Sunday, January 31, 2010


Dont text or call me. I lost my bloody phone.

31st Jan 10, bad day.

Today was supposed to be fun :'( !

But it wasnt fun, well a little, yes, but a lot more of a drama in one day. I cant handle this much stress.

Went lunch at Bayu with my friends. Pretty much boredom I can say. Without Armand, Syamim, Qhaikal and Hariz's randomness, nothing is fun AT ALL. Thank God I just didnt kill myself just now. When it started raining, everyone seems to get so gloomy. Kamal's not talking to any of us except Abin. And Abin went away without telling *well she told me after tht though.

Me and Aisyah went to San Fransisco as instructed by my parents, we ate a little there and then my parents left us to fetch my sis from her friend's birthday party. So me and Aisyah were talking, chatting about some serious matter until I didnt realize ,

My phone which I put ON the table was gone. Like POOF, and GONE !

I searched like a crazy maniac, we traced back our footsteps, tried calling but in the end, we lost hope and straight away went home.

BYE BYE HANDPHONE, eventhough you suck at times but I still appreciate what you contributed to me all this while. I LOVE YOU.

And if you, phone-stealer, by any chance, are reading this post, please do give it back. I'll give you a few hundreds if you might just be kind-hearted and gave the phone back. It means a lot to me. Beware, stealer, I am going to make you suffer. I haramkan each and every second you touched that phone if you're really stealing it.

Current mood : Mad.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


You're messing around with me? Oh well, you have got the wrong person very very VERY mad here ! Wanna play hard, come let me give you some.

Sarcasm perhaps?

I'm seeing things in a better way now. I learnt a few things after all this drama you made up,

I learnt that,

Love is not a good idea after all;
Trusting you was the biggest mistake;
Being lesbian would be nicer;
I should use my brain instead of my heart;
I was blind-hearted after all;
That girl isn't lucky at all;
And you just plain SUCK.

Wow, that turns out to be so fun ;D

P/s I'm not done yet, you'll see more of this in the future 'sayang'.

30th Jan 10, Saturday (:

I woke up early today, went to school for latihan perbarisan which was a WHAT-THE-HECK one. Only 15 out of 33 people came this morning. Danggg, what a waste of time. Luckily, there's my babies with me, Mrisha and Ika. Or else, I could have start a riot by my own.

Well, by 10am, the practice has stopped for no reason. So, Mrisha and I decided to do some sports training since both of us is representing Earth for a few events. We did about 10 rounds of Block B. Quite tiring. And we sweat like a pig :D

Then we rested at the hall, watching the Earth's cheer leading practice, a lot of unfamiliar faces of form 1 and 2. I just hope everything will go well on the Sports Day. Go people ! Move it ! Haha.

Today was surprisingly fun, playing with the newspaper stroller, running and jumping here and there, dancing and insulting all at the same time, nothing could have been better (:

And the thing that I appreciate the most today was the kind and considerate heart of Mrisha, my love, to eventually help me release my inner stress and sadness when I thought no one else would care about. Thanks baby <3>

Love youu Abin,

Congrats Abin, for finding the urge to blog again :D

Rewind > last time Abin texted me.

Abin : I think i wanna quit blogging.
Mora : Whattheheck ! No way. You quit, I quit.
Abin : NOOO ! You have like 27 lives(followers) in your hands. Haha.

To Abin : Never force to blog. You dont have to impress sweetheart, try express instead. Go with what your heart has got to say. Give your red slimy jellyish pumping heart to speak up a few words (:

Friday, January 29, 2010


Gahh, got perbarisan practice tomorrow, lame, yes, i know i know.

But GO EARTHHH ;D haha.


There is a lot of interesting stuff which happened lately but I cant recall what is it.

Oh btw, I just got to know that they also put my name in 400m and 4x100. WATAFAAA??! They knew I cant deal with speed. I'll work on stamina but speed? Naa-aa-aa, not in a million years baby, no way. I'm fat, I have huge thighs, what do you expect? -.-"

So for some of my mates, today is their last day in SMKBJ. As far as SBP students are concerned, I would definitely miss Kamal, Syamim, Jabbar, Raisz, Zur, and not to forget, Amir Danial.

Korang, I am sorry for all that I've done wrong, anything that might have hurt you, all the insults and sarcasm you guys have to go through every single day with me (especially to Syamim and Kamal). Dont ask me to stop doing, because I know I can't (haha). Well thanks for all the help in either studies nor sports.

And you should know that apart from my harshness towards you guys,

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH that if it can be rated from 1 until 10, I'd go for 11 !

Gdnght (:

Pegi mati.


So you think I'm easy? Well, now you should know that you were so wrong, you freakk! I am not disposable, reusable nor can be recycled. I regret trusting you. I regret to even gave a chance. Go. Live with that girl. You took my heart away and now you're leaving? What did I do? Where went wrong? You said you dont care about her anymore? You said you guys were over? I thought she's your past? I thought you're the one. *sigh.

I hate you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

27th Jan 10, Wednesday

Ohmygod, all I knew when I wake up this morning was my aching body.

Yesterday was a huge energy lost, after school ends at 1.05pm, I went to my mum's schl and change there. I went home at 3.00pm because I thought the sports activity were cancelled since it was raining. But then Kamal told me, "Ada la wehh, the rain stopped". So I went back to school.

Warm up, and run a few rounds at the field, preparing for 800m and 4x4. Shizzz, they simply pick me, so random mannn! At 6pm, went to D'Bayu, hangout with the guys and then head to Hannim's place for Physics tuition.

Went home at 10pm. Do homework, slept at 1am. Woke up at 6am.

Haven't slept since then. But yesterday was an AWESOME day (: *personal purposes. HAHA.

And today, besides from the new Physics practical teacher, everything flows fluently. Oh well, I better get my work done, having tuition tonight. Chiao chiao.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Yawww readers and friends !

My friend, Fa, is selling out his reference books form 4 and 5 for extremely low prices. The books are of famous and reliable brands. The condition of the books are all still fine and healthy. Interested? Contact me via Facebook, MySpace or MSN. You can even simply come and ask directly :) Dont worry, I give you no harm at all.

Loves, Mora.



Please dont leave just yet. I'm gonna show you real fun ;)

<3 A

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well oh well, my brother said I shouldnt be too close to him because he's not a loyal guy. *sigh. Cant someone just agree when I'm with MY fun?

Then people tends to ask me,

U: Lets have fun!
Me: Alrght.
U: So, what is your idea of fun?
Me: Well hanging out perhaps.
U: Ohh besides that?

I mean, WTH? These questions were repeatedly asked by my parents, obviously, who wouldn't let me hang out too much. Even when they know I wont do bad stuff.

Oh well, went to McD last night. Had my dinner with me familia there. And there's this guy. Okay how do I put this together. Errr. There's this guy who's having some mental issues or extreme stress or a great heartbreak or a brain blockage or maybe a turnover.... Ohh shut up already, he is clearly retarded.

Guess what he did.

*Radio playing one indie band song.

Him: Lalalalalalajhawiufvnkjojehfiu (singing to the song in his own 'words')
Me: ....... (staring)
Him: *stood up* peluklah diriku dan jgn kau lepas kan ku, dan jgn kau lepaskan ku dari mu.
Me: (wth is wrong with this guy)
Him: *smiles and sat back on his chair. Eating his french fries with LOTS of chili sauce.

Allahuakbar, ada jgk org mcm ni, kesian.

And that's not just it. He started to talk to idk, a hallucination maybe. He talked to the chair opposite him, seems like there's someone there but there weren't anyone.

Me: R i g h t. Lets go home.
My family: Yeah. We should.

Today, after berbuka puasa, I asked my mum.

Me: Ma, can I get a new phone?
Ma: What's wrong with yours?
Me: Its half dead by now. The line were on and off. Took me half an hour to send one message.
Ma: Why?
Me: Errrr. Heeee. Mmmm. I dropped it. Lots of time *muka mercy.
Ma: I'll think about it. But the budget is under RM300.
Me: Whatever lh ma, I just need a working phone.

That left me in despair until now.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

:D hyper

Clap your hands everybody, the higher here we go !

Put your hands in the air ! Stick up stick up stick up :D

Gay okay

We learned about poems in school yesterday. So this inspires me to write one. Well, TRY, atleast. For my first experiment, I would make it a sad and depressing one. Haha *I have no positive spirit at all, dont I? Well, here goes nothing.

Have you ever feel lost?
Have you ever feel leftout?
Have you ever feel like turning back?
Dont you ever need a second chance?
When you see nothing but dark,

But wait,
Life IS hard,
And you know what?
Its okay.
This is fine.
It should be this way.

Nothing could get better (:


Well, I know who she is now. The one I met every single day infront of the school gate.

Wow, so its her. Thank you. Goodbye.

Sunday morning

Good Morning (:

Friday, January 22, 2010

23rd Jan 2010

T I R E D.

Penat doe -,-" Early in the morning I'm at the school gate for almost one hour, looking out for late students. Then, got into class, studying English, chatting around in Sejarah, then go recess. Didnt bertugas, wow at least something was great today. Then prefect's meeting, talk about hari sukan and all. Got into class in Bio, learned about amoeba s.p here and there. Fun. Wow.

P/s Syamim, Ahkeong, aku tk PENT la weyy !

AAK (:


I miss you;

I need you;

Enjoying every single minute tht we spent together (:

<3 A

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20th Jan, Wednes.

So lets see, Wednesday.

N O T H I N G.

Well, finally sejarah presentation is DONE babyyy ! Lega dah. I just got back from Add Maths tuition. My heads are all turning upside down and downside up. Great that I'm home.

Nothing caught my attention lately. I couldnt stop thinking abt something else. And to be specific, SOMEONE. P/s Not the one yr thinking, Abin. Haha. Well Rempah IS cute but you know, I dont go for 'cute'.

Going to bed. Gdnght.

Monday, January 18, 2010

18th Jan 10, Monday

Awww, dont say that. I'm pinked all over ! (:

I am falling in love, AGAIN. HA HA.

Anyway, nothing's really awesome today so I dont wish to really blog. Just stopping by to say hi.

And BYE.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


ALAAAAAAA, i hv no maths book to do my add maths homework in -,-"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Memories :')

Paradise :O

Move it kids :D

Sisters and Brothers ;D haha, MJ.

Wow, Beckham is soooo tall that I looked short -,-

Awww bebehhh !

Brangelina :D

Had so much fun in Hong Kong (:


Body Shop's Fraise Gel Douche Gommant <3

Friday, January 15, 2010

16th Jan 10.

I am living with my brother today and tomorrow. My family went back to our hometown in Taiping. So yeah, practically, I'm free. HAHA.

But instead of having fun, I'm blurred all over. I dont know wht to do. So alone and boring without my sister around. I dont know why I'm saying this but I think she really plays an important role in my life. Without her, its plain empty. ('IT' refers to my life fyi). *Sigh.

Anyway, I got to be the Bendahari for KRS :D haha, yeay!


Check this out

There goes my temporary band. Listen to Yes I do and Its True (Guitar cover) by Faiz Bruce. Well, I have no freaking idea what happened, suddenly, I'm in a band named Note From Us. And I'm the only girl.

Purpose of hvg this band is just fr the sake of FUN.

15th Jan 10, Friday.

Just called Jabbar to knw the fact tht I didnt get SBP. Yeah, yeah, wtv, I couldnt care less.

Most of the girls didnt get SBP, but most of the guys did. Jabbar got Science School in Kuala Selangor, Raisz got Seremban, Syamim and Amir got Alam Syah. Haziq also got Alam Syah but in different location, Hazeeq got Sekolah Integrasi (Sklh Agama), and Kamal got SBPI Rawang and NOT GOING (p/s I'm writing in capital letters bcse he did so in his SMS to me) Haha.

5 new students today. 2 boys and 3 girls. One of the girls are supercute that almost everyone is talking abt her. Bores me. One of the boys are cute too :D no doubt, HAHA. Nahh, I'm gay.

P/s typing in the dark. Saving the light energy. Being a good soul lately.

To Abin: Its okay, I felt leftout too. EVRYTIME.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

14th Jan 10, Thurs

Maaf, phone saya tksabar nk kena recycle. Anythg, call my house number.

Alrght so it has been such a tiring day today. Spotcheck early in the morning. Gahh. Abin was letting randomness control her soul. Now why do I said that? Wont it be obvious someone isnt being normal when she pronounce scientific cell angelles in French and adapting Qalqalah in Biology? Was it me or she is quite TOO random? ;p

Impressed me to know tht Abin can read and write in Korean language :O Plain A W E S O M E !

Sad fact today is that I thought I could skip drawings by not taking LK, but NA-A, I was nothing but wrong. Bio requires us to draw. Cells. After magnified. Minimum half a page per cell. No shading. Exact labelling. And etc. I would love to draw, but the fact that I can't, makes drawing kinda frustrating to me. All I did was staring and holding an eraser. Which would turn into dust if I start drawing a few inches more.

Okay I'm done here. I hear lots of hey-dont-you-blog-anymore questions frm you guys, well I DID blog, depends on my time though. Form 4 has been kinda hard on me.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Teach me how to have fun or to even smile because I think I forgot how.

If I could pleasantly wish for something impossible now, I think it would be Pausing Time. I just wanna have a nap for a while T_T oh dear,

13th Jan 10, Wed.

Things have been so tiring lately. I hardly get enough time for myself. Well, I am quite disappointed because Cg Din cancelled the History presentation today. I've been awake last night just to do all those stuff. But History class today was great, no stress.

But this sarcasm annoys my life out this morning,

Class monitor: Stand up, class.
Me: Sehran, stand up.
Sehran: Amirah, stand up.
Me: (Wth, I am standing up)
Sehran: Oh you are? Sry.

He's trying to tell me how short I am and how tall he's getting lately -,-

As for now, I'm trying to find my way to skip all the hectic situation and just go take a nap, but the sound of the Oh-Im-Done-Washing-So-Get-The-Clothes-Outta-Me Washing Machine beside me wont let me do so.

Well, I'd better get my house chores done before add maths tuition starts tonight. *Sigh.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Wow, finished Add Maths question number 2, 3 and 4. But have no idea abt number 1 and 5. OH CRAPPP.

ABINN, help me! -.-

Anyway, I just discovered that everyone, as in EVERY STUDENT in the school will have to do a folio on our BM novel. I mean, wataheck! We haven't even got our book yet. Now they're expecting us to finish the folio in two weeks frm now I think. GAY.

Earth team too, is GAY though, no doubt. Anyway, congrats Abg Fahkrie. Good luck being a captain.

8th Jan 10, Friday.

So yesterday was my chemistry tuition at Hannim's. And we just discovered that our tuition teacher took Civil Engineering before he gave up to be a tuition teacher as a full time job. We were wondering why. So we took the guts to ask,

Me: Why?
Hannim: Being a tuition teacher gives a lot of paycheck is it?
Teac: No, its not about the money.
Eza: Its about the passion is it?
Teac: No. It IS about the money.
Us: -,-" Hahahaha.

Oh he's awesome. He's a great teacher.

Now, I am supposed to be doing my add maths homework but I am stuck at question 2. You must think I manage to answer question 1 right? No, I skipped that one. So basically, I haven't done anything yet. Ohmygosh, I need some help. Will do it slowly though.

Anyway, I forgot to wear my name tag today, prefects' one to be specific. So, I had to round the cabin block 2 times in one minute. G R E A T -.-

P/s Abin, my drum teacher taught me All The Single Ladies- Beyonce. HAHA.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6th Jan 10, Wed

If I were given a dollar for everytime you gave me the hey-miss-you-stole-my-boyfriend look, I think I'd be rich by now.

What the heck woman, whats wrong with you?

My 3 Omega classmates would probably know who am I referring to. She cant stop staring at me when I'm with him. Come on, I'm his friend. And so does everyone. You dont expect him to stop talking to all girls just to please you, dont you?

Alrght, done :) No heart feelings ayy.

Anyway, today was just fine. The teachers were all fun. Thank God. Well, I have lots of things to settle, so yeah, gtg.

Monday, January 4, 2010

4th January 2010, Monday/ Moan-day

Waking up early in the morning was one thing, getting a COLD shower was another and going to school just to know the fact that I'll be in 4 Beta while my other besties were in 4 Epsilon was a nightmare come true -,-

Well, apart from being thankful that our sejarah teacher is Cikgu Din instead of Ustaz Azka, nothing was interesting today. My God ! I was sitting at a seat infront with a girl that I barely even know who and who wasnt even talking to me throughout the class.

I feel like screaming and crying all at the same time. Gahh. Seriously a boring day. I dont know how to EVEN freaking live/survive in that freaking class even for another day. *inhale exhale. Alrght, I'll get use to this. I would like to try being Iqbal anyway :D haha.

I better go study now. Chiao.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2nd Jan '10

AWAY to Genting Highlands.

P/s Extremely tiring, Orientation Day Form 1.