Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random Quiz.

I just took a quiz in Cleo Magazine. It's about Are You A Man's Woman or A Girls' Girl?

And my result was:

Put on your stars and stripes bodysuit: you are Wonderwoman! Straight talking, ambitious, fiercely intelligent and highly principled, you've kept your independence in all things. Your life is your greatest project, and woe betide any man, woman or beast who gets in your way. You're highly competitive and achievement oriented, you don't need nurturing, and you certainly don't need to be liked. Men find you aloof, infuriating and dismissive. And because you won't play the girly game, they also find you very sexy.

The downs: You're a loner and may miss out on true intimacy in the long run.

GAHAHA gee, couldn't agree more with the downs :D