Thursday, August 25, 2011


WOW, dah nak raya. Thanks to you, SPM, I won't be celebrating it this year. Okay, maybe I will on the first day of Raya but I know it won't be as festive as every other year :/ But issokayy, sacrifice (Y) This is for your future, Amirah, don't give up now. One day you'll find everything is worth it even though I may not succeed but its good to know I gave my very best. And to see my friend's smiling faces during result day, EPIC (:

This might, MIGHT be my last post until the end of trials so


or shall I say,


and good luck to all the form 5s out there. Have faith in yourself babies (:
See ya after 27th September dear readers. Will miss you guys :') Take care.


Turns out that my brother thought that sleeping was more essential rather than picking me up from school.

Youuuu monster,,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My cousin showed me this music video a long time ago. So catchy. And random. LOVE IT.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Trials in 14 days.

SPM in 83 days.

Good bye world.


Menu berbuka for the past few days;

Friday- Secret Recipe's Noodle in Tom Yum Soup
Saturday- Homemade Angel Hair Carbonara
Sunday- Porridge + Sardines
Monday- Yong Tau Fu

Saturday, August 20, 2011


A scene at the surau just now,

Imam: Assalamualaikum warahmatullah, assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Women in front of me: *beri salam kanan, beri salam kiri & thennn kannnn suddenly,

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA *dlm hati of course.

Haha she farted right after habis withir. Nice timing (Y)

Anyways, (still laughing now, haha) I am awake since 5am during sahur until now, 11pm. That's approximately 18 hours. And now my brain is shutting down. I'd better sleep before I start talking crap which trust me, you don't wanna hear so good night hearts (:

Friday, August 19, 2011


I just killed a centipede with my bare hands, and well of course, a blue whiteboard marker pen.

I cleaned my whole room and the toilet (Y) horrayyy ! I am super satisfied with my good work (aceehhhhh syok sendiri ni). Anyways, trials is just around the corner and to sum it up, I am super NOT ready for it. I haven't been studying so much lately. More of sleeping and eating. Haha. THIS IS LIFE :D


Okay, mari main game. Byeeeee aWaKssZsZ. Hahahahaha.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hahahahaha I just realized that my telekung was the same as the person that solat right beside me.

Like EXACTLY the same. HAHAHA ! :D

Awkward coincidence.

Anyways, enough with that embarrassing moment at the surau, I just so happen to LOVE this parody of KL Gangster made by a bunch of Malaysian comic writers. Hilarious, stupid, dumb, weird, funny and everything in between. Well, if you watched KL Gangster, then you'll love this parody but if you haven't, don't bother clicking the link cause you won't get a thing that they're saying.

Alright, hope you'd love the video and good night babies ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Went berbuka at my aunt's place last night. Food was AWESOME. Homemade roasted chicken, mash potato, coleslaw, black pepper sauce, kuey teow, pasta, curry, kerabu mangga, caramel pudding, cream puff and etc.

Then, surprise party for the August babies, my sister and Pak Long. Sing sing sing, eat eat eat.

Best part, played football with my cousins :D Yayyyyy. Although we lost 6-4 :'( Boo. But I scored 1 goal (Y) YEAAAAHHHH babayh ! Cause I'm awesome liddat. Hikhik. *perasan sebentar. Great times with my beloved. And 1 goal was own goal. HAHAHAHA funnaayy douche bags ;)

Exhausted. Good night peeps.



Even though we fight at times, well all the times actually, but still, I love you with all my heart and I won't give you up for the world because you are indeed a great sister and friend I could ever have (: Have a great birthday kid.

p/s how was the surprise? I hope you like the cake :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This is basically the sum of last night's tazkirah.

10 sebab mengapa orang menjadi sombong:

  1. Kekayaan
  2. Pangkat
  3. Keturunan
  4. Kepandaian
  5. Paras rupa
  6. Keegoan
  7. Kebodohan
  8. Senioriti
  9. Populariti
  10. Kurangnya iman

So people, lets do a check list. Are we one of those people above? If your answer is no then alhamdulillah, but if your answer is yes then this is the time to change.

What I want to emphasis here is beauty. So what if you're tall or fair or flawless or muscular or thin or have all the perfect features anyone could ever ask for? Beauty is subjective. Jangan nak perasan lawa sangat lah. Where will it bring you? Everyone's pretty. You are gorgeous in your own way. Yes, YOU who's reading this. Don't ever look down to yourself just because you think you're ugly or fat or tan or anything. I know I'm not beautiful, maybe I don't have the perfect smile or perhaps the perfect hair but you know what, God made me this way and I'm proud of it. And I'm telling you, you should too.

Boys and girls, who are we to kerek kerek, to praise ourself, to be proud of what we have ? Ask yourself again. Its never too late to change.

p/s i'm just sharing what I learnt from the tazkirah. It's not like I'm a great person myself anyway.

Friday, August 12, 2011


#thatawkwardmoment when the imam got confused with the rakaat and half of the surau was standing and the other half was sitting tahiyyat akhir. And you started sitting down even though you know you were right while the rest of your saf followed your lead.

Yes, it happened to me.


Went to the dissection room at MSU yesterday :O


Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Its 1.25 am now. Super sleepy. Going to school tomorrow.

Kthanksbyeee !

Goodnight dear bloggers, readers and followers (: Don't let the big bug bites.

And don't dream of me. HAHA.


Hana Tajima

Look at her. Fashion icon. Gorgeous, beautiful, trendsetter. She wasn't born a Muslim and she can wear hijab, not just for fun or style but as a part of her daily attire. And yet, she still looks perfectly pretty.

My point is, like what Hannim said; Wearing hijab doesn't make you any less prettier than how you are (: And I couldn't agree more.

Monday, August 8, 2011


That's Nafish. Say hi to it. Wait, its dead ;p

Hi NaFISH ! I assume that you should be reading this somehow. This post is a tribute to the manipulater award winner for 2011, Nafis Mustafa for his "manipulativity" that drives everyone nuts. Thank you for your contribution (Y)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


It's a great day, a beautiful day. The kind of day that makes me wanna say, I'm glad that I'm alive, I'm happy to be me (:

It's actually a song from Barney. Yes, the dinosaur.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Presentation for JTP this coming Monday.

Not prepared so, wish me luck.


Supppp, people ! Its 6.59pm now. Around half an hour to berbuka. Soooo, a little recap of what I did today. Hmmmmm. Hmmmm. Oh well, even I can't remember anything about it so I'm guessing it was very boring so lets skip that. Life is treating me better day by day as I, surprisingly, have nothing to whine about. Haha. I don't care what's gonna happen to my life after this but I am very sure its worth living for to the fullest.

And there's this one specific person taught me that we should DREAM BIG. He won't quit until he gets what he wants. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what an idol is suppose to be like; determined, passionate and so full of himself.

An idol is not the person who got rich, who got famous, who got status out of his own hard work but its he, who no matter what keep trying and giving his best even when it seems to be impossible to everyone else, even when he's laughed at, even when it comes to a dead end. And look at his face, they're still smiling as if there's nothing wrong when in fact, everything's wrong, nothing's working out but that wide grin of his' won't fade.

And this guy is my bestest friend in this whole universe even if he never thought of me the same way. He's my idol. The one I look up to. And I'm proud of him.


A scene in Physics class yesterday.

Me: *sleeping

Okay so I was really tired considering it was the last period of school so I TER-tidur. I didn't expect teacher would notice me sleeping because it was dark in the lab that time but no.

Teacher: Amirahhhhhhh, sahur !
And the whole class looked at me. KANTOI. Haha. Malu malu.


HYE HARITHARAN :D Welcome to my blog (Y)

Jom tanam pokok (Y) Hahahihi.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Having the time of my life.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Time's running out.
Wake up before its too late, dear. I love you. Still do.

Monday, August 1, 2011






Alahai, geli-geli pulak dak-dak ni.