Monday, October 17, 2011


Awkward moment in school~

5 minutes before the last bell of the day rings (dah tak sabar nak balik);

Me: Teacher, I wanna go toilet.
Teac. Ah Choun: Haa, go lah.
Me: *walked out of my class.

In the toilet;

Me: *wash my hands at the sink.
Me: No tissue. Hmm...
Me: *wipe my hands using my kain (kain baju kurung sekolah)

When I used my kain, of course la terangkat, exposing my legs. Well, it was the ladies' toilet, right? So what?

When suddenly, Theeban walk pass by.

Me: *panicked?!?!?!
Theeb: *saw me, then terus lari blah.

Lupa nak tutup pintuuuuu. N I C E O N E .

Met Theeban back in class.

Me: Err, Theeban, you didn't saw anything right?
Theeb: Ohh, no no no. Absolutely no.
Me: Forget that even happened. HAHA
Theeb: Hahahaha (!)

Stupidoss me.