Saturday, November 5, 2011


Me, Aisyah, Raimi & Aino at Subway, Giant Sect 13.


Suddenly I heard this kid playing at the playground beside us shouting;
Kid: Kakak, take the ball !!
Me: *weren't focusing.
Kid: Kakak !! Take the ball !!
Me: *mana la kakak dia ni haishh bising betul la.
Kid: Kakak !!
Me: ... Err, is he calling me?
Aisyah: ?
Me: Who's your kakak?
Aino: Hahaha (Y)
Me: *looking at the floor searching for the 'ball'.
Me: WHAT BALL ?! *saw a gumball rolling towards me. OOHHHH.

I took it and gave it to him. Haha, sorry dik :B lembab sedikit.