Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I don't think I wanna do this because I don't think I can do it.

Botb tomorrow night.

Right now, 0% confidence, -1% spirit



Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes, I hide post 545# for personal reason (:


Oh cuak :O Battle of The Bands UiTM this Wednesday. OMGOD :/

Oh and report card day on Thursday. Dangg,

Sunday, June 26, 2011



Can you believe it? I'm in love. With a Malay (Y) He's a very manly guy. I see sparks when I see him like every single time. He's such a freak but can be really serious at times. Very charming and good looking that I feel like hugging him till he die. I love to be at the sight of him. I just plain love him. Everything about him; his talents, his passion, his enthusiasm, his spirit and his eyes stealing my sight.

But the best thing is he don't want me back because he didn't know and won't know this. And he's engaged to whom that I don't know.

Forget it Mora.



1. Mercury
2. Jupiter
3. Mars
4. Earth

Well, we lost again for the forth year in a row. But its okay. Really. Because we did achieve a lot.

First place for perbarisan.
First place for banner.
Second place for mascot.
Second place for senamrobik.
Second place for acrobatics.

So, basically, in my heart, I consider Earth as a winner. I'm super satisfied with all our hard work that in the end, actually paid off. And now, I feel sad to know that this is my last year doing all this sports day thingy. I'm surely gonna miss all this.

And Earth's acrobatics.

Guys, I love it. I don't care if we didn't win. I still love it very very much. Everyone loved it. Hazrin, Addy, Fadzli, Imran, Syahmi, Retard and dude; you guys rock my socks (Y) I've been with them all the way and I know they've given their best and I really appreciate it. Eventhough they didn't win, at least they had fun. Diorang memang retards. Practice pakai towel la, tak pakai baju la apa la. Memang otak diorang weng sikit. I'm so proud of you guys !

Last night, we had a pool party to celebrate on all our hard work at Imran's place. Instead of a barbecue, we ordered Dominoes pizzas which I only had one slice because the guys are so fat. They all dive into Imran's swimming pool in their boxers and shorts. I just sat there with Imran's iPad. They turn on the music loud and started to do sync swimming. I just laughed all the way. I enjoyed the party so much. And I'm glad I'm in the losing team. After all, they're the best in my heart. I love working with them. They never took anything seriously and they're just plain awesome.

Thank you Imran Ali Suhaimi for your contribution (: Thanks AYAM.

And also, thank you Qhaikal Esa, Earth's Captain. And the 100m gold medal winner, Syamim Aiman for working his ass out with me to get to where we are now. Also, Ajim Elnino, the awesome choreographer for the acrobatics. Thank you athletes and every single person who helped and contributed for Earth.

Greatest people ever (Y)


Saturday, June 18, 2011





I don't know what happened to 540# Haha.

I'm struggling this month.


With photo shoot for the school magazine which I'm no where near done, sports day with nothing yet done at all for now and its already a Saturday, then Accounts kerja kursus that might take me a month to get settled with and performance for prefect's dinner next month.

Today's activity:

  • Costume shop 10-1.30 pm
  • Lunch 2-2.30pm
  • Tuition 3-5pm
  • Hardware store, Party shop, Speedmart & Dincy 5.30-6.30pm
  • Dinner @ Tanjung 6.30-7.00pm
  • Finally HOME.

I'm gonna get my goodnight sleep. Out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Let's get spoilt.


We were watching a concert on TV and there was fire bursting from the sides of the stage. And my dad was like;

Dad: Tu ha, api neraka.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I went jamming with my piglets; Muzen, Hazeeq, Arief and Qhaikal just now from 8pm till 11pm at a studio in Glenmarie. We're preparing for our prefect's dinner performance this coming July. Right now, I'm super tired (you have no idea how crazy those 4 monkeys could be). And I got myself a cut in the arm as a souvenir. AWESOME (Y)

And you know what? It just came to me that I am really totally absolutely in love with my piggies. They make everything seemed so normal. Muzen with all his talents in music; Hazeeq being the cutest kiddo ever; Arief's crackness; and Qhaikal being adorably his weird self.

They might not be perfect but they're the best thing that could ever occurred to me. And if I know anyone that I could turn to every time, it's them.

Friday, June 10, 2011


"Gua tak kira lu Abang Long ka ayahanda ka, ini KL gua pegang."

"Lu kasi gua mati dulu lah baru gua diam."



Awesome (Y) I am super in love with it. I think it is such a great action movie made by a Malaysian director. It is totally action packed. The fighting scenes at least looked real. It has a great moral value. And the actors, iyiyi, too sexayy for my eyes ;p So gorg can die one meh :D MUST WATCH people ! From 5, I'd give it 4 full stars for genji (;

P/s Keep it up Malaysia.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am so marrying a hairstylist !

I went for a hair wash at my usual saloon this afternoon and I was surprised to had my hair washed by a dude. First thing that came to my head was, "He's new."

Second thing was, "Smexaayy !"

I don't know why, I am currently super in love with photographers, hair stylists, designers and such. I find them very charming ;) rawr.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Genting Highland's Flying Coaster

This was what I'm on today (:

Awesome roller coaster, CHECK !