Friday, March 26, 2010



First of all, uhh, I care about you! EVERYONE cares deeply about you! Dude, we love you haha. I dont know to WHOM you are talking to but i just wanna make a lil shout out.

ILY, Mira. You'll always be my caring, sexy, pretty yet lame friend! HAHA. I would bawl like crazy if something happen to you. You have been there for me , and you ACTUALLY give me advice that no one EVER had the guts to spill. Its nice to have a listener but its better to have a listener and an input on something. Thank you for giving me your two cents :) Your the only one that understands the things i have went through. I LOVE YOU :)
-Abin via FlyingChimps.

Abin, thank you very muchhh ! I know you love me and I love you so much more ! You're my random, caring and crazy mumbler :D We have kept each other's secrets and share a lot of inside jokes together. You to me is more of a sister rather than just a friend. And with all this lonely and pathetic-sad life I'm living, I'm very sure I wont survive without you, you shmocking sugarplum ! You have been the nicest among all . Thank you so much. You have been so helpful that I felt so guilty for the fact that you sacrifice something you like to not leave me alone in class, while I just simply go without even telling you. OHMYGOD, what am I? I felt bad. Thank you for still being my bestest friend even after all tht I have done to you.