Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hey there, gorgeous.

Main characters in Merlin. Super hot, super cool and plain AWESOMENESS ! Colin Morgan who plays as Merlin has the prettiest smile ever (Y) In love with his sincere wide grin. His character shows great patience, determination, full of curiosity and super ability of magic. I might say, he plays the character pretty darn good and I couldn't think of anyone else that suit the character more than he does. I would never doubt his loyalty. He has a heart of gold. He might not be physically strong, but I am sure to feel safe being around him. Oh boyy, be mine !

Bradley James plays as Prince Arthur. Well, to start, he does have the perfect features that I imagine in a prince charming. I mean, he is darn good looking, gorgeous pair of eyes, muscular (very), smooth perfect skin, tall, hair which is perfect either ways and a sexy accent ! What else could a girl ask for? He is THE man of my dreams which is forever impossible to get, of course. I love the way he gives his sarcastic smile to Merlin, how he bullies Merlin and when he's in a battle, damn son ! The superstar of all time. He gives hugs like he mean it. He is sooo my cup of tea ;D

ANYWAYS, do watch this, its a compilation of reactions showed by kids when their parents told them they ate all their Halloween candy. SANGAT COMEL.