Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13th Jan 10, Wed.

Things have been so tiring lately. I hardly get enough time for myself. Well, I am quite disappointed because Cg Din cancelled the History presentation today. I've been awake last night just to do all those stuff. But History class today was great, no stress.

But this sarcasm annoys my life out this morning,

Class monitor: Stand up, class.
Me: Sehran, stand up.
Sehran: Amirah, stand up.
Me: (Wth, I am standing up)
Sehran: Oh you are? Sry.

He's trying to tell me how short I am and how tall he's getting lately -,-

As for now, I'm trying to find my way to skip all the hectic situation and just go take a nap, but the sound of the Oh-Im-Done-Washing-So-Get-The-Clothes-Outta-Me Washing Machine beside me wont let me do so.

Well, I'd better get my house chores done before add maths tuition starts tonight. *Sigh.