Wednesday, November 2, 2011


From left: Liana, Hannim, Madihah, Me

Armand & Me

My awesome daddy.

5 Beta, Class of 2011 SMKBJ, guru kelas: Ustzh Haryati.

From left: Madihah, Me, Reha

From left: Tiha, Abin, Liana, Hannim

From left: Tiha, Abin, Liana, Hnnm, Madi, Mora, Reha

Tokoh Pelajar Cemerlang 2011, Arief & Kim Yen

My, my, look at them. In tudung orange: My mum, Aisyah's mum, Liana's mum. Haha what a coincidence! Nice, mums :D

And that's me, graduated (Y)

Me with my certificate. *acahacah.

My beloved mum.

Me familia.

Today, I attended SMKBJ Form 5's Graduation Day at Kelab Shah Alam.

It was 10% boring, 30% panas, 10% lapar, 50% fun + memorable + moved *sobs.

I am finally done with high school ! Bittersweet. Well, I still have SPM to get done with but basically, we already graduated high school. It has been a long 11 years of studying in primary and secondary school. Finally, I am going to leave school and enter reality :O

I will definitely miss everything. Well, actually, not everything though. Haha. I might say it as everyone. Including all those handsome crushes of mine yang sampai sekarang still buta, tak nampak-nampak my well-it's-pretty-obvious affection towards them *grr. ANYWAYS, high school has been a place full of laughter, tears, drama, great experience and AWESOME people. But yet, one still have to move on right? I'm going to sit for SPM and after that, I'm moving on. I'll do new stuff, meet new people and proceed my dreams. But memories of high school won't ever fade.

Teachers, thank you for everything. Not just for teaching me in class but also taught me to be the best of me. Taught me to be positive, taught me to be thankful. I appreciate every single things I learnt from you guys. They say, every good leaders starts with a teacher. And I couldn't agree more. Teachers are the most sincere person. They keep giving and giving even when we stopped trying, stopped listening to them. I mean, just look at them, full of patience, passion, and determination. I will never forget all of you, my teachers, because you guys are worth to be remembered.

Friends, we might be separated in the future but keep in mind that I love you guys with all my hearts and soul even when I never tell it straight to your face. I never wanted anything more than you guys. The funniest, the weirdos, the crackheads, never perfect but always THE BEST. I love spending time with you guys, I love all our memories together and even if we lost contact in the future, be noted that you guys took the greatest spot in my heart. I would never ever gave you guys up for money, status or anything at all. Call me stupid, but you don't have any idea how lovely they are. And that I'd be a lot dumb-er to replace them.

Anyhow, in case I didn't get a chance to properly say this, I will say it now;
To all of you who knew me, I wanna apologize for everything that I have done wrong. Far from my mind to hurt any of you. I am sorry. And thank you for being such wonderful human beings towards me. Each of you are unique, one of a kind. Glad to know you guys. Good bye.

P/s craving. Get me a Ferrero Rocher anyone? Pleaseeee.