Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sorry followers !

Sorry people ! Lama gila tak blogging.

I dont have so much spare time lately, I've busy with this damn-it-hard form 4 studies. Nothing is much interesting anymore since most of my friends are not around. I miss them badly. SO BAD. Not to mention all the prefect works I have to get done with which at the end no one even freaking APPRECIATE. (relax) I am adapting the whole "Being Happy" philosophy now. I will breathe and smile everytime I feel like shouting and screaming "WAT DO YOU THINK I AM! " . You know, that kind of stuff (:

Oh I had a class drama competition yesterday. HAHAHA. It was super-hilarious. I was the alien though -,-" Nafis was Salmah. Well, he's a guy in baju kurung and selendang.

Chong(Lking) : Aku rasa macam bermimpi je.
Salmah(Nafis) : Tapi takkanlah kita bertiga bermimpi serentak?! (male voice)

Audience: Weyy, kau perempuan laa!

Salmah: Opss, sorry (girl voice)

Audience : -.-"

Mann, penek (penat in kamal's language) ah. Haha.

I'll be at Tiha's this afternoon, doing Bio model. Adios amigos (: