Saturday, February 27, 2010


Good Morning, fellas (:

I'm doing the Bio thingy today, I hope. I just wanna get it done and worry no more. Its 20% of March test, for God's sake. Urghh.

Well, I just happen to think that what if you like the person that your bestfriend's like? And she kept talking about him all the time? And what if she's ahead of you in getting him? What if she ask for your help to get to him? What if she does get him? What if she succeed? Would you sacrifice your crush for your bestfriend? If you do, what if she forgot all about you when she's with him? Will your sacrifice be worth-it? Will anyone even darn care about YOUR feelings?

That is what happened to me almost all the time. And I am sick of it. I am sick of guys because even how hard I try to get rid of them, I just can't. I just cant deal with it, especially if the guy happens to be my type. The ones that;

When I say go away and I think I need to be alone, he'll just sit beside me and say, "no, you dont need any time alone, you idiot."

When I say, "its okay, I can do it/carry this/take it by myself", and he'll come to me and say, "Bak sini"

When I say I'm okay and he'll always know that I'm not.

When I feel down, he'll say, "Jom pegi makan."

When I cry, he'll just break a laughter out of me.

This type of guy is the one I wont resist, trust me. HAHA.

People kept asking, so I'll tell, I am currently very single but not available at all. Thank you very much.

Just me and youu,

There's this guy who called and sang to me one night and I really appreciate it (: Thank you A.

Isn't he such a sweetheart?

Hnnm and Symm




We're insane.

Me and Abin danced to All The Single Ladies- Beyonce and Nobody- Wonder Girls dkt tapak perhimpunan ptg tadi :D OH I ENJOYED IT! Jom buat lagi Abinnnn.


What a disappointment.


Don't tell nor cancel anything important at hawk ! When you think something is BIG and IMPORTANT, you don't go and inform the performers one day before, do you? If you do, well I'm just gonna let you know something, IT WONT WORK.

Me, Abin, Mukhzin, Usman and Hazeeq are supposed to be performing Andai Ku Tahu-Ungu this Monday for the perasmian Minggu Islam thing, but then ustazah cancel last minute because the school wont let us pinjam the freaking drum set.

If these are the reasons :

"Nanti drums tu rosak"
"Takut ada yang hilang"

Then, people, you don't know just about ANYTHG about drums yet. How can a drum ROSAK? I am just gonna play a slow song, and we're doing it fr the school's sake, doesn't contribute anything to me pun. And how can I curi the drums? It is big, my dear, people will know if I took it -.-"

There's this new thing you know, it's called "LOGIC".

Oh dear, I have just wasted my day today. From 2.30pm until 6.30pm. But thanks guys, it was fun and hilarious. AHHAHA (:

P/s Abin! Comel je keyboard duet with him ;p

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sorry followers !

Sorry people ! Lama gila tak blogging.

I dont have so much spare time lately, I've busy with this damn-it-hard form 4 studies. Nothing is much interesting anymore since most of my friends are not around. I miss them badly. SO BAD. Not to mention all the prefect works I have to get done with which at the end no one even freaking APPRECIATE. (relax) I am adapting the whole "Being Happy" philosophy now. I will breathe and smile everytime I feel like shouting and screaming "WAT DO YOU THINK I AM! " . You know, that kind of stuff (:

Oh I had a class drama competition yesterday. HAHAHA. It was super-hilarious. I was the alien though -,-" Nafis was Salmah. Well, he's a guy in baju kurung and selendang.

Chong(Lking) : Aku rasa macam bermimpi je.
Salmah(Nafis) : Tapi takkanlah kita bertiga bermimpi serentak?! (male voice)

Audience: Weyy, kau perempuan laa!

Salmah: Opss, sorry (girl voice)

Audience : -.-"

Mann, penek (penat in kamal's language) ah. Haha.

I'll be at Tiha's this afternoon, doing Bio model. Adios amigos (:


We were the kings and queens of promise,
We were the victim of ourselves

-30 seconds to mars.

My favourite two sentences (:
Small things make great changes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well, I take back my words, guys are just as complicated as girls.

If you think you are so important, well, gentleman, think again. I might have changed my mind.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



yeah righttt

I got home from my hometown yesterday (:

And you know what, the first thing my grandparents said to me was:

Grandad: Haa, ni dia si kurus ni.
Grandma: Nen ada ubat nak putihkan kulit *grinning.


Thanks a lot ppl.


If you ran for advice from a girl, you'll get:

Huney, life is unpredictable, things didn't always go to plan, the universe is a wonderful and mysterious place. So, just relax. Things will be alrght soon.

And vice versa if you ran to a dude:

Chill out, shit happens.

Sometimes I have to agree on the fact that girl is somehow complicated.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Going back to my hometown in Taiping, Perak tmrw for my mum's reunion gatherings of her school's friends. Hate to upset her, so yeah, joining.

I cant imagine if one day my child wont let me meet my long lost friends.

And we'll visit Kedah maybe. And Perlis. Ntah. Tktau la. Haven't even packed my clothes yet. And it's 10.15pm now. Esok je la. Haha. I am so tired.

Ntah la

I am thinking of perfoming at the schl's Laman Akma. You know, the mini stage beside the koperasi where people give speeches, sing, play musical instrument and stuff.

What do you think? Should I?

Well, me, Hazeeq, Mukhzin and Abin planned to perfom two songs maybe. But yeah, we're not confident enough about it, so, we're still reconsidering.


You can say I'm emotional. You can say I'm weak. You can say anything you want. Well, you just have no idea what have I went through. If you can be me for one day, I think you couldn't wait to be you again.



Hannim, I LOVE YOU! Always remember that hunneyy. I will miss you like cuhrazyyyyy.

Bye Raimi, goodluck and take care. Thanks for being a good friend dude ! Appreciate everything you did.

I suddenly flashback to Haziq's sayings;

Friends are like pieces of puzzle.

And my puzzle was complete. WAS. Now its missing. One piece by another. I wanna be the old me. I just wanna be Amirah again. I HATE EVRYTHING RGHT NW.

little sister and daddy

Adik: Abah, kerja apa yg gaji dia lebih 30,000?
Dad: Perompak.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

11 Feb 10, Thurs.

Penat laaaaaa.

Everyday has been so tiring. I barely have enough time to relax. As for now, I am taking a break before continuing my never-gonna-end homeworks. Urghh!

My back hurts, my tummy's screaming empty, my brain's forcing me to stop using it. I dont know why it haven't exploded yet.

I feel like changing school. It bores me to see, hear and do all the same stuff every single freaking day.

I am tired of watching her, how she got all the right things a girl shld have when I dont have any of 'em. Somehow, I dont feel like a girl anymore. I am sick of being fooled. I am sick of getting ignored. I am sick of taking the first move everytime. I am sick of trying to be patient when I can't help it anymore.

Wel I just realized something today,

Abin: You are very easy to fall in love.

Which I tried to think of a fact to deny it, but I dont seem to find any. Yeah, it is true. I fall in love too easily, and I got hurt quite TOO often. Nothing's seems to be on my side lately. And I gave up. Whatever happened, happened. Nothing will change. Whatever's gonna happen will happen. And faith, is unstoppable. I'm taking my own steps. And I hope nobody would care.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Current Obsession:

His warm hugs ,

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I shouldnt put any hope anymore
Cause he's not gonna change his mind.

7th Feb 10, Sunnyday (:

Today was AWESOME (:

Had a great time jamming at section 7 with Mukhzin, Munizam, Usman, Huzairi, Hazeeq, Abin, Liana, Raimi and Acip.

Mukhzin, Munizam and Hazeeq are damn superb with guitar, Acip is amazing with drumming and Usman and Raimi are trying their best in singing (HAHA). They played a few songs,

21 Guns
Supermassive Blackhole
Enter Sandman
You Are Mine
Time Is Running Out
& etc

They're fun to be with, seriously. Thanks people.

Oh I'm tired but I had absolute happiness :D

Saturday, February 6, 2010

6th Feb 10, 2010, Saturday.


Okayy, apart from losing in EVERYTHING for Earth this year, I am doing GREAT (:

Thanks A, teman I until midnight to finish all the Earth thingy. Oh rewinddd, I went to school last night from 9 until 12.30 just to finish hiasan khemah -.- Tired but satisfied. We lost, 4th place in khemah, but I'm very sure its not my fault. If we did sailor as our theme this year, we might have won *sighhhh. Never mind, this is all written faith, mora, take it or leave it.

Oh and today was a disaster, hooray. We lost in cheer and perbarisan. Overall we're in 4th place. Loser. But I'm VERY HAPPY (: Because I met someone :D Ohh, his body is building up. So hott babyyy ! HAHA.

Congrats Jups ! You guys were awesome.

Alrght I'm done, ty (:

BTW, p/s You dont have to read my blog if all you did is COMPLAINT, miss. You dont have to go all jealous when he's with me because he's yours alrght. He love you. You really should trust him. And I have no intention to tore you guys apart. Sry if my existence is one of your problem.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5th Feb 10, Friday.

3 events and I lost in all of em ! :D Awesome kann kann?

Haha, yeah yeah whatever.

Well, study time now. Since my events are all over, so its time for me to get all my delay-ed homeworks done. And I passed up my BM folio this afternoon :D haha I made it, FINALLY.

I'm happy enough today because at last, AAK explains everything and apologize to me face to face last night. Thank you, everything is clear now, so lets just open a new book. Forget the past, life must go on right? So its okay (: Goodluck with your relationship with her.

Oh I'm freaking tired so yeah, catch ya later.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Everyone's leaving me. Even when they're right beside me all the time but I still feel alone. All everyone around me talks about is only about this one girl who's kinda close to me and look at me, no one cared if I even exist.

Syamim, amirah dah almost jadi Iqbal wehh. Amirah even talked to Iqbal lately.


3rd Feb 10, Wed

1 folio on the wayyyy :O

I didnt get mrsm *sigh. But its okayy, everything happens for a reason (:

Hmm, tomorrow would be my 800m event. It'll be me against supergirls, Aisyah, Abin, Nurul Ain and a few others I barely know. Mann, I'm not expecting to win. But I just hope I dont fall or faint. Aminnn.

Hmm, I miss my sbp friends.

Oh btw, people, TEXT ME please, include your name sekali. I nak save. I'm using the same old number, just a new phone. So yeah, I would need your number. Pls and thank youuu.