Monday, May 31, 2010

Bentley Music

Despite my Chemistry paper on the next day, I went to a Drum Clinic last Sunday, with Yaya. As far as clinic is concerned, I know you guys might think that I'm sick. Drumsick or something. Well, cut out of it because I'm not laaahh :D

Hahaha. It was like a seminar of drums minus the food and the books. It was amazing. The guest star drummer was John Tempesta :D He is an awesome metal drummer ! I'm not a big fan of that genre but he is still a great drummer. And it kills me when there's this girl asking this during the ask-john-anything-time.....

Girl: Hey John !
John: Hey !
Girl: I have a question.
John: Go ahead.
Girl: Can I have the drumstick that you're using right now?
John: Yeah sure, how can I refuse.

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I feel like stabbing that girl right there. She went on the stage, John gave her his drumstick and she hugged him, for some reason. She hugged him first. SHE. Haha. Not him.

And when I told my parents this story, my mum was like,

Ma: Why didn't you do so at the first place?
Me: I don't know we can do that.

And that picture of cymbals is what I am craving for right now ! Its the Zildjian Z3. A new collection from that wonderful brand. Well I just wished John all the best and I'm sure he can go far with all the package he has. Anyway, he was in White Zombie back at the time and currently in the band named Cult. Goodluck with your world tour John (: Thanks for stopping by Malaysia.


More than she have to do,

ILYT, mumbler :)

You've been a lot more than just a friend to me.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Guardian

I was so bored and thirsty, so I went downstairs to get some drinks. And then, I saw my dad, watching a movie. It was navy training movie. Starring Ashton Kutcher as the hero. I thought it was just a boring movie. But then, it surprised me that the movie was REALLY DAMN GOOD. I love it. I adore it.

You should watch it. He is a wonderful and amazing swimmer. And most importantly, Ashton's body is that movie was, dangggg! I could just eat him ! He has a number '2' tattoo on his right back shoulder. And you know why?

Ash: So that the person behind me knows what number he'd be.

My type of man. Strong, sexy and focused.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Physics sangatlah susah (:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today is kinda like a bad day. Well, I don't really call it bad, more to quite an unpleasant day.

First, in the morning, when we were to sit our Bio paper 2, the clouds suddenly darkens and the wind started blowing hard. All the rubbish starts to float over and we had to hold on tight to our question paper. Abin called it,

Abin: The curse of Bio !

Then, when I went home at about 3pm. It was okay until I started showering. My mind was on crenation which I got wrong in the exams. Then I started taking a shower gel. And for some weird abnormal reason, I smeared it on my hair instead of my body! After a few seconds then I realized:

Me: What the heck is this soap doing on my head?!

That was still okay, until I went downstairs to make some tea for my daddy. I took a strawberry teabag, a jug, a spoon and sugar. Everything was still completely normal. But then, when I pour the hot boiled water inside the jug,

Me: (Why is the kitchen counter wet?)

Then I lifted up the jug and yeah, as I expected..


So I had to throw away that beautiful jug T_T Whatta heck is wrong w/me today ?

AM, Bio

Add Maths and Biology saya sangat hebatt :) hik.

Monday, May 24, 2010

agama midyear

Agama sangat 'senang' (: Especially paper 2. HIK XD


I haven't told ya this incident, I think.

This is a dialogue between me and a form 5 chinese boy. I was on duty at the third floor. So I asked him and a few of his friends to go and recess at the canteen.

Me: Boys, turun please. And don't eat in class.
Him: ..... (Ignoring)
Me: I'm on duty la now, turun la. Takpayah la makan dlm class. I pun tkmkn lg what.
Him: That's your problem. You're not my mother, my sister, my aunty or my grandmother. You are just a tudung girl.


And you, boy, have no rights to say to me like that ! Who are you? Diamlah, laknat.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Midnight movie w/family

I went to Sunway last night to watch Shrek: Forever After on midnight.

It was a great movie. I'm guessing some of you might know this two adorable characters, Puss and Donkey.

Donkey: You are a cat-astrophe!
Puss: You are ri-donk-ules !

They're are so funnay :D


A scene at the Petronas' Mesra shop, Bukit Jelutong.

Aisyah: Let me belanja your ice-cream.

Me: Taknaakkkk, nah take my money.

Aisyah: Biarlah I bayar !

Me: Okay, kalau macam tu ambik ni sekali (pointing at a squared boxed)

Aisyah: Okay boleh je. Jom.

Me: HAHAHAHA (thinking she was kidding)

Aisyah: Whats that anyway? Haha.

Me: (Staring long enough to kill her)

Aisyah: (Looking again at the square colorful various-flavored box of.....) (CONDOM) OHHHHHHHHHHH! I thought tu chocolate !


Macha at the counter: Yeah, itu chocolate bagus.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, apa yg bagusnyaaa? Horny punya counter-man.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

English paper

I thought English would be an easy one, but it did not.


I pick number 1, which is "describe a place you would like to visit". And mine was an imaginary place. I hope that didn't go out of track. Ohh mann.

And now somehow there's this man outside the window singing "Ali Baba." STOP LA FOR GOD'S SAKE -,-"


Oh yeah, I was on duty, guiding the girls the go up to their classes after perhimpunan. And I asked this one girl to be in her line,

Me: In your line please.
Girl: Thats my line (referring to the line beside her real line)
Me: No that is not. This is your line (guiding her to her actual line)
Girl: What the F*CK ! (stares)

She cursed at me for no reason. MEMANG TAK AH. But I did not cursed back or just hit her in her face or anything, I just let her be. She's uncivilized, I am civilized. I can clearly see the difference. I was thinking to just slap her annoying face off but then I think back. She is stupid to curse at a person who was just doing her job, so if I hit her or cursed her back, then I am pretty much the same stupid person after all. So I didn't. I let go.

But ANYONE out there who had the slightest most tiniest small intention to fool me around out from the school, well just wait. I won't keep it inside if it wasn't in school. I am a professional prefects. But I do have my limitations.

P/s will demerit that girl though. YEAH ! TAKE THAT!

Bahasa Melayu saya KAPAK (to Abin)

Muhammad Abin, hari ini saya pun nak cakap Bahasa Melayu KAPAK ;p

Tadi peperiksaan Bahasa Melayu yang sungguh terbaik kerana sangat hebat :D (is my sentence correct? haha) Kertas tadi memang susah la doe. Punggung saya juga sudah tersakit teramat kerana duduk 2 jam untuk setiap kertas. Bahasa Melayu saya buka dan tutup (on and off). Kadang2 bagus, kadang2 terpesong. Tapi tidak apa, saya pelajar cemerlang. Hahahaha.

Hari ini saya makan bersama Muhammad Abin, balak saya. Seronok cangatzzz (saya rempit yaww). Bila saya menulis Bahasa Melayu ini, tiba2 saya tak ingat apa yg saya nak cakap tadi. Haha, jadi kannnn, saya berhenti la dulu ya, kawan kawan.

See ya in the next post dude and dudettes. Tomorrow is our English paper. Goodluck 4 Beta. May God be with you (:

Hari Guru yaww.

Hari Guru - CHECK (:

It was good and it was a 3 and a half star perfomance. Oh yeahhhhhhh, we are awesome ! :D Haha. Congrats prefects and thanks.

After the event ended, left me, Kamal, Arief and Ayan. We stayed to clean up the tepung on the tapak perhimpunan. Well, you know, us, while cleaning, we played in the water. Haha, it was fun and classic. Whoa, lately, everything had been so classic.

So basically, I mandi dgn Kamal, Arief and Ayan di tengah tengah tapak perhimpunan.

Sounds so wrong.

P/s Teacher's Day is for the teachers, not for the students, so yeah, IT SHOULD BE BORING FOR YOU GUYS (: And your opinion is nevertheless needed.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love? Pfft

This post is especially for everyone who asks me "Why don't you wanna have a boyfriend?" I got this passage from a novel which somehow, in a weird coincidence very similar to me.

Bon Appetite !

"How long have you two been together?" Grace asked.

"37 years," they answered.

"And she still refuses to let me make an honest woman of her," grumbled Sonny.

"What do I want with a piece of paper?" Maggie asked.

"What about a nice diamond ring?" Sonny said.

"Bleedin' hell, Sonny Mancini, you're a tight old sod. Nearly 40 years and 2 sons and you mean I've got to marry you before you'll buy me a diamond ring?" Maggie replied.

"You mean ... are you telling me ... you two aren't married?" asked Grace.

"Of course not," answered Maggie.

"Like the lady says, 'If it ain't broken, why fix it?' ," said Sonny.

"Actually, I said, 'If we've got something this good,why change it' ," Maggie said.

"Don't you believe in marriage?" Grace asked, curiously.

"Its not that we don't believe in marriage, it's just that we never really saw the point. Marriage isn't a magic wand, you know. It's what's inside the heart that counts. That's the magic."


Same goes to couples concept.
P/s No offense to anyone.

Penet la awakkk.

I didn't study this weekend because I am too busy with activities and my mum made me hangout both Sat and Sun. Wohoo, cool. Gahhhhh !

I can't hide this any longer ! I really really really badly wanna study but yeah, I can't start because I kept ending it. Shizzzzzz yaww.

Anyhow, I had a great time today. First thing in the morning was the prefect's pre-set for Hari Guru. At 9.30am, I took off to my weekly swimming exercise (: Babes, you really should visit the swimming center. They've got all stocks of smokin' hot dudes there with biceps, wings and packs. Ulala ;)

Then, I went to my dad's former bos' house. Both of the husband and wife were Dato'. They had 4 children, all soldiers (all boys). All so cute. Haha !

Then, my family and I went to Midvalley to solat Maghrib. Then we ate dinner there and went home. Hah. Tired. But still awake until now (: Imma strong womannn mehh.

Anyway, yesterday, I went to Sunway, I saw this good-looking guy (not cute at all but instead, very manly, so my type ;p). He was wearing a black tshirt that writes Ghetto on it and he matched them with shorts, above knee-length, white in colour. Mann, I tell you, he looks good enough to eat (: But I don't think he is a Malay though. But yeah, whatever. I can deal with everything hot.

Haha, alrght I'm done here.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I went for KRS this morning and it was fun babayhhh (:

Well, we cooked maggi using kayu api. So cool. Haha. My team's maggi tumpah 3 times. And we were the last group to be done with the cookings. But despite all the consequences, we had fun (: Great fun. In the end, it was just me and my teammate, Faisal, everyone else dah balik. We were sitting on a wood in the ground while eating our handmade maggi. Haha. That moment was classic. Very. And then after kemas2 everything with Teac. Isyraf, I went home. Tired but happy. But still hungry though. Ahhaa !


I don't have a boyfriend, never had and satisfied enough with it (:

I mean, come on, boyfriends are just another burden on your shoulder. What do you need them for? Stand on your own, girls and boys. You are way much stronger than you are now with him/her. Trust me (:

P/s I'll get one when I am super ready, though.

Wohoo !


I loveeeeeee you (:

haihh awak.


Move on, sampai bila nak menangis, whinning, sighing and blaming others? GET A LIFE, YOU SHMOCK ! I might be a loser. I might not be wild and all but yeah, who the heck cares? At least I don't go;

"Okay I can do this. I can do that. I can do everything on my own. I don't need your help."

And later on goes all;

"Urghhh, I'm tired, I have a lot of commitments, they give all the works on my shoulder. And no one cares to help."

You should know that you really need my freakin' help. Okay fine, you nak dapat nama. You nak jd leader. So what? Be it. I don't freaking care. All this while pun mmg you're always ahead of me. You don't have to worry about me getting in your way. Because I won't. And I don't even want to.

You have won over me in everything. Appearance, popularity, charms, skills, leadership, wealthiness, well everything. So what do you want more?

I always love being your friend, I always love being with your company so please, be you again.


Hari Guru is coming :D

Exam is just around the corner :O

Taik ayam (:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bukit Cherakah.

I went to Bukit Cherakah today and it was fun. And tiring. I'm the faci for group 4 which consist of Zulkarnain, Zawawi, Iqhwan, Izzat (Gampang) and Sabrina Suhaimi. They are such awesome people. Intelligent plus physically and mentally strong. I'm lucky I got them in my team.

Arrived home at 5pm. Started sleeping at 7pm, woke up on 8pm of Aisyah's phone call;

Asyh: Mira, tuition?
Me: Ha? *still in my sleeping mood.
Asyh: Going or not?
Me: Oh yeah, I'll be picking you up. Give me 5 minutes.
Asyh: Okay.

But then, after I finished my Maghrib prayers, I got tired and bored, so I texted Asyh;
"Not going. Tired. Sorry"

To which she replied,

Well I learnt a lot of LESSONS today at Cherakah Hills.

  • Cycling at hills are super-tiring.
  • Focus, alert, you'll never know when they would rumble you with water balloon. Haha. I kenaaa.
  • Teamwork.
  • One will have to know how to read maps. Ahha.
And when its all done, just sit back and relax.

All this while, I just keep saying "Dont judge a book by its cover". But up till then I'd never believe any of that shiz. But today, one guy had changed my perception in life.

I witnessed something new. The most gangster's guy which most people find very scary and hard to deal with, has actually a heart of gold. He is the one taking care of me when I am the one who actually have to take care of them. That proves it. He is a strong person with complicated way of expressing himself but inside, dayyyuummm, he's personality, I have only one word for that;


So from today onwards, I would never judge a person by their appearance 'cause you'll never know what a monster can help you with.

My team finished the Explorace quite early, so we stopped and relax at the 4 season house. It is Spring now. The place is beautiful ! With the fountain, flowers, hut and all. I love it. A soothing treat for my eyes. Plus it is very cold inside that I feel like sleeping inside one of the huts there. Mukhzin and Usman were practicing on how to kiss a girl romanticly in the cold spring, under the hut. Just the two of them.

Alrght stop. That sounds too much of a gayness. They didn't really kissed. I mean they were just hugging each other and stuff. Yeah, you probably don't wanna know the details so I better not tell. Haha.

P/s slept on 8.30-11pm. Haha.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IOI bebehh

I went to IOI Mall with my cousin last month. Well HAHA, it was fun. We were walking past a row of shops when I just realized one of it were a lingerie shop.

Well looking once at it, I thought it was;

It it was that, I wouldn't even bother writing about it here. But looking twice at it, it was;


Me and my cousin were like;

Me: Bras & Things.
Ieka: What thing?
Me: Anything *keningkening.



Reading through Abinos blog posts, reminded me about our times at Burger King. HAHAHA.

Since she had explained it all, I'd just squeeze everything into a single sentence;

Abin is a loser (:

Camp camp camp.

Well Prefects Camp was good. Wasn't that challenging.

Way far to compare with last year's and Pangkor's. Well this year, I was the Dorm Assistant. Dang, All of the girls are super lazy and super manja that they'd never listen to a word I said which made me VERY VERY angry. But in the end, we all had fun. And I had tiredness. But it was worth it though.

So, one down 5 more to go. Go MORA ! You can do it.

Tomorrow is the Treasure Hunt at Bukit Cherakah. I'm the faci for Group 4. Well, let's just see what will happen, shall we? (:

WhattAbin is happening ?!

Muhammad Abin,

First, I am not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber.

Second, I am not even a fan of his !

Third, why are you so random?

And lastly, what is wrong with the two dudes in that video of yours?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ohhh life.

I have lots and lots and lots of things to worry about. I am freaking busy right now. But no one seems to understand because all I get was some more WORKS and TASKS.

  • Teacher's Day 2010
  • Explorace, Bkt Cherakah
  • Mid-term Exam SMKBJ
  • Prefects Dinner 2010
  • Karya Pelajar, Sidang Redaksi
And guess what? I am taking up Accounts for SPM. And I am supposed to sit for that paper in the mid-term. Bad news, I didn't buy or even look at the textbook yet. How awesome :)

Good news: Everyone is somehow getting single this month. Well, now they know exactly why I'd never want a temporary boyfriend ;) But I do feel sorry for you guys :'( Get well soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fredde oh Fredde

I adore Fredde Gredde since my cousins introduced him to me.

He can sing, play bass guitar, rythm guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica and keyboard.

And very good-looking. Ulala !


I like :)

Watch this. I enjoyed it :D

P/s click to watch.