Friday, January 29, 2010


There is a lot of interesting stuff which happened lately but I cant recall what is it.

Oh btw, I just got to know that they also put my name in 400m and 4x100. WATAFAAA??! They knew I cant deal with speed. I'll work on stamina but speed? Naa-aa-aa, not in a million years baby, no way. I'm fat, I have huge thighs, what do you expect? -.-"

So for some of my mates, today is their last day in SMKBJ. As far as SBP students are concerned, I would definitely miss Kamal, Syamim, Jabbar, Raisz, Zur, and not to forget, Amir Danial.

Korang, I am sorry for all that I've done wrong, anything that might have hurt you, all the insults and sarcasm you guys have to go through every single day with me (especially to Syamim and Kamal). Dont ask me to stop doing, because I know I can't (haha). Well thanks for all the help in either studies nor sports.

And you should know that apart from my harshness towards you guys,

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH that if it can be rated from 1 until 10, I'd go for 11 !

Gdnght (: