Thursday, July 29, 2010


This whole thing is killing the heck out of me.

Kamal Suria

I'm just telling you the truth. We might be separated in the future, and by then you will have to know and apply the things I have told you before. Its not easy to be happy when we really are not, but this is how we'll have to live this cruel life. People will ignore and hate us when we're sad and vice versa. People who always give and show their best mood, have heck bigger problems than us.

I have only one believe,
In this world, there will be someone who's better than us but there's also others who's worst.

Be thankful, savior it. Appreciate life.

And yes, someday I'll be gone and you will have to take care of yourself for the rest of your life.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Appreciation to Followers (:

In this post, I wanna give my thanks to my dear followers, oh I LOVE YOU GUYS,

  • Ezarin who recently just started her own blog (:
  • Shereen Reha who I lost count of how many times she divorced and got married again.
  • Ah Keong who always said I'm pent eventhough I am not -,-
  • Yi Ling sexy ladaayyy ;)
  • Ain Fatin my girl (:
  • Qhaikal my beloved enemy :D
  • Mrisha- stay away, she's all mine (:
  • Wani, a very shy person.
  • Kamal Suria, best troublemaker (:
  • Amir Danial, a friend I missed (:
  • Jannah, the Luisana Lopilato (as wht elora referred to) haha GO BLUEBERRY!
  • Sarah Hanis SAWAHH ;p
  • Jabbar IMY like heck a lot.
  • Nafis my consistent and caring bestie.
  • Julia the cute one (:
  • Andrew Go Star Wars !
  • Jaslyn Banana Chinese.
  • Fadhilah I MISS YOU !
  • Haritharan, pegi la jaga pokok tu ;p
  • Paan Sharabuddin gantungg.
  • Elora Lola.
  • Hanzy (:
  • Amir Wafiy the brother -,-
  • Annshrh Teknik :)
  • Qila Razali Saass (:
  • Ira :)
  • Syaza Aziz :)
  • Syz :)
  • Nur Aqilah :)
  • Ereena Alfian darlingg (:
  • Nasyierah :)
  • Muly Aidil Stevenson :)
  • Jem :)
  • Srh :)
  • Cik Ieda :)
I appreciate your support, people ! Thanks for reading to my crap post. If any of you feel hurt, annoyed, bored or even hated my posts, I am really sorry, I have never meant to hurt your feelings at all. I express, not impress (:

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your concern (:


Watch it.

I adore the dance. Its so cute. Haha.


Its 3.40pm on a Monday and I'm still in my mum's school waiting to go home. This is my life. When you guys are probably at home, watching TV, eating and such right now, but me, I am still here. Almost 10hours since morning until now was spent at school. I went home and the time left is like idk, a few hours left to get everything done. And that is why I always slept at 3am.

I answered you question, dad (:

RE: Kamal


I didn't say anything to you for my own good, I wasn't envious, and I certainly have a lot more things to do rather than talking crap to you. But everything I told you before was for you. I'm happy that you realized what's wrong and what's right now (:

Tc, kamal. Because one day I won't be there for you anymore.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Lets do Nota Sejarah which has been delayed for quite a while :D haha.

Self Review

If we think back, we always say "Nak!" instead of "Nak?" and we always say "Can?" instead of "Can!"

But why?


Friday, July 23, 2010


KF: Amirah,
Me: Hmm?
KF: Go wash your face.

Tkguna -,-

Dah la tu,

I really don't wanna say I told you but I really am MAD and ANGRY with you KS.

So yeah, I TOLD YOU SO.

I never told anyone this but now I am telling you, give up already, KS. I can't help seeing you like this. I hate when you're all moody abt the 'thing' you've been chasing. There's more to life than just that.


This is a real scene, somewhere in KL;

There's this old woman who got ragut by 2 teenage dudes with motorcycle. And the other random 2 men saw the scene and speed their motorcycle to catch the snatch-thief. At a junction, the thieves' motorcycle got out of control and they fell onto the rock-hard road. The 2 considerate men who chased them stopped and hit the thieves with random things they could get on the road (e.g cones, motorcycles padlocks and etc) . The thieves were bleeding and badly injured.

Suddenly, a pakcik came;

Thief 1: Pakcik, tolong saya pakcik. *hugging the uncle's leg.
Pakcik: Ni kenapa awak pukul dia?
Man 1: Dia ragut makcik tua dkt bank ni pakcik.
Pakcik: Kenapa mu ragut orang?
Thief 1: ... (speechless)
Pakcik: Aku ni nak tolong mu, tapi mu taknak jawab. *took the padlock from Man 1 and smash it on the thief's head.

Pfft -.-"

It turns out that the pakcik really is not helping at all though. HAHA.

P/s true story witnessed by my brother.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A scene with Eza,

In our Add Maths tuition class,

It was Chapter 10: Solution Of Triangle

Teacher: Press 164 - (160 cos 70). And Square Rootkan the answer.
Me: 10.45 something something eh teacher?
Teacher: Yeah, think so.
Hannim: Yeah dapat.
Eza: Teacher, I takdapat.
Teacher: *went to Eza.
Eza: Betul la what I did teacher but I got 6 point something.
Teacher: Hmm *observing the calculator.

Teacher: Eza, my dear, your mode is Fix -,-"
Eza: Eheh, malunyaa. Hahaha !

Apa ni Ezaaaa? Hahahaha ;D

Yeah that,

Abin, atleast you have good things in your past to reminisce about :'(

I was a freak, a loner to be precise. And now I think I am not one and somehow I missed being it. Being a girl which no one knows and realized about, no one gives hope and responsibilities on, and just seeing things in my own perspective. I have learnt a lot. I learnt to live this life since I am in Standard 1 in a kampung school somewhere in KL. And looking back at it, I would love to go back there and find my friends. I LOST THEM ALL. And it seems like I never remembered who and what have I done during that time because life was so dull. I was so dull and boring. But as things gets complicated now, I never thought abt saying this but I enjoyed being dull because then no one expect me to entertain anyone.
But heck (:

Monday, July 19, 2010

IQ Test or something,


Pronounce the above in their colours, and not their words.

P/s KS jgn try, nnti stress ;p

A Scene with my mummy,

Ma: Is the toolbox there, beside the cymbal?
Me: Uhh *searching. Oh yeah, its here. The blue one is it?
Ma: Yes. Bawak sini.
Me: Okay. *trying to lift it.
Ma: Cepatlah.
Me: Mummy, berat. Tak larat nk angkat. *hoping to be pitied by my mum.
Ma: Tak kira, angkat jugak.


A scene with my GrandMummy,

GM (Grandmother)


*picks up the housephone.

Me: Hello?
GM: Hello, haa buat apa tu?
Me: Br habis berbuka puasa.
GM: Puasa apa?
Me: Puasa Nazar.
GM: Tu laa, kena habiskan jgk puasa nazar. Kan susah, lain kali jgn bernazar.
Me: Haa?

Nazar pun salah, susah hidup :D haha.

Saturday, July 17, 2010



Life does have a point. God doesn't give it for nothing. There is a reason. For us to learn from it, to live it for Allah.

There is more to life than what we're living now. What's left is for us to find those reasons.


Me, with full enthusiasm have done my accounts tuitionwork. I looked at it and my heart is filled with pride and satisfaction. It was a 6 hours work. Buku Tunai, Jurnal, Ledger and wait,

Me: Mana Imbangan Duga?

So I took my Ledger book and started doing Imbangan Duga. Well, it is supposed to be balanced both on the debit and credit side but then, mine goes wrong.

Me: Asal tak sama, dingdong ?!

And then I slammed my head on my bed.

I did the wrong question damnit -.-

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey everyone! Its 6.03am, Friday morning and today is school day (:

Okay byeeee, nak mandii :D

Loshvindra (:

So, yesterday, we got our numbers in class (mid-year exam) and Loshvindra, my classmate, got number 16. She was so paranoid that she went,

Losh: Eh am I above half?

And then she snapped and just realized that,

Losh: Oh wait, I AM the half :D hahaha.


I had fun on the NIE night too, Abin (: Sorry abt yr piano test though. I should've done it alone.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This picture brings back a heck lot of memories :')

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last night I slept at 8pm, woke up at 2.30am fr Isyak, then did my homework, iron my school uniform, and slept again at 5am. And woke back up at 6am fr school (:

What a complicated night.

Monday, July 12, 2010



Its worth it to wake up at 2am and slept again at 5am, only having 3 hours of sleep last night and haven't slept since then. BECAUSE SPAIN WON ! :D Wohoo!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Check it out.

Awesomeness !


Despicable Me was awesomeeee. I love Agnes (:


I saw Hariz Ali Termizi in Cinema 8 (:



I think its a good thing that you lost. I wanna teach you one word today. Only one word that you never experimented before,



I witnessed a very wrong scene last evening.

Both boy and the girl are my friend. I used to respect how they handle their feelings but after tht scene, they have nothing to be respected for anymore. The boy seemed to respect the girl and the girl seemed to know her boundary and limits but now I just realized they are nothing but just another person. If you look at her once, you will think that she's not tht type of girl who simply socialize, step in my shoes and you'll see all of her FLAWS. If you were to respect her, think again. Me, myself, might have performed a heck lot of sins but I don't do it on purpose, ask Abin, she knows the whole story. But this precise so-called perfect girl actually did that obsessive act willingly. I mean, WHATTA HECK?! And the guy? Does he knows his limits? Does both of them knows how it works?

Wey, minah, you know something? Aku respect kau. RespectED kau. Not anymore. Eventhough I might not be as nice as you are, at least I do what I said, I MEANT every word I said. And I am far away from being hypocrite. They call me a hater, I call it honesty.

And for the guy, I thought you're different. I thought you're an awesome dude. Well, guess what? You're pretty much the same jerk I've met. When I said I hate you, I really mean it. You should be ashamed of yourself, not proud.

I wished I don't know any of you guys right now.
You guys disappoint me, seriously.


I only slept 1 hour because of that Newspaper In Education thingy. And the next morning sekolahh, hebat sungguh. Saya tertido semasa Add Maths, sorry teacher.

Kalau tkdpt A for oral tktau la nak cakap apa.


In a car sale, abah and I got into a hot red Beetle, wondering what's the small button works as.

So I click it open. I still can't figure out what is it for. I'm like,

"Yeah, whatever."

I tried to close it back. A few times.

"Errr abah, jom keluar."

Haha. Failed of course.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Got back from camp, feeling okay but idk what pulls me to my bed thus not going to schl today.

Thanks for your concern people ! :D

The camp was fun, not stressing, just pure fun and dirt. We got into the river, and then to the lumpur, and river again, and another lumpur again, for like, heck, countless times. It was fun to see everyone's reaction when one of the facilitators said,

Sir: Nampak lumpur tu?
Us: Nampak.
Sir: Nampak buluh atas lumpur tu?
Us: Yes.
Sir: Lalu bawah buluh. (Smiling suddenly)
Us: (Some sighing, some whoosing, some jyeah, some gulping, shocked)

Haha, you should see their faces, and mine too. Hahaha, best gilaaa la awak. The Obstacle Course are damn hard (for me je la kut). Nothing but lumpur everywhere. We actually have to slide inside it, go above it, dive in it, and yeah, basically just get dirty. One thing you don't ever wanna know is the smell, teramat wangi ;D haha.

To wrap this up, the conclusion is Camp Tanjung Malim 2010, sangat seronok (: And also thanks a lot to our faci, oh they're the best. Thanks Sir Didus and Sir Lan, thanks for the care and safety you brought to me. Oh and Sir Lan, I love GRENADE :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

RE: Kamal's will

I love you too Kamal Suria (:

RE: Stupid Me

This is my point of view about Abin's post.

Well I have to agree with her because she is nothing else but right in this issue. She is strong, inside and out. She knows a lot better than I do. I never even had a boyfriend before. But from my seat, my opinion would be, heck with all this love thing. I missed having people who cares about me too, I miss it badly. Not because I wanted attention or anything like that. I just wanna have someone to tell, to let out whatever I've been holding back. But now, as I've been going through days, weeks, months; without guys, life never been any HAPPIER (: And I decided not to get involve with guys anymore. I'll just wait till someone propose marriage. IF there is such man who would.

Listen to this. The lyrics are awesome. The melody's kinda weird though.

Ms N (:

The most mature junior teenager I've ever knew.

She accepts her faith and move on. Not to keep even a single hatred in her heart because she knows none of it is gonna be worth it.