Saturday, January 30, 2010

30th Jan 10, Saturday (:

I woke up early today, went to school for latihan perbarisan which was a WHAT-THE-HECK one. Only 15 out of 33 people came this morning. Danggg, what a waste of time. Luckily, there's my babies with me, Mrisha and Ika. Or else, I could have start a riot by my own.

Well, by 10am, the practice has stopped for no reason. So, Mrisha and I decided to do some sports training since both of us is representing Earth for a few events. We did about 10 rounds of Block B. Quite tiring. And we sweat like a pig :D

Then we rested at the hall, watching the Earth's cheer leading practice, a lot of unfamiliar faces of form 1 and 2. I just hope everything will go well on the Sports Day. Go people ! Move it ! Haha.

Today was surprisingly fun, playing with the newspaper stroller, running and jumping here and there, dancing and insulting all at the same time, nothing could have been better (:

And the thing that I appreciate the most today was the kind and considerate heart of Mrisha, my love, to eventually help me release my inner stress and sadness when I thought no one else would care about. Thanks baby <3>