Sunday, April 11, 2010

jabs (:

Oiii, presentation Agama ni nak campak ke mana? -,-

Anyway, last night, I IM-ed with JABBAR. Oh how I miss him and how I lost track about him lately. I just got to know that he is losing weight,and his school has 3 positive cases of H1N1 flu. Dang, I'm an awful friend. Thank God he's okay now. Alhamdulillah. And he's doing sports there ! Ahha. He told me his funny stories there. Hahaha. And he sighed that he cant text nor type without making any typing errors. And I just kept on telling him that it's okay, he'll get used to it.

My oh my, talking to him brings back memories of 2009, the moment when me, Elora and him laughed at some stupid jokes, at random strange stranger who passed by. Those were the moments I would never ever forget. Well we even made our friend cried (we shouldn't tease her like that though) but now, looking back at it, I can't stop smiling.

Thanks Jab, you are a wonderful friend. You're the first guy to give me a present on my birthday because you knew there's no other guy ever does that to me before. You're the first one waiting until it's 0000am ,25th of October just to wish me Happy Birthday. You're the one who made me laugh for even just a small issue. You're the one being unhypocrite to me all the time. And I am proud to say


May our friendship remains (: