Friday, April 2, 2010

Maths (:

This is a little something from my Modern Maths textbook;

"A cat and a dog are called Randy and Rover.The cat is not called Randy. What animal is Rover?"

"Ah Meng's gold watch is missing. Three people, Dan, Lon and Dom, are the suspects. Each of them made 2 statements.

Dan: Lon did not take it.
Ah Meng has misplaced it.
Lon: Ahmeng did not misplaced it.
Dan took it.
Dom: I didnt take it.
Dan did not take it.

Investigations revealed that the gold watch had indeed been stolen by one of the trio and each had made only one true statement. Who stole the gold watch? "

Definitely interesting (:
But I dont know why it is in the Math textbook.