Saturday, February 27, 2010


Good Morning, fellas (:

I'm doing the Bio thingy today, I hope. I just wanna get it done and worry no more. Its 20% of March test, for God's sake. Urghh.

Well, I just happen to think that what if you like the person that your bestfriend's like? And she kept talking about him all the time? And what if she's ahead of you in getting him? What if she ask for your help to get to him? What if she does get him? What if she succeed? Would you sacrifice your crush for your bestfriend? If you do, what if she forgot all about you when she's with him? Will your sacrifice be worth-it? Will anyone even darn care about YOUR feelings?

That is what happened to me almost all the time. And I am sick of it. I am sick of guys because even how hard I try to get rid of them, I just can't. I just cant deal with it, especially if the guy happens to be my type. The ones that;

When I say go away and I think I need to be alone, he'll just sit beside me and say, "no, you dont need any time alone, you idiot."

When I say, "its okay, I can do it/carry this/take it by myself", and he'll come to me and say, "Bak sini"

When I say I'm okay and he'll always know that I'm not.

When I feel down, he'll say, "Jom pegi makan."

When I cry, he'll just break a laughter out of me.

This type of guy is the one I wont resist, trust me. HAHA.

People kept asking, so I'll tell, I am currently very single but not available at all. Thank you very much.