Thursday, September 29, 2011


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"Hilangkan" inspired me to just do what I love because one day it's all gonna be worth it. My effort, my hard work, my pain. It's all gonna be worth doing. I believe that when we have the passion for something, we can't lie to ourselves or run away from it just because we're too scared its not gonna work.

Independent Band
4 tahun &

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Watched HEART-A-TACK's Hilangkan Music Video ! Loved it to bits (:

I mean, the director was awesome as well as the BMX dude and Defy street artist. But most importantly, Heart-A-Tack was INCREDIBLE (Y) They did a great job. I'm pretty sure the crews had no trouble making their scene. The crowd was great and supportive.

Bong pakai make-up :O haha but he was great.
Ezran was super cute (:
Aiman just being his awesome self :D
Kimi crackhead as always ;)
Ayeen- Ohmylord, great performing skills ! He nailed it mann,
Putera: Just freaking talented la this guy. Love him so much. He's my all time favourite Malaysian drummer. He's basically my idol (:

Keep it up, HAT. Conquer the world.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I've heard of unisex washroom and hair saloon but I've NEVER EVER heard of unisex SURAU :O

I mean whattaheck man ?!?! Seriously ? To that extreme ?

We were rushing home from an open house in Kajang and we decided to stop by a surau at a petrol station to perform our Maghrib prayers. We went to the surau and I was like,

Me: Err, which one for female ?

Random dude: *just came out from the surau.* Kena share dik.

Me: :O

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last weekend, I had dinner at my aunt's house. I was so full because that was my third open house for that day. I wasn't planing on eating anything but when I saw what she served, my eyes were all wide open :O

I had grilled ribs with croutons salad under a gorgeous thousand island mayo, mustard and BBQ sauce. DANNGGG IT ! Beautiful (:


Tuition in 20 minutes time. Still blogging :D

Secret Recipe

Last night: Mac and cheese & Noodle in tom yum soup & Apricot Slushie & White Choc cake
Today: Mexican Chicken & Japanese Soba & Fish and chips & Peacan Butterscotch cake & Ice Lemon Tea.

Hoikhoik. Memang saya gemuk. Why? Got problem ahh?



I will be supporting you guys no matter what because you guys are talented and fun to be around with. Keep rocking my world (:

Oh yeah, they won the Astro Hitz Music Video Grant and they're done with the shooting. Do catch the Official Premiere of THE music video at Astro Hitz Channel 705 on the 28th of September.

Thursday, September 15, 2011



To come to think about it, he has been my best friend since Form 3. I enjoyed every minute spent with him. Dia ni gila. As in LITERALLY a crackhead. Not even one moment I shared with him without laughter. There's always an issue to argue about and we never agreed on the same thing. I love bullying him but he will always get me back. Our arguments will end up a tie with no one winning and no one losing. We'll just drown into some other topic and start arguing about it, it goes on and on and on till like ever -..-"

And this guy inspires me to live to the fullest. He is a multi-talented guy. He can do almost anything, just name it. Once, he made me this "Toasted Twister-ish" wrap because he knew I can't eat anything oily and spicy as for my health condition. And I'm telling you, SEDAPPPPPPP gilaaaaa !! :O He made me feel embarrassed of myself because I can't cook like him.

But yet, despite of his glory in studies, sports (100m gold) and his downsides, he still is very humble. He's the person I would miss after I finish school :') sobs sobs. He's awesome in his own wayyy, and I can always count on him to make me go high. you CRACKHEAD you >_<

Hoi gemuk, hyeeeeeeeeee !

P/s Ayesh, if you're reading this, heyy (: sedap kan Milo Sundae tu? *keningkening.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


And I'm sorry, can't resist blogging. You know me too well that I can't wait until after trials to blog again right? Haha.


I am inspired and motivated by Anwar Hadi and his buddy, Mat Luthfi. They make super great positive meaningful videos. Awesome VLOGGER (:

I mean, videos and blogs should bring at least SOME valuable message right? By blogging or vlogging, we can inspire people to live a better life. Look at a certain situation with a new and improved perspective and not just being judgmental towards it.

Which reminded me of the great old days when I was having an awesome time with my friends. True, that now most of them are treating me like trash now but to come to think about it, hey, at least we have those memories to hold on to. Why would I wanna regret having them as my friends? Do I wanna go back in time to not befriend with them? Well, if that involves erasing all my memories with them, then my answer is a definite no (:



Currently having my SPM trials.

BM- Done
ENG- Done
SEJ- Done
AG- Done
BM 1- Dona
BIO- Done
CHEM- Done
ACC- Done
PHY- Done

I wanna cryyyyy T_T Seems endless.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Me familia. Spot me

From left: Aino, Mama, Me


Ze ziblings

Candid :D



Heyy, sorry. I couldn't help myself from blogging.

Hari Raya 2011 is the worst raya I've ever experienced.

To start off with raya pertama, no one was at my hometown except for my family. So, it was indeed quite boring. Only later that night we went beraya at someone's house. 1.30 am, Raya kedua, we got a call informing us about a death of our family member. Couldn't sleep until 3.00 am. Woke up at 7.00 am for his funeral the next day. Made a tahlil instead of an open house that night.

Raya ketiga, went for Uncle Hazwan's house (Y) which was a 45mins journey by car. Then, went to some dude's open house which was another 20mins journey from where we were. Got home. Couldn't sleep again. Raya keempat, mainly duduk rumah, late afternoon had dinner at Old Town White Coffee (Y).

And next day, home.