Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 !

HELLO 2011 !

So this year I didn't exactly celebrate the new year. I just stayed at home watching Ong Bak. And to my surprise, the story's AMAZING! Oh I love it. Starring Tony Jaa, a Siamese/Thailanese muscular dude. Now I am still stunned by his Muay Thai. He made me believed that there is such thing like The Strongest Person in the world. You know, kinda like believing Santa existed. The feeling, fantastic (: I really wanted to watch Ong Bak 2, just after Ong Bak 1 that I watched but I looked at the time, the story ends at 2am. I wanna be in bed by then so maybe next time T_T But I didn't regret at all staying at home on this New Year's Eve. I think I might just got luckier. And fatter. Haha. Last night I had Burger King's Grilled Chicken Burger for dinner. And a piece of Secret Recipe's Pea Corn Butterscotch Cake for supper and went straight to bed. Tonight I had McD's McChicken and some porridge and a hot lemon tea (which I prefer to call as my 'Midnight Tea') . I think my uncontrollable appetite is because of Beijing. I hardly ate there. I lost 3kgs when I am back in Msia. Chinese Muslim food, not so much to my liking. Ahha. Well, I'm heading to bed afterwards, just updating this thing before I'm hitting the sack (Kamal's sentence in his essay ;p) hahaha. Oh and school's coming really soon. In 2 days to be exact. Didn't get anything new this year. Too lazy. I've been using my pencil case for years. 2011; my last year in school. SPM year. I'm supposed to freak out but that's almost impossible right now. Haven't studied. Haven't done a thing. And still not freaking out. Maybe I'll freak after seeing my next exam results. Then I'll start studying. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? I just need some encouragement I think. Haha. Whatever. Lets not talk about that. Oh and I have this crisis. Too lonely I think. But I can't call it a mid-life crisis. Thats pure crap. I'm not 40. Yet. But again, whatever. And oh I MISS MY FRIENDS, for crying out loud ! The boys and the girls. Miss them like crazaayy. Can't wait to meet you guys back in school.

See you by then people :D

Loves and hates,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beijing #5

Lin- The tourguide

Izzul- My second cousin

Mineral water tht turned into ice after we walked at Tienanmen Square

They are trying to jump but ofcourse, failed.

My mum and me at the hotel

Beijing #4

Drinking Hot Chocolate; it was a very cold day

Lunch at another Muslim Restaurant

Snow in Tianjin

Morning walk after Breakfast

Some random salesguy

Beijing #3

Foot Massage Center (didn't get the massage because I'm under 20y/o -,-)

Lunch at a Muslim Restaurant

Tienanmen Square

The Emperor's Garden; a weird lump tree

Olympic Stadium

Monday, December 27, 2010

Beijing #2

Tea Ceremony



Great Wall of China

One of the tower on top

Beijing #1

LCCT; KL > Tianjin

Otw to Hot Spring Hotel

Lunch the next day

Summer Palace

Can this be more ironic? Haha


Remember the last post where I said; Can't wait to get out of this misery.

And as a person now, I'd say; I'm glad to get out from those misery.

The weather there is COLD and DRY. So my trachea felt uncomfortable because it was cold but zero humidity. My skin was dehydrated all over. But it's healing now :D haha.

Back Back Back


From Beijing. Well, my flight home was on the 26th. Supposedly departed at 3.50pm but delayed to 4.20pm. Arrived at around 11pm. Went for supper at our favorite kedai mamak. Then, head home. Unpacked, showered, separate clothes for laundry and sleep at 2.30am.

So penat that I missed the pengawas thing at school the next day. And the rest of my days were resting and re-shopping days since the house is practically foodless. Haha. And I only update my bloggy today because I feel like talking. Haha.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Going on a vacation. Can't wait to get out of this misery.


Went jamming with Muzen, Hazeeq, Munizam and Abin this morning. It was fuunnnn :D

Sorry tak ajak. Memang tak nak ajak pun ;p

Monday, December 13, 2010


Oh and this is a very long time ago. Around early November I think. My sister's Standard 6 Dinner. Oh how lucky are they? We never get any of this events during our years kan?

YAY :')

Oh I forgot to tell you that my mum has graduated ! :D Oh I'm so proud of her.


I think Sam Tsui is a greaaaaat singer, you know its hard to find good male singers nowadays. I love his firework/grenade mashup. I think its amazing :D And he's good looking too (Y)


Went audition with CUC (Call Us Cute) last saturday.

Out of nowhere, we made a song. At first, me, Emilio and Arman have absolutely nothing, zero, ideas. But in the end we managed to completely came up with a song.

Its about a tomboy who happens to like a guy who had a boyfriend. In other words, she liked a gay dude. She tempt to kill his boyfriend in order to take him from him. But then the boyfriend realized that somehow he's in love with her.

HAHA (Y) Somehow neither the song nor the story even made sense :D


Been working out lately. Getting biceps. Well atleast trying to get one. Its really hard for girls to earn biceps. Plus I'm a foodie. So I never actually followed the recommended diets to gain muscles so I guess I'll never get those beautiful biceps.

Some people asked me, "Why do you want biceps? It looks disgusting on girls."

So my answer would be; I believe that the only thing that differentiates a girl from another girl is their strength and ability to make changes to themselves and others as though they live to serve for the lives around them.

And some replied, "Girls are meant to be protected by boys."

And my reply wld be; To hell with your weakness. Everyone needs help. Even boys.

Everyone can absolutely be anything that they want. There's no such thing as 'meant to be'.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annoying phone calls

Don't you call me randomly saying I'm your best friend back then in 2 yrs time because I don't even know who you are and what do you bloody want from me?

And youu, don't you call me early in the morning just to harass me with your Malay songs, you annoying retards.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recently watched.

Watched Social Network.

It was okay, fun to watch. It was 18PL. But I don't knw what was the 18PL for. Maybe they cursed a lot but yeah, does it have to be 18? haha. But the story's pacing was really slowww, like Twilight minus the clishay-ness. The story's a flashback. Some scenes were awesome, but some was (porny-ish) awkward especially when your kid sister was sitting beside you in the cinema. Well basically from a scale of 1 to 5, where 5's the highest, I'd give this movie a 3.5. Haha. It was just to slow to satisfy my interest.

There was this humorous scene, where Eduardo claimed that he didn't violate/abuse a chicken under his care.

Eduardo: I did not torture chicken...I did not torture chicken ! I was having a dinner at a restaurant with Mark. I brought the chicken along. I ordered a chicken and my other chicken have to eat. So I gave the chicken to the other chicken and they sue me for cannibalism.

Well, it was SOMETHING like that.

Bye now (:

What a day (:

Last Sunday I went to Serdang for a MAHA industrial exhibit or something like that with my parents. Ahha. And there, I saw a lot of stuff. Stuff that I never actually consider much in my life before.

I saw some cows, sheeps and goats. They weren't the usual ones. They were HUGE . No, HUMONGOUS . And really really smelly. HAHA. But there was where our dairy products, meat and fur coats came from. To think back, they are wonderful sources of life.

So, moving on, I saw some weird looking rabbits, which is so creepy. And the baby rabbits are way creepier. Then cats. Which I consider cute, but not for me. I mean, they are superbly cuddly and all but I think I'm just to phobic-ish to have pets.

And as I were walking, I saw chairs.

Me: Finally, chairs ! and fan. (It was sooooo hot)

So I went to a big pondok-like place facing a wide horse's field. And I just realized there were posters of a Rodeo show which have ended by the time I came (dang it). And the Rodeo riders were white men. White sexay men. They were having an auction of one of the white man's shirt. It was a baby blue checkered collared shirt which he had taken off from his body. And I saw his tattoo on his right pelvis. HAHA ! Not pervert, 'accidentally' saw it ;p

When I arrived at that pondok, the auction already reached RM40. So, curious, I just stood there looking at how the auction went. After RM40, no one raised the price anymore. So the other white man (host) went up to my pondok (well they were on the field tadi), and he was standing right infront of me, looking at me. So I gave him just a small smile. And he goes,

White man: I have RM50 here !
Everyone: *Staring at me.
White man: Yeah RM50 ! *pointing at me.

And I was like,

Me: Oh no no no sir. I'm not...
Everyone: *starts to cheer.

Oh no -,-
And so, they didn't even sell the shirt in the end, the just gave it for free to the RM40 man.

After the event, all white men take off their shirt while leaving the field. OH GOSH (Y)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Latent heat

During Phy tuition,

Teac: Okay so as you know cold water is not so hot right?

WHAT ? -,-