Monday, October 3, 2011


Remember I told you about my problematic internet ?
And wondering why I'm still blogging ?

Well, it is still problematic just that I don't know when will it die. Probably soon. How soon ? Soon enough I guess. So yeah, I'm valuing my time here.

I'm at my mum's office. And you know why? Because Hannim told me ada some kind of Accounts seminar so I woke myself up from bed for it this morning. Guess what? TAKDE PUN.
Dash dot dot dash -..- So now I'm stuck at my mum's because she's too busy to send me back home. Thank you very much. I could have still be in bed by now.

But its cool, its alright, no one's at blame here :) Anyways, I just had my lunch 5 minutes ago, and as I was eating *alone :'( , I come to realize that the only thing those 2 women sitting beside me were talking about revolved around their children.

So my conclusion is, the only thing us girls care about ;

Before marriage - Guys
After marriage - Child

Sorry guys, you're no longer our hottest topic then ;p