Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Oh yeah, I was on duty, guiding the girls the go up to their classes after perhimpunan. And I asked this one girl to be in her line,

Me: In your line please.
Girl: Thats my line (referring to the line beside her real line)
Me: No that is not. This is your line (guiding her to her actual line)
Girl: What the F*CK ! (stares)

She cursed at me for no reason. MEMANG TAK AH. But I did not cursed back or just hit her in her face or anything, I just let her be. She's uncivilized, I am civilized. I can clearly see the difference. I was thinking to just slap her annoying face off but then I think back. She is stupid to curse at a person who was just doing her job, so if I hit her or cursed her back, then I am pretty much the same stupid person after all. So I didn't. I let go.

But ANYONE out there who had the slightest most tiniest small intention to fool me around out from the school, well just wait. I won't keep it inside if it wasn't in school. I am a professional prefects. But I do have my limitations.

P/s will demerit that girl though. YEAH ! TAKE THAT!