Sunday, October 23, 2011

In love

Our batch. 1-20 years old. Gorgeous sweethearts.

My darlings of all time.

Always, always there for me. Filling every second with laughter.

I am blessed with such a wonderful family.

I came to realize that having them, I don't actually need anything else. They are supportive, helpful, caring, loving, hilarious, super hyper, amazing, cheeky, gorgeous and just plain AWESOME (Y)

I am totally in love with them because they are the nicest people ever. I enjoyed every second with them at every little events including the best ever Hari Keluarga at Morib. It was such a wonderful experience with them and I look forward to the upcoming events in 2012. 3 weddings coming. Can't wait :B

I love love love you guys with all my hearts !

Thank you for the good luck wishes (: I'm sure I'll need it.