Wednesday, March 31, 2010


People looks fine, but you never know when they don't.

So dont go and ask me why I can't play badminton with you guys anymore or why am I being so unfocused and day-dreamy in class. Just don't ask, alrght? You'll know so soon.

31st March 10, Wed

No one, I mean, not a single person can fool around about my girls.
If anyone does, better stop before I pull your mouth out of its position, you pain in the tuckess !

Its 11.05pm right now, and I haven't kemas beg, do English presentation paperwork and my Peka Biology yet :D How awesome is that?


Tkpela, tkpyh tido pun tkpe (:

I'm enjoying my days before it ends.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mike, Ca and Ra.

This morning at school on the host kursus;

Liana was playing with one tiny cloth, and I discovered that it's Aisyah's teddy bear's shirt. And the bear wasnt there, so basically the bear was naked in Asyh's room at home.

So, I asked Aisyah ;

Me: Why are you so pervert to bogelkan the teddy bear?
Asyh: Mm yeah, saje :D
Me: Ooooooookaaayyyyy,

Then, Asyh suddenly got bored. So she asked Mikhail to start a topic.

Mikhail: Kesian the naked teddy, it must be cold by now.
Aisyah: Malaysia is hot. The teddy might feel so thankful to me :D
Mikhail: No, imagine, if you're naked, you must get cold right?
Aisyah: No, the direct heat will make me feel too hot.
Mikhail: Well, I'm thinking what is the naked teddy doing at home now? He is alone in a room. Naked.
Aisyah: Whaaa? Mikhail -,-"
Mikhail: Idk, I'm imagining myself at his place.
Aisyah: Ewwwww!
Me: Is it a 'he'?
Aisyah: Yeah.
Me: Omg, how do you know?
Aisyah: Oiiiii, dont think so blue la. He wore a bow tie on his neck. So it must be a 'him' right?
Me: Hahahaha.
Aisyah: Maybe its unisex.
Me: Haha it cnnt be unisex mann! Damn, disgusting.
Aisyah: Okayy, stop. Lets change the topic. Mikhail, get another topic.
Mikhail: Okayy. Mmm *nodding.
Aisyah: Mmmm? So?
Mikhail: Mmmmm..

Awkward silence for a few moments. Then;

Mikhail: You know what? I'm still thinking of the naked teddy.

And, the whole table laughed like crazy. Hahahahahhaaha, aiyoooo, Mikhail mikhail -,-


And someday I promise I'll be gone.
So just come back we'll make it better than it ever was.

Listen to Maybe- Secondhand Serenade.

Friday, March 26, 2010


When you see me, just smile, wave and say hye.
Dont worry, I dont eat people when I'm not hungry (:

Btw, just now, masa that kursus thingy, the penceramah ask us to tell her our nickname. I was just thinking of Mira. But this 2 dudettes, Liana and Aisyah (mostly Asyh) made a dare out of the nickname assgnment. So it ended up with;

Kamal Suria > Su
Yi Ling > Lee
Aisyah > Ca
Liana > Ana

And mine;

Mora/Mira > RARA.

So gay.

I mean, look at us, a simple thing, as in, the woman infront was just asking us for our short name to make it easier for her to memorize but turns out to be something so complicated like dare and gay names and stuff. So now, they're calling me 'that' in the kursus. So imagine, if the teacher ask my name, I could hardly even KNOW it ;D hahaha.

Woman: You dont remember your own name?

Haha that would be stupid :D


Esok Koko plus Kursus Hos Koperasi ANGKASA. Penettt.

Su ;p

Kamal Suria (aka Su),

I dont mind. In fact, I AM sorry for putting too much pressure on you. Its okayy, next year ada chess MSSD lagi kann? ANDDD ANDD, I am not giving up on the host thingy. I will do it with full enthusiasm :D You can count me in, I'll commit.

BTW, kita seri wehh. I dah siap Add Maths, so now you win 5 and I win 5 too ;p LOSER !



First of all, uhh, I care about you! EVERYONE cares deeply about you! Dude, we love you haha. I dont know to WHOM you are talking to but i just wanna make a lil shout out.

ILY, Mira. You'll always be my caring, sexy, pretty yet lame friend! HAHA. I would bawl like crazy if something happen to you. You have been there for me , and you ACTUALLY give me advice that no one EVER had the guts to spill. Its nice to have a listener but its better to have a listener and an input on something. Thank you for giving me your two cents :) Your the only one that understands the things i have went through. I LOVE YOU :)
-Abin via FlyingChimps.

Abin, thank you very muchhh ! I know you love me and I love you so much more ! You're my random, caring and crazy mumbler :D We have kept each other's secrets and share a lot of inside jokes together. You to me is more of a sister rather than just a friend. And with all this lonely and pathetic-sad life I'm living, I'm very sure I wont survive without you, you shmocking sugarplum ! You have been the nicest among all . Thank you so much. You have been so helpful that I felt so guilty for the fact that you sacrifice something you like to not leave me alone in class, while I just simply go without even telling you. OHMYGOD, what am I? I felt bad. Thank you for still being my bestest friend even after all tht I have done to you.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Thanks D. Thanks for all the memories we had. Thanks for our history. Thanks for being patient. Thanks for being there. Thanks for following your heart. Thanks for being brave to make it end. Thanks for making it ends tonight.

Thanks for making me gave up on guys.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Went breakfast with Syamim at S.A this morning. Dia dh botak :O haha, not really, but almost. He doesnt have his signature fringe already. And annoys me that the macha at the kedai mamak were so dang weird -.-"

We have finished our foods and drinks but we're still there, chatting and talking. Then the macha came...

Macha: Nak apa2 lagi?
Symm: Err, tak.
Me: (shake my head as a no sign)
Macha: Kamu orang kawan saja ka?
Symm: Ye la, kawan je.
Me: -,-"
Macha: (staring awkwardly at Symm)
Symm: Betul la, kawan je la.
Me: Kawan je.
Macha: Ya ka? Ini perempuan banyak cantik.
Me: Adoiii -.-"

(Macha walks away)

Me: HAHA! Wey, asal dgn dia?
Symm: Ntah, pelik ah. Biar la, dia nak kawan.

Then both of us laugh like crazy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

You guys can tease me with him, we don't care. But just think back how you guys have been treating me. At least Syamim never treat me like shit.

So yeah, thats it fr today.

Going back to boredom, I mean, school, tomorrow. Habis dah cuti T_T

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Lately, I started to not really care about stuff.

I dont care if I look ugly, I dont care if I look stupid, I dont care if I didn't hangout with my friends, I dont care if my holidays are all spent sitting blankly at home, I dont care if no one cares about me, I dont care if I dont have any friends, I dont care if I'm a boring person, I dont know why I even care to write and tell you all this stuff.

Because I just realize how small I am, how there's a lot of other unfortunate people out there, how things are more simple if we look at it twice, how unthankful I am all this while. I mean, look at me, sighing about all the plain old boring foods when there is people who is starving, worrying about the new pimples growing on my face and complaining about my fat body when there is people who just wish they have all the parts that I'm having. I am such a selfish loser.

From now on, I dont care about my heartbreaks, I dont care about who am I, I just wish the whole world is happy. Even if that's gonna risk my heart, I'm gonna do it. I will make everyone around me happy because I am just a small person but one sacrifice would change everything to everyone else. I have brought a lot of horror, disaster and misfortune to others, I am nothing but plain problem. But that is not gonna happen anymore.

But dont ever try to mess around with me, because I play the HARD way.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad but funn day.

Okay, so on this one unfortunate day, Asyraf (my cousin) drove me, my sis, ieka and afiq to Summit. We were planning to watch Alice in Wonderland but when we arrived, the tickets were selling fast and the movie has started for abt 20mins. So, we decided not to watch any movie and head straight to McD, Taipan. (Btw, nothings funny about the name, didy ;p)

Then it started to rain. And rain. Heavily. The winds were blowing very hard. And the aunty with an umbrella outside couldnt even barely keep her umbrella up against the wind. While we were sitting at a table beside the enter and exit door and;

*Enjoying out sundae and coke.

Me: Wehh, lets move somehere else.

*ignored. Hoping the wind wont do anything.*
*the empty sundae cups started moving. Tissues blown by the wind.*

When suddenly, BAMMMM !

Me: Okayy, now runn! *semua lari*

The glass door slammed open and everything started to float everywhere. Even our hair couldnt stay in position.

And the bad luck didnt stop there, we just realized that the lampu kereta wasnt switched off yet. Ohh greattt ! -,-" So, Asyraf had to ran through the heavy rain and turn off that light. I was like;

Me: Mann, what could get worse?

And there is. On our way home after the rain had stopped, the route which we're suppose to take were closed due to a burnt tree that fell on the road. The tree was botak-ed by the fire from the storm/thunder/lightening/God knows what else.

Awesome much? -.-

Monday, March 15, 2010

Escape from the wild !

We've got nothing better to do. So, taraaaaaaa :D

Welcome to the circus, people !

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adik adik 3

So, me and my cousin were getting ready to take some pictures together with my sister.

Cousin: Lets take some pictures.
Me: Yeah sure.
Cousin: I dont have a webcam, I just have a camera.
Me: Thats good enough.

My sister, who was just sitting beside me suddenly said;

Sis: Haaa, apa kata kita tangkap gambar ?



Aina *shy

Stay away.

Liberty baby,

A Sunday night with Ieka (:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adik adik 2

One more stupid scene with my sister;

On the way to mama's car;

Sis: Kita nak bgtau something.
Me: Okay, what is it?
Sis: (getting inside the car) Nanti dalam kereta kita cakap.
Me: Err, we ARE in the car.

Hahaha, that girl.

Roadrun 2010.

I suck at roadrun today. Nafis beat me over a few inches -,-" but, a deal is still a deal. So I had to belanja him. Suka eh kau, Nafis? grr. Haha.

I'm happy to know that H is not mad at me anymore (: Thanks wehh. This means a lot to me.

P/s will be at my cousin's for a few days.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adik adik

I think I wanna stop drumming.

Btw, I was typing a post just now, and my sister suddenly woke up. With her red eyes, she said;

Adik: Kak, jom naik atas.

Me, with lots of question marks;

Me: *staring awkwardly.
Me: Kita kat atas.

HAHA, dia mengigau :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


How I wish I could just die and live again. When by then, no one knows me. Nothing is complicated. Everything's ordinary. And no one calling my name again.

I never tell my stories to anyone. I dont spread bad rumours about someone just because I hate that person. And I dont blame anyone on my own mistakes. And I dont stop people from doing wtv they want. Because if that happens to me, I might just blew off and shout, "Who the heck are you? My mother?"

I hate getting in trouble.
I hate being haunt by my past.
I hate knowing that I'm at fault.
I hate being thought I'm at guilt.
I hate being known to be innocent but have no one to back me up.

And most of all, I hate the fact that I've ruined something so meaningful to someone else.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Losh Losh

So in class, Farhan and Sehran were fighting over about racism.

And then they continued the conversation with some more I-dont-think-I-should-write-it-here racist's sentences. So, Loshvindra who was sitting just two tables across them got mad and said something that freaks the guy out;

Losh: *staring. Your balls are in danger, I'm tellin' ya.

Bio *sigh

Studying Bio all night. Preparing for March quiz tomorrow.

Abin: Mira, dh study Bio?
Me: Tak, I'm giving up.
Abin: Alrght, lets just die together.

Setengah keping ;p

Spent 4 days in a row with him, haha (: He is indeed a guy with high sense of humour. Never fail to make me laugh, all the time.

H vs Mora vs AAK.

This has bothers all the time. So I think I shld let it out now.

Even if you said, "Its okay. I'm not blaming you."

Nothing will change. You will still consider I'm the bitch in the scene. But, I never ever even thought to interrupt your relationship, really. He said you guys were over tht time, so I thought you guys were. And I am here to say, I am seriously sorry *if you think its my fault though. Yeah, yeah I dont have the balls to confront you just yet, so yeah, this is the only medium I have. If by any chance you're reading this, Miss H, I am sorry for all our past issues.

Miss Mora (:

Pelik pelik.

A scene with Usman at a kedai mamak, D'Bayu.

Usman: Wey, kau tak geli ke makan roti canai?
Me: Asal pulak?
Usman: Kau tgk ah tangan mamak tu. Eee, geli.
Kamal: Baca Bismillah insyaallah bersih (bdk SBPI tiba2 baik ;p)

A few minutes later,

Usman: Machaa! (calling the mamak guy)
Mamak guy: *Arrives.
Usman: Roti canai double dgn milo ais. Mintak kari lebih.

Rasa nak sepak je kau, Usman -.-"

Badminton :D

Me, stinks .
Aisyah with a nice scenery behind.
Liana with full enthusiasm.
Kamal and Nafis (losers ;p)

SO, let me conclude. The ranks;

1. Nafis
4. Mora
5. Liana
7. Abin ;p

Friday, March 5, 2010


I actually ran today. And I am extremely tired now.
Badminton tmrw with KAMAL ! :D


Its better this way kann?
Just friends and nothing more (:

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Tmrw practice roadrun.
Penatlah -.-


A is not equal to AAK.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Koko 2010.

Attended koko yesterday. I'm in the new club, Kelab Kewartawanan. God knows why I even picked that club -.- Well, it was quite cool actually, there's Photography Club under it. And I was picked to be the AJK :D haha.

This has kept me laughing all the way;

Teac: So, what theme should we do for the photography competition?
Students: *noise
Teac: KENALI SMKBJ maybe?
Student 1: Kenali Datin. ahhahaa ;p
Student 2: Tak tak, "Pengetua Kesayanganku" hahahaha.