Thursday, April 22, 2010


So while my friends were having rehearsals for Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan 2010, I was in class with six other friends who didnt get straight A's. And we didn't do anythg, the teacher came in but obviously not teaching since there's only 7 of us in class.

But unluckily, our new Sivics teacher tends to teach us anyway. She forced the 7 of us to go to the library. I tried finding an excuse but nothing came up. So, I did go. We were tortured to DEATH mannnn! Seriously ! She asked us to watch a movie and then answer a test about the movie. And it wouldn't have been that hard if the story wasn't about KEMERDEKAAN MALAYSIA.

And it was a black-and-white movie with cramped history facts in it. DARN IT !

Me, Firdaus and Afrizal were like,

"Oh God"

and some other depressing sounds.

Then it came to us,

Firdaus: Wehh, Afrizal, kau pegi tekan stop. Cikgu tgh busy buat kerja tu.
Afrizal: Haa?
Me: Buat je la wehh, aku dh nk mati dh kat sini T_T
*Afrizal moves closer to the DVD Player.

After a few trials, he still didnt stop the freaking movie because he was scared -,- for some reason yeah. But then Firdaus, OUR HERO, press the stop button.

Firdaus: Lari wehhh ! *Runs out frm the library.
Afrizal: Cepattt!
Me: (unsure whether to tell(lie) to the teacher that the movie had ended or to just go) (decided) RUNNNNN!

I am not sure what happened to Iqbal, Iman and Chan Tian Hui inside there. But I am safe :D