Saturday, October 15, 2011


Nafis kann, dia kann, kata kann, blog kita bosannnn.

*Tsk tsk. Fine Nafis. FINE.

A very long day today, indeed. Pagi pagi lagi gerak to my uncle's at Klang. Tutored my primary-scholars' cousins. Taught them Maths and Science, their final exam's coming. 2 hours studying, another 2 hours dancing :D HAHA (Y) I mean, we're just a bunch of kids mannn, give us a break ;p

Then, after Zuhur we went to a majlis tahlil at Putrajaya. Eat eat, talk talk. After Maghrib, went to my other uncle's house at Subang Jaya. Had supper. And my cousin, Ieka, made some marshmallow-dipped-in-chocolate-and-rainbow-rain-on-a-stick. Haha ambooii nama dia pun tknk kalah tu :D Sedappp (Y)

Oh yeah, we also watched Bini-biniku Gengster on tape. Great movie ! I noticed some similarities between me and the heroin. Haha. I give the movie 3.5 out of 5. Well, it's funny, thrilling and superdyduper romantic :) Another awesome Malaysian movie (Y) Bagus bagus, keep it up local directors & filmmakers. You guys are doing good.

And 11.00pm, finally got home after a long, tiring day. Okay I'm off to bed. Brain's shutting down.

Astalavista bebehh(s) !