Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a disappointment.


Don't tell nor cancel anything important at hawk ! When you think something is BIG and IMPORTANT, you don't go and inform the performers one day before, do you? If you do, well I'm just gonna let you know something, IT WONT WORK.

Me, Abin, Mukhzin, Usman and Hazeeq are supposed to be performing Andai Ku Tahu-Ungu this Monday for the perasmian Minggu Islam thing, but then ustazah cancel last minute because the school wont let us pinjam the freaking drum set.

If these are the reasons :

"Nanti drums tu rosak"
"Takut ada yang hilang"

Then, people, you don't know just about ANYTHG about drums yet. How can a drum ROSAK? I am just gonna play a slow song, and we're doing it fr the school's sake, doesn't contribute anything to me pun. And how can I curi the drums? It is big, my dear, people will know if I took it -.-"

There's this new thing you know, it's called "LOGIC".

Oh dear, I have just wasted my day today. From 2.30pm until 6.30pm. But thanks guys, it was fun and hilarious. AHHAHA (:

P/s Abin! Comel je keyboard duet with him ;p