Saturday, December 31, 2011



Happy New Year everyone ! (: May 2012 brings happiness to all of us.

So, with that, I will be away for PLKN for 3 months starting tomorrow. Bus leaves at 9.30 am tomorrow from Stadium Shah Alam to Sepang. Most probably I will get a break during Chinese New Year but till then, good bye everyone ! I will surely miss blogging so much. I will try to steal some time to blog whenever I can but I can't promise you that.

I just hope to finish it off nicely and with joy. Well, from what I've heard PLKN ain't all that bad. At least, that's what the optimists said. HAHA. First and foremost I will definitely miss my family. I go nowhere without them :') Do check out what my sister did for me in her BLOG. Appreciate it sis (:

And today, my uncles, aunties and cousins came to my house. We had this small party. I don't know if it's for me or for New Year though because it seems that we clashed dates. Haha. Had a great time, great homemade meals ! Melayu habis-habisan :D And dessert, DURIAN (Y) Hooyeaahh. Oh how I will miss my family so much. *belum pegi dah homesick.

Okay I should get going. Time to hit the sack. I should enjoy my sleep as they won't appear as much anymore there in PLKN. Haha I have got to be more diciplined, don't you think? :B Oh btw I saw Nafis dkt Giant masa beli Kuey Teow (Y)

Anyways, goodnight everyone and goodbye (:

Friday, December 30, 2011


It's 4.30 am and I just got back from 2 parties. First was Farhan's. Oh the food was delicious and I had a good time. But really wished Aisyah could have been there :/ So, with that, good bye friends. See you guys during results !

Next was my uncle's. I thought it was just a small gathering for our close families but it was quite a big crowd. With my cousin's college friends and boyfriends, it was a little bit awkward~ Then, sembang2 tup tup dah pukul 3 pagi. Masa tu baru sedar diri nak balik rumah. Haha. And here I am now, blogging.

Believe it or not, I am going for PLKN tomorrow but I still haven't packed :D Isn't that awesome (Y) Me gusta.

And I realized something, I am in love. I never thought I was but it was there all along. Only now that I notice I had always liked him since like, I don't know, perhaps FOREVER I guess? WHY ?!?! Why now? When I have to go *sigh.

Will be posting for the last time tomorrow. Don't miss it. Good night. Or morning, whichever way you'd see it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


30th December

Today is my dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday Abah ! Thank you for the past 20 years of your patience in raising your 3 annoying kids. I salute you for that sir ! You are like my idol in life. I feel safe when you're around. You just know what to do, all the time. It's amazing (Y) You made me learn new stuff in life and taught me to be brave and courteous. Well you, and of course mama's rapping ;p haha. I am sorry, I know I've never been like anything that you wanted me to be but I'm working on it. I hope someday I could make you proud because that's exactly how you have made me feel about you abah.




So, just now when I was online, I saw this page on Facebook. Anti Pavi Kids or something like that. I'm very sure most of you guys have heard about it before.

As I looked at the page's wall, I feel mad. As mad as a bull. The language that they used mmg senang cakap, tak beradab langsung. Orang bagi salam pun nak marah? WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! Curse tak payah cakap la. Believe me, not even a sentence fail to have at least a "b*bi" or "fu*k". Apa kejadahnya? Perlu ke ada perkataan2 tu? Bagus sangat ke kau nak guna perkataan tu dkt orang lain? Cermin sikit diri tu, aku tengok sama b*bi je.

The uttermost weird thing was the guys on that Anti Pavi Kids wall promoted "Perempuan Murah", "Slut"; siap bagi link Facebook lagi. Link blog pun ada. Boleh pulak tulis,"Ni perempuan murah, tengok2 la dia." What on earth is that?! Kalau kau dah tau dia perempuan murah ke apa ke diam2 sudah la. Boleh promote pulak. Dah macam bapak ayam aku tengok.

Imagine, they steal some random girl's pictures in Facebook and claimed her budak rosak. And the saddest part is, that girl would probably not know that even until she dies. Don't be surprised, you'll never know if your pictures could be somewhere on that page as well.

Astaghfirullahalazim. Sedih. Kecewa dengan perangai sesetengah budak2 Melayu zaman sekarang ni. Dah tak macam manusia. Diorang kutuk orang sedap, cuba aku kata diorang sampah which is true even, trust me mesti diorang mengamuk mcm gorilla.

Yang lelaki dengan perangainya, yang perempuan dengan perangainya. As a women, I feel sad and disappointed because I expect us girls to have pride as high up as the skies and dignity as untouchable as the sun. But it seems to me that some girl's dignity are purposely placed on the floor, as if ready to be stepped on. What happened? What did I missed? What went wrong until some girls drop their pride like some worthless trash?

Start fresh everyone, it's never too late. This post is not pointed to anyone in specific. It's a general issue and I believe most people are definitely on my side.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Faiz, my senior wrote a post about me in his blog. Its HERE if you'd like to read it.

So, my post this time would be a reply to his post.

I am touched by what he wrote. It's such a surprise to know that someone like him would actually know me so well. Even my close friends never said such thing so directly to me before. Faiz was my senior in high school not long ago and we barely talked in school. I knew him and he knew me. Most of the times, it's just a hye bye conversation between us but it seems that he read my blog all this while and simply understood me from what I crap here.

He cared. That's a first.

He rooted for me all along. And at the exact moment I read that post of his, I cried. I haven't even finished reading the first paragraph. I cried because I feel blessed with such a great friend.

Faiz, thanks a lot for your opinion and your advice. I find it rather helpful and inspiring. I realized what you wrote was true and yes all along I was pretending to be something that I am far from even knowing. I mean, what the heck la kan, suka hati la nampak mcm laki ke apa ke, peduli apa? Haha. Terima kasih. You lifted my spirit a bit.

Suddenly teringat this song, If Everyone Cared by Nickelback.

Awesome (Y)

Vacation in JB





In ze hotel

Firework display on Christmas Eve.

In ze hotel lobby.

Gorgeous Christmas tree.

Danga Bay

First 4 pictures are some of the shops at JPO (Johor Premium Outlet). There's a lot more: Fossil, Clarks, Cotton On, Nike, Coach, Bonia, Adidas, Burberry, Skechers, Levi's, Calvin Klein, La Senza, Armani Exchange, DKNY, Esprit, Timberland, G2000, Roxy, Body Shop, Quiksilver, Charles & Keith, Rip Curl, Carlo Rino, Pedro, Raoul, Vincci, Padini and a lot more branded designer shops. Best thing is, its kinda like a factory outlet shop, thus they give dicounts up to 70%. Do come here if you wanna shop for designer clothes. BIG BIG SALE going on.

And the rest of the pictures are the best times I had in Johor. There's a lot more pictures but it's already 5.15am therefore I am off to bed. Enough for now. Chiao (:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Last weekend, my family and I went to Johor Bahru for a vacation. I am not feeling very well now so I suppose I will upload the pictures later.

And go check out my sister's blog.

And also my cousin, Ieka bakes delicious and gorgeous rainbow cake! Price RM 50. Delivery for an extra RM5. If you're interested, do contact her by her Facebook.

Alright that should be all. Till the next post, byee !

Friday, December 23, 2011


Makan durian sambil tengok tv. Lepas tu tidur. Hooyeahhh this is life mann.

Anyways, my parents kept complaining about how un-female I am. Ohh lets just see about that. Wait and see everybody. I will unleash the GIRL in me :D Real soon. Not now but somehow someway. And you guys will surely witness that moment. Aceeehhhh tu dia akak kita cita2 tinggi sampai ke langit.


Thursday, December 22, 2011


Post kali ni gua nak guna bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Melayu ni best tau.

So, gua tengok video sorang VLOGGER ni, and gua sangat sangat agree dgn semua video2 dia. Especially this particular one about perempuan murah(?)

Lelaki suka sembang besar. Example;

"Aku dah dapat dah minah tu. Senang je dia tu."
"Semua aku dah rasa dah la dgn awek aku."
"Setiap minggu aku tukar awek."

Dan yg paling aku benci,
"Perempuan zaman sekarang ni semua murah."

Ewah ewah bangg, sedap kau borak. Dengar sini gua pulak nak sembang. Agak2 la nak cakap perempuan SEMUA murah. Tak semua perempuan murah tau. Ada je yang mahal tapi mmg tak lah diorang nak dkt mamat mcm kau tu. Kau pun takdelah nak cari minah baik2 betul tak? Sebab susah kau nak buat macam2.

Lelaki tugasnya membimbing dan melindungi perempuan. Ramai perempuan dkt luar tu yang jujur dan memerlukan kasih sayang seorang lelaki so come on guys, play your part ! Long-term relationship tu indah. Lagi indah kalau dapat bercinta dan terus kahwin.

Okay, kalau payah sangat nak faham, macam ni la. Imagine, kau couple dgn sorg minah ni. Then, kau jahanamkan dia, buat suka hati. Lepastu kau break. And it doesn't just stop there, kau akan terus buat benda sama dkt ramai org lagi. Suddenly, tiba masa untuk kau kahwin. Kau pun nak cari calon isteri. And before you know it, DAH TAKDE PEREMPUAN YG LAYAK JD ISTERI DAH.

And you know why? Sebab org mcm kau dah rosakkan habis semua perempuan baik dlm dunia ni. Haa, masa tu baru nak sedar, baru nak sedih. Sia-sia je. Time kahwin tau pulak kau nak cari yg baik, yg elok2, yg senonoh. Time suka tak ingat dunia.

Gua tau lelaki2 yg tengah baca ni mesti bengang habis dgn gua. Haha. Sorry. Aku tau tak semua lelaki perangai teruk. Infact, ramai yg baik2. Post ni sekadar nak membuka mata kita semua. TIDAK berniat untuk ditujukan kepada sesiapa sama ada yg hidup ataupun yg telah meninggal dunia. Alright chiao (:


Congratulations to everyone who got 8A's in PMR.

Especially to Luqman Hakim. I'm not very sure what's my relation to him but I consider we're cousins. Congratulations dude! Even though you said that I'm short but I am more than pleased to know you got straight A's in your PMR. Well done bro, nice game (Y)

Awesome guy with an impressive attitude, great mind and complete joy. Adore him to bits (:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My brother and I were wondering around Subang and decided to stop by Sunway Pyramid. As soon as we got into the carpark, I realize something odd. Half of the parking lot was dark. There were no lights. And I wonder what is going on. Then I concluded,

"Oh it could be some campaign jimat elektrik or something ."

As usual, the parking lot was full. After going up a few floors in search of an empty parking space which seemed impossible, I suddenly heard a very familiar sound. Its the fire alarm ringing.

"So, kena keluar ke apa ni?"
"Ntah, tengok kereta2 lain makin banyak masuk. Biar jelah."

Then, it stopped. After 10 seconds it started again. I felt something wrong. The guards guided everyone out of the place and close up the entire building (which I think with people still in it) and so we started freaking out and get the heck out of there.

That was odd.

P/s currently enjoying my blueberry yogurt.



And bear in mind that if you guys didn't get 8A's or 9A's pun TAKPE laaa. Don't be like me, so frustrated and ungrateful of my results. It was so shallow of me back then.

So guys, good luck again and lets wish for the best shall we ? (:

Bonne nuit.

Nom nom

I just had durian(s) and manggis(s) for dinner alongside the classic Malaysian meal, nasi !

Simply a gorgeous dinner with my family in my moderate yet cozy kitchen (:

&& I just finished reading Breakfast at Darcy's. It's a great novel. Inspiring and a bit romantic in a way. Impressive, I might say.

Well, tomorrow's gonna be a long day so goodnight fellas !

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where to?

I logged in to Facebook just now and saw that many of my friends already decided on their universities which was quite surprising considering SPM results haven't even came out yet and how unprepared I am to know it.

I read my friends' statuses and saw;

& God knows what else.

And all this "I'm doing,"

& who knows what else.

If you ask me, I don't know. And if possible I'm just gonna study until I could afford a job. No Masters or PHD. Let's just take the easy way out shall we? (:


Bonsoir dear readers !

So, yesterday was my outing with my family. We went for lunch and then head to Sunway Pyramid. Bought some books there since there's this big sale going on. 2nd book for 50% rebate ! I got 3 books; A Night Before Christmas, Breakfast at Darcy's and Lawak Kampus (personal favourite).

Then, got myself a single scoop Baskin Robin's Strawberry Yogurt and head home. So, our car was parked at the rooftop, therefore we decided to take the elevator instead of the escalators. So we waited. And waited. Then suddenly;

"TING" *elevator door opens.
Us: *looking at each other.
Me: Ni lift turun. Kita nak naik atas kan?
Dad: Takpelah. Masuk je.


After the elevator moves down and picks up other customers from the mall, it went back up. After going up one floor, it opens. No one entered. A dude inside pressed the "door close" button.

Cricket. Nothing happened.

Me: *Pressed the button again and again.
Still nothing happened. Then the door suddenly closed and the elevator moves up another floor. The door opened. Nobody entered. Then the same thing occurred again. The door can't seem to be closed.

Us: *getting fed up.
Mum: Dah la tu, keluar je la.
Dad: Haihhhh !
Me: Just forget it -,-

So we exit the lift.

We can't stop laughing at the fact that the door still can't be closed. Then it closed again and it went either up or down, I'm not quite sure. We gave up and were just about to walk away form the front of the elevator before...


The door opened and the same dude just now inside that lift with us looked at us, and we return his gaze and then,

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! All of us can't stop laughing. Everyone there was eventually laughing at how stupid we all were being in that stupid elevator.

And I almost hugged a random Malay guy at a Cadbury Fiesta in the main entrance. AWKWARD ~ Thank God he didn't seem to mind although his expression were as shocked as mine. EMBARRASSING MOMENT EVER. Plus, his age is around 20-25. Lagilah AWKWARD ~

Friday, December 16, 2011

S'il vous plait


What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you,
What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're okay.

Cause she's moved on while I'm still grieving.

One still in love but the other one's leaving.

Cos when a heart breaks no it don't break even.

Beautiful song indeed. And check out this cover of this song.

Day 2

Okay so it's day 2 which is the last day of my Mirror Mirror On The Wall program organised by Malaysian Airlines Academy.

To start of, we did some image check. Mr Mag will give comments on how we look today. Oh yeah, and the theme given today was "Attending a wedding dinner at a hotel".

So, I wore a baju kurung.

And my comments were;
Mr Mag: Pretty, appropriate, nice necklace, beautiful heels and most importantly, I don't know if you all realize this, she has a strong presence.
Me: ...
Mr Mag: You see, when she's in the room, we feel her presence.

I bet you don't even know what that means right? Yeah, me neither. Well, I just googled it and it says that to have a strong presence is to have attention from others without actually doing so and hard to be ignored.

Next was hair care and hair styles. And I became the model -,- But it was great though. I mean, the hair style she taught was pretty.

Then, skin care. Everyone got a chance to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize their faces using Mary Kay products. Well, we had to do it ourselves but it's great to actually know how to do it the right way. My favorite Mary Kay product was the Lip Mask. Leave it for a while, massage it and wash it off. MAGIC ! Your lips suddenly turn pink and satin smooth (Y)

After that, make ups. They used a model to show the techniques. Then, we had to do it ourselves. Using Mary Kay tools and products. After I'm done, I look like a clown. Only then I realize how stupid I looked like. Make ups are definitely not for me I guess. So just forget it, Amirah.

Lastly, Mrs Yatt taught us dining etiquette. You know, like which cutlery do we use, table manners and posture etc.

After we got our certificates, we went home. And so it's over.
Great day, had a great time.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Okay so I joined this school holiday program called Mirror Mirror On The Wall organised by MAS Academy. It's a 2 days seminar. Well, it's basically about image, grooming, and self confidence.

It's only my first day there but I'm gonna share my experience with you guys.

First of all, me and my cousin(Ieka), we arrived quite late so they were already doing some ice-breaking activity. It was quite awkward at first. Then, we played this game, I'm guessing the name's "Wush" which was pretty awesome (Y)

Then, we started doing this ambition & goals stuff. A tiny little bit boring.

Suddenly, our lecturer, Mr Mag, he called me upfront.

Him: Mora, come in front.
Me: Whaaa? *started walking to the front.
Him: Okay class, what do you think of Mora's style?
Class: *random buzzing and mumbling.
Him: Anyone?
Me: *awkward.
Random girl 1: She's tall.
Random girl 2: She's skinny.
Random girl 3: I think she looks kinda...
Me: *oh kid you better be nice.
Him: Yes, girl. What is it?
Random girl 3: BOYISH.

And that stung me.

Mr Mag: Yes, true ! I notice when I called her to go in front, she walk like *started doing some boy walk.
Class: *laughing.
Mr Mag: And maybe the choices of color you're wearing. You're wearing black.


MY GOODNESS. Are they for real? I have been trying the whole day to act so nicely and girly and suddenly they're agreeing I'm boyish. *claps. AMAZING.

ANYWAYS, to sum up Day 1 was okay. So many criticism on me but I'm sure that's simply a learning process. So I'll be updating about Day 2 tomorrow (: Bonne nuit monsieur & mademoiselle.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Isn't it unfair?

I study too much parents complain,
I don't study at all parents complain.
I play drums too much parents complain,
I don't play drums at all parents complain.
I do sports too much parents complain,
I don't do sports at all parents complain.
I watch drama too much parents complain,
I don't watch anything at all parents complain.

So tell me guys, how can I win?


I had nasi Arab for dinner just now (Y)

Monday, December 12, 2011


Boys Over Flowers.

I am officially addicted to this Korean drama. Can't stop watching it. Currently watching Episode 5 out of 25. Awesome drama (Y) In love with it.

Oh and if you're a big fan of Korean dramas, you guys can go check out The best I tell you (: And FREE ! Hoyeaahhh.

Alright, bye for now. Gotta proceed watching. Oh and my phone ran out of battery but I'm freaking lazy to charge it sooooo yeahhh, be it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Le fun with ze family

Went to Bukit Malawati with my family including my uncle, auntie and cousins.

Oh it was awesome ! I mean, it was a last minute thing that ended up with a lot of laughter, joy and sweat (Y) HAHA. We should definitely do it again !

Monyet !

Saturday, December 10, 2011



This is my best friend of all time. I've known him since standard 5. He was the first person I knew when I first moved in to my new house in Shah Alam back in 2005. We have been friends since then. 6 years in total. I sat beside him in 5 Meranti, SKBJ. Well, it was awkward at first but we got over it.

I went to Jabbar's farewell just now at San Francisco. It was fun although I didn't get my Chicken Chop, I got Fish & Chips instead -.- Which was kinda frustrating since I was really looking forward for my Chicken Chop for the whole week.

ANYWAYS, it was an awesome gathering. Dah lama tak get together with everyone. It's great to catch up with their stories. I had a great time laughing over almost every little things. I miss them. I miss 3 Omega. The best year of my high school life.

And a message to Jabbar;

Hey bro ! Thank you very much for all the memories we had together. All those funny stories that we can never forget. The laughter, the smiles and all the great times we've shared. It will always be in my mind. Fresh like garden salads. I am very sorry if I have done anything that might have hurt your feelings. There's not even a split second in my consciousness to hurt you in any ways. You have been a great friend and there's nothing else I would have asked for in a friend.

Take good care of yourself there in Aussie. Adab Melayu jgn dilupa ;p I hope you will be successful in life. Have a safe journey and hope to keep in touch (:

Friday, December 9, 2011


Tonight is my best friend, Jabbar's, farewell party.

My heart just broke.


Okay, about this "owl necklace" issue, what I heard was the owl necklace is haram. We can't wear it because it symbolizes free mason.

In my opinion, it depends on our nawaitu (niat). It's a bird that happens to be taken as a symbol of free mason or something. Burung hantu itself is not binatang haram. So, we have no rights to discriminate it. It's an amazing animal God created to be valued. Owls play a great role in biological control right? Help save the paddy fields from rats didn't it? (:

To quote some anonymous;
"It's a bird if you want it to be and it's free mason if YOU want it to be."

Which I agree to. And we SHOULD NEVER pandang serong to girls who wear these owl necklaces because most of them didn't know the "secret message" behind it. We can't look down or underestimate them. Even we ourselves can't put a hukum on something we're not even sure of. I am stressing here that it is not our rights to place a hukum saying "ohh it's totally haram" or "no, it's not at all haram". Let's leave that to orang yang lebih berpengetahuan in agama.

As Muslims, the best we could do is to strengthen our nawaitu and maybe we can keep our owl necklaces away for now until we got the actual hukum agama. After we heard about all this bad stuff about it, it's best to not wear it at all.

We should gain more ilmu so that we won't be lost in this world of technologies and inventions.

P/s This post is from my point of view. I know I am not good enough myself but I don't think it's wrong to share my thoughts. But of course I am very sure you guys know what's best for yourselves right?



Watched Aku Bukan Tomboy Last night.

Movie directed by Syamsul Yusof. The same guy who made KL Gangster, Khurafat, Bohsia, KL Drift and etc. I always loved his movies. Creative, up to date and awesome. Well, for a guy his age, his movies are super impressive ! Another great Malaysian filmmaker (Y)

I'd give the story 4/5 stars. The ending was frustrating :/ But overall it's a really funny movie. The usage of words are relevant to generation nowadays. The movie more or less describes the life of a boyish girl, pengkids, nerds and paranoid women. HAHA ! It's a really fun and easy going movie. It kinda reflect a part of me. Hmmmmmmmmmm i wonder.

Okay done with this. Chiao chiao (:


Mama: Pegi cuci toilet tu.

Me: Lapar la. Makan dulu ke cuci toilet dulu?

Mama: Cuci toilet.


Anywayssss, I am having a mini Rollcage tournament on PS1 with ze siblings. Yeah yeah, it's outdated, I know. But it's awesome, so whattt? :D Hikhik I love it. Good way to spend the night.

P/s I saw someone posted something saying that no one should rush into finding a boyfriend/girlfriend. To simplify, tak payah nak desperate sgt la.

RE: That person who posted such thing;
It's easy for you to say. You already got a partner. Step in someone else's shoes, you'll be the exact same desperado. So just shut up. I never had a boyfriend. SO WHAT ? Acah acah you've found the right one la? Waaaahhhhhhh hebatnya lu.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My sister eating Subway's Cookie;

Sis: Cookie ni tajuk dia apa?

HAHAHAHAHAHA (Y) Terbaikkk. Tajuk pun bolehh broo. Haha ;p

P/s watched Merlin 3 just now, Merlin inspired me. Touched my heart. Great -,-

Random day

It was 9 am that Aisyah called me thus waking me up from bed this morning.

So, we went to school to return our textbooks. And coincidentally, we met Kamal.

Me and Aisyah took off to Tesco to get Aisyah's stuff. Then, we went to Bagus Bakery Shop. Aisyah's planning on baking macaroons. We then took Kamal for lunch at Giant's Food Court. Met Hazeeq and Muzen there, by surprise.

After we're done eating, suddenly, out of no where, Aisyah and Kamal planned on going for a movie. So we went to Aisyah's house to drop a few stuff. Then my house to pick up my sister. Next was Kamal's house to pick up his sister.

When we reach Space U8, we grab our movie tickets and snacks, we got in and enjoyed the movie. The movie ended around 4.10pm. After that, we went straight home.

We watched Arthur Christmas. I'd give it a 4 over 5 stars. It was funny. And the editing was amazing (Y) It was quite inspiring I might say (:

To sum it up, today was a great unplanned day with Aisyah, Aina, Nalissa and Kamal (: Thank you darlings.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New gadget !

I just added snake at the sidebar. Now go play ! :)

&& the fishes. Feed them if you may :D

Your blogger's back


Rindunyaaa ! It has been almost a month since I last posted. I miss blogging so much. And now that I'm done with SPM, I can blog however often I want. JYEAH (Y)

Well basically, to sum it up, SPM was hard. Considering how unprepared I was. Of all the 10 subjects of mine, I can say 20% was okay, 30% was so-so, 50% was dangggg hard :'( Taknak ingat dah. Bye bye SPM.

So, there's a lot of things to catch up with.

First, Sukan SEA ! Harimau Muda, you guys were AWESOME ! Keep it up, ultras malaya (Y) And Indonesia, you guys should have been more respectful towards us as your neighbouring country. It's not very nice to boo our national anthem.

And I watched Puss In Boots. Out of 5 I'd give it 3. It was funny and adventurous but yeah, I've seen a better cartoon before. But still, the movie was lite thus it doesn't require too much concentration which is great (: Good job !

OMBAK RINDU ! Sila tengok movie ni. Out of 5 I'd give it 4.9 (Y) The 0.1 is because the earlier bit of the movie was kinda like "Errrrrrrr" especially when your watching with your mum. Haha. But as a whole, the movie was heart-wrenching, full of emotion and SPLENDID! I cried like, I don't know, non-stop I guess throughout the movie. Its just plain sad. Sincere love story that touched the heart of many. Almost made the viewers believe that such love exist. Amazing filmmaker & novel writer (Y)

PLKN. I got the first batch so I'll be away for quite a while soon. I will miss you guys :') I'll give more updates later.

Plans during holidays?
Err, well, before I took off for PLKN, my plans are to clean my room, help with the delayed house chores, drumming, hang out with my family, self-relaxing and holiday with me familia somewhere in KL. All in less than a month time (:

Well, nothing much to say so catch ya'll later alright?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This is it

Okay, I'm done for the month.

I will be sitting for my SPM in less than a week. It's 4 days, to be exact. So, I guess I won't be blogging anytime soon anymore until the end of the month.

I wanna apologize for all my wrong doings. Do pray for me.

As soon as we're done with this, the world is ours ;p haha.

I'll be blogging again ASAP. Wish me luck. Bye guys (:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Simple pleasure

Am having Subway's Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin & White Chocolate Macadamia cookies :D

It may expose me to the risk of having diabetes, but whattaheck right?

As long as it makes me smile, should be fine.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hey there, gorgeous.

Main characters in Merlin. Super hot, super cool and plain AWESOMENESS ! Colin Morgan who plays as Merlin has the prettiest smile ever (Y) In love with his sincere wide grin. His character shows great patience, determination, full of curiosity and super ability of magic. I might say, he plays the character pretty darn good and I couldn't think of anyone else that suit the character more than he does. I would never doubt his loyalty. He has a heart of gold. He might not be physically strong, but I am sure to feel safe being around him. Oh boyy, be mine !

Bradley James plays as Prince Arthur. Well, to start, he does have the perfect features that I imagine in a prince charming. I mean, he is darn good looking, gorgeous pair of eyes, muscular (very), smooth perfect skin, tall, hair which is perfect either ways and a sexy accent ! What else could a girl ask for? He is THE man of my dreams which is forever impossible to get, of course. I love the way he gives his sarcastic smile to Merlin, how he bullies Merlin and when he's in a battle, damn son ! The superstar of all time. He gives hugs like he mean it. He is sooo my cup of tea ;D

ANYWAYS, do watch this, its a compilation of reactions showed by kids when their parents told them they ate all their Halloween candy. SANGAT COMEL.


Me, Aisyah, Raimi & Aino at Subway, Giant Sect 13.


Suddenly I heard this kid playing at the playground beside us shouting;
Kid: Kakak, take the ball !!
Me: *weren't focusing.
Kid: Kakak !! Take the ball !!
Me: *mana la kakak dia ni haishh bising betul la.
Kid: Kakak !!
Me: ... Err, is he calling me?
Aisyah: ?
Me: Who's your kakak?
Aino: Hahaha (Y)
Me: *looking at the floor searching for the 'ball'.
Me: WHAT BALL ?! *saw a gumball rolling towards me. OOHHHH.

I took it and gave it to him. Haha, sorry dik :B lembab sedikit.


Nampak sedikit gemuk, tapi takpe :D

*credits to Qistina, school's official photographer.


-To all Muslims and everyone who's celebrating it.

Have a safe journey to and fro if you're going to balik kampung. Ladies, masak sedap-sedap tauu :B Guys, sembelih elok elok jangan sampai anda pulak yg terkorban sudahh. Haha. Solat sunat jangan "LUPA" pulak kay?

Well, this year, I'll be celebrating raya dkt rumah with all my revision books and past years' questions :/ It's my second year in a row celebrating at home. Raya Haji IS about korban anyways right? So, kena la sacrifice sekejap for SPM right? -,- Raya Aidiladha brings a lot of memories to me and I have been through a lot. But you know, somehow I have to learn to swallow it even when its almost impossible.

I can't wait to finish SPM. Oh yeah, have I told you guys I got PLKN? Yeah, I got it. Haha. Most of you guys would say, "Sedih gilaa" or just laugh your faces off at me. Well, to me its not bad thing. At all. Its a once in a lifetime thing. And I'm chosen to experience such things that most people don't even know. Community service, physical training, character building module and raise patriotism spirit. There's nothing wrong with that right? 3 months, it's better than to just sit at home doing nothing useful at all.

I believe that it would be a great opportunity for me to try new stuff and meet new people. Its a lot more unfortunate to those who weren't selected. I feel sorry for you guys ;B Haha. I'll give it a shot and we'll just see how it goes, ayy? Faith is fixed. Faith is written for a reason, it's written for the best so why not follow? (:

Anywayssss, again, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA ! Enjoy this wonderful celebration. Jangan makan banyak sangat nanti buncit susahh woo.

P/s kau tau tak shisha tu apa? Takpayah la weyy !

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


From left: Liana, Hannim, Madihah, Me

Armand & Me

My awesome daddy.

5 Beta, Class of 2011 SMKBJ, guru kelas: Ustzh Haryati.

From left: Madihah, Me, Reha

From left: Tiha, Abin, Liana, Hannim

From left: Tiha, Abin, Liana, Hnnm, Madi, Mora, Reha

Tokoh Pelajar Cemerlang 2011, Arief & Kim Yen

My, my, look at them. In tudung orange: My mum, Aisyah's mum, Liana's mum. Haha what a coincidence! Nice, mums :D

And that's me, graduated (Y)

Me with my certificate. *acahacah.

My beloved mum.

Me familia.

Today, I attended SMKBJ Form 5's Graduation Day at Kelab Shah Alam.

It was 10% boring, 30% panas, 10% lapar, 50% fun + memorable + moved *sobs.

I am finally done with high school ! Bittersweet. Well, I still have SPM to get done with but basically, we already graduated high school. It has been a long 11 years of studying in primary and secondary school. Finally, I am going to leave school and enter reality :O

I will definitely miss everything. Well, actually, not everything though. Haha. I might say it as everyone. Including all those handsome crushes of mine yang sampai sekarang still buta, tak nampak-nampak my well-it's-pretty-obvious affection towards them *grr. ANYWAYS, high school has been a place full of laughter, tears, drama, great experience and AWESOME people. But yet, one still have to move on right? I'm going to sit for SPM and after that, I'm moving on. I'll do new stuff, meet new people and proceed my dreams. But memories of high school won't ever fade.

Teachers, thank you for everything. Not just for teaching me in class but also taught me to be the best of me. Taught me to be positive, taught me to be thankful. I appreciate every single things I learnt from you guys. They say, every good leaders starts with a teacher. And I couldn't agree more. Teachers are the most sincere person. They keep giving and giving even when we stopped trying, stopped listening to them. I mean, just look at them, full of patience, passion, and determination. I will never forget all of you, my teachers, because you guys are worth to be remembered.

Friends, we might be separated in the future but keep in mind that I love you guys with all my hearts and soul even when I never tell it straight to your face. I never wanted anything more than you guys. The funniest, the weirdos, the crackheads, never perfect but always THE BEST. I love spending time with you guys, I love all our memories together and even if we lost contact in the future, be noted that you guys took the greatest spot in my heart. I would never ever gave you guys up for money, status or anything at all. Call me stupid, but you don't have any idea how lovely they are. And that I'd be a lot dumb-er to replace them.

Anyhow, in case I didn't get a chance to properly say this, I will say it now;
To all of you who knew me, I wanna apologize for everything that I have done wrong. Far from my mind to hurt any of you. I am sorry. And thank you for being such wonderful human beings towards me. Each of you are unique, one of a kind. Glad to know you guys. Good bye.

P/s craving. Get me a Ferrero Rocher anyone? Pleaseeee.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Kenapa lelaki-lelaki handsome semua dah habis dikebas perempuan-perempuan lawa T_T Tidaaaaakkkkk !

I'm excited to go to prom this year until I heard that my school was banned from joining Sect9 & Ssaas's prom because of some fight last year. Whatta ?!?!?!?

Bosan gilaa. I hope what I heard isn't true. I mean, come one mann. I've never been to prom my whole life. I never had any boyfriend my whole life. I wonder what could get better ? -.-

Apa-apa pun SPM duluuu :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Oh no, you didn't, girlfriend. Grr

After SPM, I am gonna start polishing my drum skills. I'm gonna be the best drummer girl in history *of Malaysia ;p Haha perasankan? Takpe lahh awakk. Sekali sekala.

I wanna defeat all those chick drummers out there and prove that I can do it. I can do it like a dude :B Haha.

Tunggu k. Bye.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Purple Domo

Cupcakes from Aisyah

Sedap (Y)

Present from my mama, abah, adik & abang :*


I am officially 17 !

Hoooraaayyy ? Well, there's nothing much going on today. Just another ordinary day. Study, tuition, sleep, eat and loads more studying (Y) But it was the small details that made me happy.

Okay, so here's the list of people who wished me, in ORDER ;p

Face to face;
My family

Didy *it was one hour after my birthday.

Through text;
Lee King

*Tiha & Kamal wished before 12.00am.
*Eza & Liana wishe after 12.00am.

Through Facebook; (not in order)
Aisyah Dayana
Saidatul Nabilah
Afiqah Reza
Meor Hazim
Bong HAT
Fizzy Lemon
Shauqiee Shukri
Mal Haziq
Cik Ieda
Amir Amin
Aiman HAT
Faris Heaven's Fall
Sabrina Shaawnty
Faiz Bros

& lots more. Sorry, I'm just naming a few here. So sorry if your name is not included :/
You know I love you right? :B

Special thanks to -

My family consisting of Mama, Abah, Abang, Aino, Maklong, Paklong, Afiq and Nurshafiqah for the great dinner at Hailam Kopitiam Sect 7. And for singing the birthday song for me at 12.00am sharp. You guys were awesome ! I love you guys to bits. Ieka never fails to make me laugh. Afiq sumpah lawak gilaaaa. *LALATTT ! Hahahahahaha the absolute funny moment ever (Y)

Abin, Tiha and Reha for the lovely and finger-licking-good pecan cake. You guys did a great job. The cake turned out great. Its the first time someone actually baked for me :) I really appreciate it guys. I'm sure Armand loved it too as much as I do :D

Aisyah for the awesome gorgeous cupcakes. She literally made it and deliver it to me. Tengah tengah hujan. The sweetest thing :) Sedappp ! Blueberry (Y)

JABBAR ! He was the last to wish me. 11.45pm. He called until 12.00am.
"Everyone wanna be the first, so I figured I'll be the last to wish you. Happy Birthday!"
Jabbar, why do you have to go? I will definitely miss you :'( We have been friends since like ever. Everytime I'm at a mamak stall having roti canai, it reminds me of you. You have issues with the plate hahaha ! And how we take turns belanja each other with Aisyah. I will miss that.

Dan kepada yang lupa tu, terima kasih juga la ;D

Not the best birthday, but surely the one to remember :')

Sunday, October 23, 2011

In love

Our batch. 1-20 years old. Gorgeous sweethearts.

My darlings of all time.

Always, always there for me. Filling every second with laughter.

I am blessed with such a wonderful family.

I came to realize that having them, I don't actually need anything else. They are supportive, helpful, caring, loving, hilarious, super hyper, amazing, cheeky, gorgeous and just plain AWESOME (Y)

I am totally in love with them because they are the nicest people ever. I enjoyed every second with them at every little events including the best ever Hari Keluarga at Morib. It was such a wonderful experience with them and I look forward to the upcoming events in 2012. 3 weddings coming. Can't wait :B

I love love love you guys with all my hearts !

Thank you for the good luck wishes (: I'm sure I'll need it.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Sehran was picking up a fight with Lee King.

Lee King, on the other hand, cool and calmly said;

"For your brain, should be excused."

HAHAHA ! Good one Leek (Y)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


AWAKK ! SPM kann, dah dekat tauu. Darn it.

The angel in my brain:
Amirah, start la study. Pemalas betul laa. Kalau result trial 10A tkpe jugak. Ishhhhhh. Ada jugak yang kena sepak nanti -,- Move your ass outta bed girlfriend. I'm gettin' mad here !

The devil in my head:
Go sleep la, I know you're exhausted. One whole day of school. You deserve a great long nap. Then you can go watch tv. Your favorite show's on. Go out, grab some fresh air. Get a life, woman !

Me: *Torn.

Haha SPM in less than a month. Yyaayy bestnya -.-
Goodbye world.

Monday, October 17, 2011


That dude in a black Vios ;)

Kacak bergaya (Y)


Awkward moment in school~

5 minutes before the last bell of the day rings (dah tak sabar nak balik);

Me: Teacher, I wanna go toilet.
Teac. Ah Choun: Haa, go lah.
Me: *walked out of my class.

In the toilet;

Me: *wash my hands at the sink.
Me: No tissue. Hmm...
Me: *wipe my hands using my kain (kain baju kurung sekolah)

When I used my kain, of course la terangkat, exposing my legs. Well, it was the ladies' toilet, right? So what?

When suddenly, Theeban walk pass by.

Me: *panicked?!?!?!
Theeb: *saw me, then terus lari blah.

Lupa nak tutup pintuuuuu. N I C E O N E .

Met Theeban back in class.

Me: Err, Theeban, you didn't saw anything right?
Theeb: Ohh, no no no. Absolutely no.
Me: Forget that even happened. HAHA
Theeb: Hahahaha (!)

Stupidoss me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


A scene with ze doctor at ze clinic.

Doc: You lack of vitamin C.
Me: Hmm.
Doc: Do you take any vitamin C supplements?
Me: Yes, the chewable ones.
Doc: Hahaha ! You can't eat that one.
Me: Its Appeton, I think.
Doc: For your age, you can't still be having that one, you know. Hahaha.
Me: Okay *embarrassed.
Doc: I'll give you tablets. 500mg. Eat one daily.
Me: Okay.

Got my medicines and went home;

Me: *Was about take my meds.
Me: Ehhh, Appeton Chewable?

dash dot dash -.- Thank you, doctor. I love you.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Nafis kann, dia kann, kata kann, blog kita bosannnn.

*Tsk tsk. Fine Nafis. FINE.

A very long day today, indeed. Pagi pagi lagi gerak to my uncle's at Klang. Tutored my primary-scholars' cousins. Taught them Maths and Science, their final exam's coming. 2 hours studying, another 2 hours dancing :D HAHA (Y) I mean, we're just a bunch of kids mannn, give us a break ;p

Then, after Zuhur we went to a majlis tahlil at Putrajaya. Eat eat, talk talk. After Maghrib, went to my other uncle's house at Subang Jaya. Had supper. And my cousin, Ieka, made some marshmallow-dipped-in-chocolate-and-rainbow-rain-on-a-stick. Haha ambooii nama dia pun tknk kalah tu :D Sedappp (Y)

Oh yeah, we also watched Bini-biniku Gengster on tape. Great movie ! I noticed some similarities between me and the heroin. Haha. I give the movie 3.5 out of 5. Well, it's funny, thrilling and superdyduper romantic :) Another awesome Malaysian movie (Y) Bagus bagus, keep it up local directors & filmmakers. You guys are doing good.

And 11.00pm, finally got home after a long, tiring day. Okay I'm off to bed. Brain's shutting down.

Astalavista bebehh(s) !

Friday, October 14, 2011

eh eh

KRINGGGGGG ! (Recess bell)

*whole class keluar rehat.
Me: *Zzzz
Cikgu: Amiraahhhh! Siapkan karangan kamu.
Me: Saya lapar la cikgu, nak turun makan ni. Sekarang kan rehat.
Cikgu: Badan macam tu, makan ke tak makan ke sama je. Tak payah makan laa.

-.-" boleh gak camtu ennn.

P/s Char Kuey Teow dkt Tanjung, Gerai Abang Mamat is THE BEST char kuey teow I've ever tasted. IN LOVE and ADDICTED to it (Y) :D Sedapppp brooo ! Had it for dinner just now, my brother belanja me because I did his assignment for him -.- T.I.R.I.N.G, I tell you.

Bro: Dah habis makan? Cepat sikit, ni baru satu kedai. Kata nak makan 7 kuey teow. Kita ada 6 kedai lagi nak pegi ni.
Me: SARCASTIC gilaaaaaa eeee -.-

*a few minutes later,

Bro: So, ni bila nak balik ni? Nak tunggu udang ni hidup balik ke?

Ehwahhhh. Amboi.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Heyy good news !

For you guys out there who's feeling sad and depressed or any such about your respective ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, I present you this amazing healing game.

Come on come on, try it. THE BEST, I'm telling youu. You won't regret it. Hilarious (Y)


That guy,

5th October,


Thank you for everything. For your greatest support, for your time and for teaching me a lot of stuff. You've been my idol in drumming, my sifu :D Hope you'll succeed in what you're up to. Glad to know you bro (Y)

Amazing guy alert !

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Haha, there's actually nothing wrong with my internet :B Sorry, kecoh la gua ni. Kaluttt je.

Oh and I love this song; Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.

The members are all quite good-looking. Their voice and music is amazing. Sexy accent (Y)


I lost my teddy bear, would you sleep with me ?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, I changed my blog's header because while I was online, I checked my blog's statistics. And I saw that the search keywords for my blog are;

Definition of gaysad.
Gay sekolah.
Gay camwhore.
Gay sarcasm.

& a lot more bad keywords.

So, therefore I changed my blog's name because I don't want my blog to be found out of bad intention. You know, someone was searching for homosexuals online and instead, found my blog. That is not really what I had in mind when I put "GAY" as my header.

So cam yeah. Hope you guys won't be mad at me. Why bobby pins ? Nothing personal. It's just a random thing stuck in my head.

K bye.

Ze Mora

Anyways, after dinner just now I decided to eat this thing called "taufu-fa", alaa you know, the one made of soya and sugar. Yeah, that one. So, I found it in the fridge. But I wasn't pretty sure if its still good to eat or not.

So I asked my bro.

Me: Abang, ni okay lagi ke?
Bro: Apaa?
Me: Niiii, cuba abang rasa dulu. I don't know dah berapa lama benda ni dkt dlm fridge tu.
Bro: Bak sini.
Me: *Hands it in.
Bro: *Took one sip. And another. And another one.
Me: Okay tak?
Bro: Benda ni mana boleh rot.
Me: Oh ye ke?
Bro: *Proceed eating.
Me: ...
Bro: ...
Me: ...
Bro: Alaa, kalau sakit perut pun apa salahnya kan ?

Me: -.-"

Yeah right you.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Remember I told you about my problematic internet ?
And wondering why I'm still blogging ?

Well, it is still problematic just that I don't know when will it die. Probably soon. How soon ? Soon enough I guess. So yeah, I'm valuing my time here.

I'm at my mum's office. And you know why? Because Hannim told me ada some kind of Accounts seminar so I woke myself up from bed for it this morning. Guess what? TAKDE PUN.
Dash dot dot dash -..- So now I'm stuck at my mum's because she's too busy to send me back home. Thank you very much. I could have still be in bed by now.

But its cool, its alright, no one's at blame here :) Anyways, I just had my lunch 5 minutes ago, and as I was eating *alone :'( , I come to realize that the only thing those 2 women sitting beside me were talking about revolved around their children.

So my conclusion is, the only thing us girls care about ;

Before marriage - Guys
After marriage - Child

Sorry guys, you're no longer our hottest topic then ;p

HBs !


I love you Mom (: Hope our surprise did surprised you ;) I wanna always make you happy every single day in your life especially a special day like today. You are such an amazing mother to me. You juggle house chores, your job and having to take care of your irritating kids, but you did it each of it perfectly. Love you to bits.

Shahril !! Didn't know your birthday sama dgn my mum. Haha. Anyways, thanks for everything. You helped me a lot going through this music industry. Really appreciate you being there to comfort me when I was super nervous and paranoid about myself. Haha. I heart you bro (:

Engku M.Syamil. Happy Birthday. Don't worry, age are just numbers right? (: Have a nice day dude.

&& all the other dudes and dudettes who's sharing the same birthday today, I wish you guys HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May God bless you guys with good returns (: