Sunday, October 30, 2011


Kenapa lelaki-lelaki handsome semua dah habis dikebas perempuan-perempuan lawa T_T Tidaaaaakkkkk !

I'm excited to go to prom this year until I heard that my school was banned from joining Sect9 & Ssaas's prom because of some fight last year. Whatta ?!?!?!?

Bosan gilaa. I hope what I heard isn't true. I mean, come one mann. I've never been to prom my whole life. I never had any boyfriend my whole life. I wonder what could get better ? -.-

Apa-apa pun SPM duluuu :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Oh no, you didn't, girlfriend. Grr

After SPM, I am gonna start polishing my drum skills. I'm gonna be the best drummer girl in history *of Malaysia ;p Haha perasankan? Takpe lahh awakk. Sekali sekala.

I wanna defeat all those chick drummers out there and prove that I can do it. I can do it like a dude :B Haha.

Tunggu k. Bye.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Purple Domo

Cupcakes from Aisyah

Sedap (Y)

Present from my mama, abah, adik & abang :*


I am officially 17 !

Hoooraaayyy ? Well, there's nothing much going on today. Just another ordinary day. Study, tuition, sleep, eat and loads more studying (Y) But it was the small details that made me happy.

Okay, so here's the list of people who wished me, in ORDER ;p

Face to face;
My family

Didy *it was one hour after my birthday.

Through text;
Lee King

*Tiha & Kamal wished before 12.00am.
*Eza & Liana wishe after 12.00am.

Through Facebook; (not in order)
Aisyah Dayana
Saidatul Nabilah
Afiqah Reza
Meor Hazim
Bong HAT
Fizzy Lemon
Shauqiee Shukri
Mal Haziq
Cik Ieda
Amir Amin
Aiman HAT
Faris Heaven's Fall
Sabrina Shaawnty
Faiz Bros

& lots more. Sorry, I'm just naming a few here. So sorry if your name is not included :/
You know I love you right? :B

Special thanks to -

My family consisting of Mama, Abah, Abang, Aino, Maklong, Paklong, Afiq and Nurshafiqah for the great dinner at Hailam Kopitiam Sect 7. And for singing the birthday song for me at 12.00am sharp. You guys were awesome ! I love you guys to bits. Ieka never fails to make me laugh. Afiq sumpah lawak gilaaaa. *LALATTT ! Hahahahahaha the absolute funny moment ever (Y)

Abin, Tiha and Reha for the lovely and finger-licking-good pecan cake. You guys did a great job. The cake turned out great. Its the first time someone actually baked for me :) I really appreciate it guys. I'm sure Armand loved it too as much as I do :D

Aisyah for the awesome gorgeous cupcakes. She literally made it and deliver it to me. Tengah tengah hujan. The sweetest thing :) Sedappp ! Blueberry (Y)

JABBAR ! He was the last to wish me. 11.45pm. He called until 12.00am.
"Everyone wanna be the first, so I figured I'll be the last to wish you. Happy Birthday!"
Jabbar, why do you have to go? I will definitely miss you :'( We have been friends since like ever. Everytime I'm at a mamak stall having roti canai, it reminds me of you. You have issues with the plate hahaha ! And how we take turns belanja each other with Aisyah. I will miss that.

Dan kepada yang lupa tu, terima kasih juga la ;D

Not the best birthday, but surely the one to remember :')

Sunday, October 23, 2011

In love

Our batch. 1-20 years old. Gorgeous sweethearts.

My darlings of all time.

Always, always there for me. Filling every second with laughter.

I am blessed with such a wonderful family.

I came to realize that having them, I don't actually need anything else. They are supportive, helpful, caring, loving, hilarious, super hyper, amazing, cheeky, gorgeous and just plain AWESOME (Y)

I am totally in love with them because they are the nicest people ever. I enjoyed every second with them at every little events including the best ever Hari Keluarga at Morib. It was such a wonderful experience with them and I look forward to the upcoming events in 2012. 3 weddings coming. Can't wait :B

I love love love you guys with all my hearts !

Thank you for the good luck wishes (: I'm sure I'll need it.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Sehran was picking up a fight with Lee King.

Lee King, on the other hand, cool and calmly said;

"For your brain, should be excused."

HAHAHA ! Good one Leek (Y)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


AWAKK ! SPM kann, dah dekat tauu. Darn it.

The angel in my brain:
Amirah, start la study. Pemalas betul laa. Kalau result trial 10A tkpe jugak. Ishhhhhh. Ada jugak yang kena sepak nanti -,- Move your ass outta bed girlfriend. I'm gettin' mad here !

The devil in my head:
Go sleep la, I know you're exhausted. One whole day of school. You deserve a great long nap. Then you can go watch tv. Your favorite show's on. Go out, grab some fresh air. Get a life, woman !

Me: *Torn.

Haha SPM in less than a month. Yyaayy bestnya -.-
Goodbye world.

Monday, October 17, 2011


That dude in a black Vios ;)

Kacak bergaya (Y)


Awkward moment in school~

5 minutes before the last bell of the day rings (dah tak sabar nak balik);

Me: Teacher, I wanna go toilet.
Teac. Ah Choun: Haa, go lah.
Me: *walked out of my class.

In the toilet;

Me: *wash my hands at the sink.
Me: No tissue. Hmm...
Me: *wipe my hands using my kain (kain baju kurung sekolah)

When I used my kain, of course la terangkat, exposing my legs. Well, it was the ladies' toilet, right? So what?

When suddenly, Theeban walk pass by.

Me: *panicked?!?!?!
Theeb: *saw me, then terus lari blah.

Lupa nak tutup pintuuuuu. N I C E O N E .

Met Theeban back in class.

Me: Err, Theeban, you didn't saw anything right?
Theeb: Ohh, no no no. Absolutely no.
Me: Forget that even happened. HAHA
Theeb: Hahahaha (!)

Stupidoss me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


A scene with ze doctor at ze clinic.

Doc: You lack of vitamin C.
Me: Hmm.
Doc: Do you take any vitamin C supplements?
Me: Yes, the chewable ones.
Doc: Hahaha ! You can't eat that one.
Me: Its Appeton, I think.
Doc: For your age, you can't still be having that one, you know. Hahaha.
Me: Okay *embarrassed.
Doc: I'll give you tablets. 500mg. Eat one daily.
Me: Okay.

Got my medicines and went home;

Me: *Was about take my meds.
Me: Ehhh, Appeton Chewable?

dash dot dash -.- Thank you, doctor. I love you.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Nafis kann, dia kann, kata kann, blog kita bosannnn.

*Tsk tsk. Fine Nafis. FINE.

A very long day today, indeed. Pagi pagi lagi gerak to my uncle's at Klang. Tutored my primary-scholars' cousins. Taught them Maths and Science, their final exam's coming. 2 hours studying, another 2 hours dancing :D HAHA (Y) I mean, we're just a bunch of kids mannn, give us a break ;p

Then, after Zuhur we went to a majlis tahlil at Putrajaya. Eat eat, talk talk. After Maghrib, went to my other uncle's house at Subang Jaya. Had supper. And my cousin, Ieka, made some marshmallow-dipped-in-chocolate-and-rainbow-rain-on-a-stick. Haha ambooii nama dia pun tknk kalah tu :D Sedappp (Y)

Oh yeah, we also watched Bini-biniku Gengster on tape. Great movie ! I noticed some similarities between me and the heroin. Haha. I give the movie 3.5 out of 5. Well, it's funny, thrilling and superdyduper romantic :) Another awesome Malaysian movie (Y) Bagus bagus, keep it up local directors & filmmakers. You guys are doing good.

And 11.00pm, finally got home after a long, tiring day. Okay I'm off to bed. Brain's shutting down.

Astalavista bebehh(s) !

Friday, October 14, 2011

eh eh

KRINGGGGGG ! (Recess bell)

*whole class keluar rehat.
Me: *Zzzz
Cikgu: Amiraahhhh! Siapkan karangan kamu.
Me: Saya lapar la cikgu, nak turun makan ni. Sekarang kan rehat.
Cikgu: Badan macam tu, makan ke tak makan ke sama je. Tak payah makan laa.

-.-" boleh gak camtu ennn.

P/s Char Kuey Teow dkt Tanjung, Gerai Abang Mamat is THE BEST char kuey teow I've ever tasted. IN LOVE and ADDICTED to it (Y) :D Sedapppp brooo ! Had it for dinner just now, my brother belanja me because I did his assignment for him -.- T.I.R.I.N.G, I tell you.

Bro: Dah habis makan? Cepat sikit, ni baru satu kedai. Kata nak makan 7 kuey teow. Kita ada 6 kedai lagi nak pegi ni.
Me: SARCASTIC gilaaaaaa eeee -.-

*a few minutes later,

Bro: So, ni bila nak balik ni? Nak tunggu udang ni hidup balik ke?

Ehwahhhh. Amboi.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Heyy good news !

For you guys out there who's feeling sad and depressed or any such about your respective ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, I present you this amazing healing game.

Come on come on, try it. THE BEST, I'm telling youu. You won't regret it. Hilarious (Y)


That guy,

5th October,


Thank you for everything. For your greatest support, for your time and for teaching me a lot of stuff. You've been my idol in drumming, my sifu :D Hope you'll succeed in what you're up to. Glad to know you bro (Y)

Amazing guy alert !

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Haha, there's actually nothing wrong with my internet :B Sorry, kecoh la gua ni. Kaluttt je.

Oh and I love this song; Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.

The members are all quite good-looking. Their voice and music is amazing. Sexy accent (Y)


I lost my teddy bear, would you sleep with me ?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, I changed my blog's header because while I was online, I checked my blog's statistics. And I saw that the search keywords for my blog are;

Definition of gaysad.
Gay sekolah.
Gay camwhore.
Gay sarcasm.

& a lot more bad keywords.

So, therefore I changed my blog's name because I don't want my blog to be found out of bad intention. You know, someone was searching for homosexuals online and instead, found my blog. That is not really what I had in mind when I put "GAY" as my header.

So cam yeah. Hope you guys won't be mad at me. Why bobby pins ? Nothing personal. It's just a random thing stuck in my head.

K bye.

Ze Mora

Anyways, after dinner just now I decided to eat this thing called "taufu-fa", alaa you know, the one made of soya and sugar. Yeah, that one. So, I found it in the fridge. But I wasn't pretty sure if its still good to eat or not.

So I asked my bro.

Me: Abang, ni okay lagi ke?
Bro: Apaa?
Me: Niiii, cuba abang rasa dulu. I don't know dah berapa lama benda ni dkt dlm fridge tu.
Bro: Bak sini.
Me: *Hands it in.
Bro: *Took one sip. And another. And another one.
Me: Okay tak?
Bro: Benda ni mana boleh rot.
Me: Oh ye ke?
Bro: *Proceed eating.
Me: ...
Bro: ...
Me: ...
Bro: Alaa, kalau sakit perut pun apa salahnya kan ?

Me: -.-"

Yeah right you.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Remember I told you about my problematic internet ?
And wondering why I'm still blogging ?

Well, it is still problematic just that I don't know when will it die. Probably soon. How soon ? Soon enough I guess. So yeah, I'm valuing my time here.

I'm at my mum's office. And you know why? Because Hannim told me ada some kind of Accounts seminar so I woke myself up from bed for it this morning. Guess what? TAKDE PUN.
Dash dot dot dash -..- So now I'm stuck at my mum's because she's too busy to send me back home. Thank you very much. I could have still be in bed by now.

But its cool, its alright, no one's at blame here :) Anyways, I just had my lunch 5 minutes ago, and as I was eating *alone :'( , I come to realize that the only thing those 2 women sitting beside me were talking about revolved around their children.

So my conclusion is, the only thing us girls care about ;

Before marriage - Guys
After marriage - Child

Sorry guys, you're no longer our hottest topic then ;p

HBs !


I love you Mom (: Hope our surprise did surprised you ;) I wanna always make you happy every single day in your life especially a special day like today. You are such an amazing mother to me. You juggle house chores, your job and having to take care of your irritating kids, but you did it each of it perfectly. Love you to bits.

Shahril !! Didn't know your birthday sama dgn my mum. Haha. Anyways, thanks for everything. You helped me a lot going through this music industry. Really appreciate you being there to comfort me when I was super nervous and paranoid about myself. Haha. I heart you bro (:

Engku M.Syamil. Happy Birthday. Don't worry, age are just numbers right? (: Have a nice day dude.

&& all the other dudes and dudettes who's sharing the same birthday today, I wish you guys HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May God bless you guys with good returns (:


Text messages with my Accounts tuition teacher, Sir Kuhan.

Sir: Amirah, pls bring acc fees tmrw. Thank you.
Me: Okay noted. Thanks for reminding, sir.
Sir: And get the Chemistry tips from your friends. I gave them slot.
Sir: *Slot
Sir: *Slot= A lot.

Me: Err haha, okay thank you sir. Will do.


I have 12 minutes to blog this post.

-.- idk what to write. Haha. Haihh, nak habis dah high school. Sedar tak sedar dah tua dah *acehhh selama ni perasan muda.

I still remember my Form 3 years. Oh mann, it was the best, I tell you. So there was one usual tuition day. Me, Jabbar and Aisyah were supposed to masuk our tuition class but we were super lazy that we just lepak dkt playground.

When suddenly,

*Tuition teacher walking our way.
Jab: Jangan pandang, dia tak sedar.
*He walked away.
Us: Blahh blahh *Lari masuk class.

Terkantoi di situ.

And a few weeks ago, me and Kamal wanted to find our class teacher downstairs. So, the closest staircase I could see is the teachers' stairs. We weren't allowed to use it but you know, us kids.

Me & Kamal: *walking down the stairs.
Kamal: Cepat, takde cikgu.
Us: *speeding up.
Me: Well Kamal, the key is to not get caught.
Cikgu disiplin: *passed by and smiled to us.
Kamal: Wrong timing, Mira.



Sorry, dear readers. I might not be blogging anytime soon.

I'm having some problems with my internet connection so just informing you guys about it. I will miss you guys :'( Take care of your health, eat well, sleep well, take your meds, love yourself.

Till then,
Peace Out.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Yo Mama jokes. Keep in mind that its just a joke. Do not take it seriously :D

Yo Mama is so ugly Bob The Builder looked at her and said "I CAN'T FIX THAT!"

Yo Mama is so skinny she turned sideways and disappeared.

Yo Mama is so fat when she went to the movies, she sat next to everyone.

Yo Mama is so stupid she got locked in a mattress store and sleep on the floor.

Yo mama so lazy she thinks a two-income family is where yo daddy has 2 jobs.

Yo mama so old I told her to act her own age, and she died.

and I'm so stupid I thought he's honest when he cheated right in my face.


If you wish for a forgiving boyfriend/girlfriend, it can only mean 2 things;
Its either you already wish to make a mistake,
Or you're too scared he wouldn't forgive you for what you're about to do.

I heard this on iCarly ;

Spencer : I'm sorry I painted your mouth red.
Girl : I'm sorry I painted your mouth blue.
Spencer : Wanna make purple?

HAHAHA. Great pickup line.

Oh and a friend of mine told me his pickup line.

Guy: What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Girl: I wanna be a teacher. How about you?
Guy: Me? I wanna be yours.

HIKHOK. Guys and their all-time wonderful gifted skill ;D

P/s My atuk came in just now,
"Main apa benda tu? Bila nak tido?!" -.- kena marah free. Terima kasih.


So once someone asked me, what do I look for in a guy ?

Well, easy.

His eyes, his body, his scent.

Got all of the above, please do give me a call ;p

We (Kamal, Tiha and me) were discussing about perfect dream partners. And so, they said they would love a romantic guy/girl. They asked for my opinion. And I told them the truth.

I never liked romantic guys. I mean, sikit-sikit cukup lah bro. Takpayah nak geli-geli sgt lah kan. Haha. To me, guys should be guys. They should be tough, fun and crazy as they are. They don't need to be a total new person just to fit in to his girlfriend's wants and needs. I would love a guy who never neglects his friends and will without doubt, choose his friends over me because friends are THE most important people in our lives.

I just want my man to own a heart. To do everything in this world with pure sincerity, giving his best every time. I could not be more pleased rather than seeing him succeed in what he's doing. I want to be that person standing beside him, in his glories and his sorrows.

I want him to give me his love, only because I'm worthy of it.


Because they sleep with a gun,
And keep an eye on you son.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Current mood : Empty

I feel so empty. True, we should value ourselves. And I almost believe that. Until I went out. The moment I walked out of my house, the positive thoughts disappear. Like "poofff" into thin air. Everywhere I turn, all I could see is couples here and there. With those happy faces of theirs. Laughing at almost every little clumsy act. While I awkwardly stood there staring blankly to nothing trying to appear as if I am cool liddat.

When the truth lies within me. Not to be told to anyone.

I'm having a hard time. Let me ask you, do you have any idea abt it? Surely the answer is a direct NO. Because you thought I could survive on my own. Because you guys were too self-centered among yourselves. Because you guys treat me like trash.

Are you aware of that?

"Ohmygod, you guys just broke up?"
"She lied to you."
"He said you're annoying."
"You guys should settle this relationship."
"Oh I'm on your side. Like totally."
"She went for another guy behind your back."

Enough of this crap already. It's not like you guys are married yet so just stfu mann. Who do you think you are? A rockstar is it? Nobody cares about you or your stupid love life. BREAK UP JE KUT ?! JGN NAK PARANOID SGT LAH KANN. Muka mcm kau tu dkt jambatan bersepah kau tau. Kau dgn awek kau boleh blahh la weyy sebelum aku buat kau menyesal hidup.

*inhale exhale.


I find guys who phone me very adorable.

You know why? Not because of what they say but because I know they are willing to waste their credits/phone bills on me :D It means I am worthy of it.

Hee love love love.