followers, I appreciate you guys to bits. I feel touched by how you guys actually care to read all my crap here. Arigato~

& to those yg baca curi curi or in a nicer way of saying it, those who haven't followed me yet, please do so tauuu :) hikhik. I really want to know to how many people am I exactly crapping to. So that I can watch what I'm writing here :9

But still, whatthaheck. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. Le me ze don't mind.


Had MAKAN BESAR twice ! :D haha. Macam kitorang pulak sambut CNY (Y)

Watched Klip 3GP and Bujang Terlajak today. Klip 3GP was a bit AWKWARD ~ and kinda confusing. It kept flashing to and fro which made me question myself, "What have I missed?" Was it just me or the movie IS irrelevant? I understand that the movie is rated 18 above but being 18 myself, I still felt that it's a bit inappropriate for Malaysian viewers. After watching the movie, I felt so insecure and scared to death. It made me think of those countless devils out there among us. We probably don't know but there are loads of them trying to snatch our prides. So girls, watch out! Take care of yourself! Bring your pepper spray with you everywhere :D

Bujang Terlajak was somehow GREAT! We often classify local movies as bad and embarrassing but this movie proved me wrong. It was funny indeed. This movie is full of messages and moral values on how we should be sincere in what we do. And may the Best Man Wins.

My phone swam in water. So for now(and I don't know how much longer), it can't be used. To contact me, please do so via Facebook, house phone, through my siblings or my parents. Thank you. And sorry for the inconvenience. Bodos.

Currently addicted to 9gag, hence the cursor :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

por que?

Maybe life is forever gonna treat me this way so wtv la. Too tired to care about all this tiny details of life that almost murdered me to death. Love? It never exist upon me. It's nowhere in my dictionary. Or it is,

Love; other word for stupid, ridiculous, day-dream of a youth.


Friday, January 20, 2012


Apa cer main saman-menyaman ni? He was just telling his point of view about your song. Everyone in this world has the rights to comment. The only difference is, some people keep it to themselves but others might have said it out loud. You are not perfect. And you know it.

If you're so confident about yourself, why do you even bother listening to those critics. This is the problem with human nowadays, SO IMMATURE. Grow up man, this is life. You are not God. Being an entertainer or a public figure doesn't make you any less human than we do. Thus, you have flaws like everybody else. Don't ever think you're good enough just because you're famous.

You are just another creature.

And besides, the video, as a whole, wasn't about you alone. He did mentioned a few other singers too didn't he? So why kau nak terasa lebih ni? To come to think about it, ada betulnya jgk wtv he said. It just doesn't make sense. Bro, buat lagu jgn main hentam je, tau nya nak kejar duit tak habis2, mana pegi makna di sebaliknya? KOSONG. Lepas tu korang nak condemn remaja2 skrg JIWA KOSONG? Dah lagu2 yg terhidang pun mmg kosong kann? Apa boleh buat?

I am super mad of what I heard. I think he was being honest and there's nothing wrong about it. It's just that, sesetengah pihak mmg tak sedar diri. Pantang ditegur dah menggelabah. Kalut ah kau ni.

Stop being so childish, nak saman budak2. Kau tu dah tua weyy. Bawak2 la beribadat ke apa ke. Tak ingat dunia dah skrg.

Kalau kau nak tau mmg tak sedap pun lagu kau tu. Terima kasih.

Hok alohhh laa

Ni nak habaq mai sikit lah, kalau tak suka atau menyampah atau boring dgn post2 pasal plkn, PERGILAH M.

Kalau korang rasa tak minat cerita plkn, jgn buang masa baca post ni sbb it IS about my 3 weeks experience in PLKN Princess Haliza. Peduli apa aku.

To start off, I was in the futsal tournament the other day, for 3rd or 4th place. It was raining but they still didn't stop the game. It was already 2-0 when I came in (I was one of the reserves), and I only have like 5 minutes to try catch up. And before I could even try to score goal, the game ended. We lost. I was so disappointed that day that I slammed a few tiang besi. I thought I could help but I was no use at all. But the guys team won 6-3 to company Bravo. Hooyeahh!

One usual day, before class started, I was called to medics for a medical check up. I sat outside waiting for my index number to be called in to see the doctor. Suddenly, one of the Abang Medic sat beside me. We started chatting, mainly about career and future. He was really friendly and cool. I find him very attractive indeed. HAHA !

At first, it was awkward with the wiras(pelatih2 lelaki) there. I don't know why but it felt weird to even look at them padahal dkt sklh ramai je kwn lelaki. But then, in class we had to communicate with guys and stuff so I felt kinda okay with it. I found out 2 guys in my class were from Bukit Jelutong; Anas and Fikri. Interestinggg

And kalau korang nak tau, PLKN is something like sekolah Harry Potter. They have 4 companies. Points will be given when a company wins something and points will also be deducted if our discipline are bad. By the end of plkn on 17th March 2012, they will announce the winning company based on our final points collection.

One more thing, jurulatih2 dkt sini mostly handsome ! Dahsyat betul (Y) I like Cikgu Shah 1, Cikgu Zaczac, Q, Cikgu Bush, Cikgu Isma and Daddy. They are very kind hearted, hilarious but strict at the same time. Hoho just don't cari pasal with them, teruk nanti diorg kerjakan. Been there -,- Lambat roll call maghrib (I was the only one who came right on time but still one whole company kena denda), Cikgu Shah 1 denda tawaf padang kawad in baju kurung.

But I don't find it membebankan at all. I think it was a great experience :) Had a good time so far. Enjoyed the first 3 weeks :D But still, HOME SWEET HOME ! Loves home more than everything. Glad to be home. HIKHOK !


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Semester break

Darlings, I AM BACK ! (:

It's PLKN semester break. Went home at around 5.30 p.m, arrived home at 7.30 p.m. TIRED. One word describes it all. This is my everyday activity for this past 3 weeks;

5 am : Woke up
6.20 am : Roll call
7 am : Aerobics
8.30 am : Character Building class
12.30 pm : Break
2.30 pm : Physical activity
5.30 pm : Sports
7 pm : Roll call
8 pm : Break
9 pm : Video/Taklimat/Promotion
10.30 pm : Roll call
11.30 pm : Lights out

Pretty much everyday went this way. A little boring though because the physical activities belum start fully yet. Ni pun dah agak letih, kalau ada activity fizikal tak tau la weyyy, pancit aku. Great thing is, I got to know SO MANY people from all over Malaysia. My accent pun dah agak berbunyi Sarawak awookk & Sabah bahhh :D

Everyone in my company, Company Charlie, has been very nice to me. They treated me like family and I feel very much secured with them. They are very supportive and fun to hang with (:

By the way, in PLKN, all of us are divided into 4 companies. Something like rumah sukan dkt sklh la. But we call it "company" there. There are 4 companies;

BRAVO - Blue
CHARLIE - Yellow
DELTA- Green

I'm in company Charlie, so far, we're leading. Alhamdulillah. Hope to maintain and improve our company (Y)

Oh yeahh, I forgot the most hottest story of all. TERLALU RAMAI wira-wira(pelatih lelaki) yang HANDSOME ! HOMG :O Help save me. Too handsome can die one mehh ! Botak pun perghhh, kacak dia tknk kalah (Y) Hahaha tapi rasanya semuanya dah berpunya kut. Tak mungkin still single. Impossible.

Okay dah, mengucap mengucap. Haha. Thats basically it for today. I am super sleepy. Goodnight dear readers. Missed you guys to bits.