Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hmm :')

WOW ! *Jaw dropped.


How awesome is that huh ? :D

To Abin:

Its okay to blog. Its okay if everything you write would sound depressing. Its your blog. And if they said they get annoyed with all the sad expression of yours in your blog, then why the hell they're still reading it, right? Aaah, it doesn't matter, sweetheart. Your blog is yours. All yours (:

I'm sorry I might cancel the study group. My mum suddenly had her plans which involves the car. Which means I can't go. Because I wouldn't want to walk to section 13 because I'd be dead. SORRY AGAIN :(

To Haziq (eventhough he wont read this) :

We miss you here. I miss you. And everything we used to do. Our laughter, our anger and our sad moments that we share together. I MISS ALL THOSE. But it doesn't matter, I'm happy that you're chasing your dreams. I bet you'll achieve what ever you wanted to be. You're a balanced student. One day, I'll be smiling seeing you becoming a sucessful person, even if you'll forget me, I'd still be happy for you. I will always remember you sweetheart :)