Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 !

HELLO 2011 !

So this year I didn't exactly celebrate the new year. I just stayed at home watching Ong Bak. And to my surprise, the story's AMAZING! Oh I love it. Starring Tony Jaa, a Siamese/Thailanese muscular dude. Now I am still stunned by his Muay Thai. He made me believed that there is such thing like The Strongest Person in the world. You know, kinda like believing Santa existed. The feeling, fantastic (: I really wanted to watch Ong Bak 2, just after Ong Bak 1 that I watched but I looked at the time, the story ends at 2am. I wanna be in bed by then so maybe next time T_T But I didn't regret at all staying at home on this New Year's Eve. I think I might just got luckier. And fatter. Haha. Last night I had Burger King's Grilled Chicken Burger for dinner. And a piece of Secret Recipe's Pea Corn Butterscotch Cake for supper and went straight to bed. Tonight I had McD's McChicken and some porridge and a hot lemon tea (which I prefer to call as my 'Midnight Tea') . I think my uncontrollable appetite is because of Beijing. I hardly ate there. I lost 3kgs when I am back in Msia. Chinese Muslim food, not so much to my liking. Ahha. Well, I'm heading to bed afterwards, just updating this thing before I'm hitting the sack (Kamal's sentence in his essay ;p) hahaha. Oh and school's coming really soon. In 2 days to be exact. Didn't get anything new this year. Too lazy. I've been using my pencil case for years. 2011; my last year in school. SPM year. I'm supposed to freak out but that's almost impossible right now. Haven't studied. Haven't done a thing. And still not freaking out. Maybe I'll freak after seeing my next exam results. Then I'll start studying. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? I just need some encouragement I think. Haha. Whatever. Lets not talk about that. Oh and I have this crisis. Too lonely I think. But I can't call it a mid-life crisis. Thats pure crap. I'm not 40. Yet. But again, whatever. And oh I MISS MY FRIENDS, for crying out loud ! The boys and the girls. Miss them like crazaayy. Can't wait to meet you guys back in school.

See you by then people :D

Loves and hates,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beijing #5

Lin- The tourguide

Izzul- My second cousin

Mineral water tht turned into ice after we walked at Tienanmen Square

They are trying to jump but ofcourse, failed.

My mum and me at the hotel

Beijing #4

Drinking Hot Chocolate; it was a very cold day

Lunch at another Muslim Restaurant

Snow in Tianjin

Morning walk after Breakfast

Some random salesguy

Beijing #3

Foot Massage Center (didn't get the massage because I'm under 20y/o -,-)

Lunch at a Muslim Restaurant

Tienanmen Square

The Emperor's Garden; a weird lump tree

Olympic Stadium

Monday, December 27, 2010

Beijing #2

Tea Ceremony



Great Wall of China

One of the tower on top

Beijing #1

LCCT; KL > Tianjin

Otw to Hot Spring Hotel

Lunch the next day

Summer Palace

Can this be more ironic? Haha


Remember the last post where I said; Can't wait to get out of this misery.

And as a person now, I'd say; I'm glad to get out from those misery.

The weather there is COLD and DRY. So my trachea felt uncomfortable because it was cold but zero humidity. My skin was dehydrated all over. But it's healing now :D haha.

Back Back Back


From Beijing. Well, my flight home was on the 26th. Supposedly departed at 3.50pm but delayed to 4.20pm. Arrived at around 11pm. Went for supper at our favorite kedai mamak. Then, head home. Unpacked, showered, separate clothes for laundry and sleep at 2.30am.

So penat that I missed the pengawas thing at school the next day. And the rest of my days were resting and re-shopping days since the house is practically foodless. Haha. And I only update my bloggy today because I feel like talking. Haha.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Going on a vacation. Can't wait to get out of this misery.


Went jamming with Muzen, Hazeeq, Munizam and Abin this morning. It was fuunnnn :D

Sorry tak ajak. Memang tak nak ajak pun ;p

Monday, December 13, 2010


Oh and this is a very long time ago. Around early November I think. My sister's Standard 6 Dinner. Oh how lucky are they? We never get any of this events during our years kan?

YAY :')

Oh I forgot to tell you that my mum has graduated ! :D Oh I'm so proud of her.


I think Sam Tsui is a greaaaaat singer, you know its hard to find good male singers nowadays. I love his firework/grenade mashup. I think its amazing :D And he's good looking too (Y)


Went audition with CUC (Call Us Cute) last saturday.

Out of nowhere, we made a song. At first, me, Emilio and Arman have absolutely nothing, zero, ideas. But in the end we managed to completely came up with a song.

Its about a tomboy who happens to like a guy who had a boyfriend. In other words, she liked a gay dude. She tempt to kill his boyfriend in order to take him from him. But then the boyfriend realized that somehow he's in love with her.

HAHA (Y) Somehow neither the song nor the story even made sense :D


Been working out lately. Getting biceps. Well atleast trying to get one. Its really hard for girls to earn biceps. Plus I'm a foodie. So I never actually followed the recommended diets to gain muscles so I guess I'll never get those beautiful biceps.

Some people asked me, "Why do you want biceps? It looks disgusting on girls."

So my answer would be; I believe that the only thing that differentiates a girl from another girl is their strength and ability to make changes to themselves and others as though they live to serve for the lives around them.

And some replied, "Girls are meant to be protected by boys."

And my reply wld be; To hell with your weakness. Everyone needs help. Even boys.

Everyone can absolutely be anything that they want. There's no such thing as 'meant to be'.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annoying phone calls

Don't you call me randomly saying I'm your best friend back then in 2 yrs time because I don't even know who you are and what do you bloody want from me?

And youu, don't you call me early in the morning just to harass me with your Malay songs, you annoying retards.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recently watched.

Watched Social Network.

It was okay, fun to watch. It was 18PL. But I don't knw what was the 18PL for. Maybe they cursed a lot but yeah, does it have to be 18? haha. But the story's pacing was really slowww, like Twilight minus the clishay-ness. The story's a flashback. Some scenes were awesome, but some was (porny-ish) awkward especially when your kid sister was sitting beside you in the cinema. Well basically from a scale of 1 to 5, where 5's the highest, I'd give this movie a 3.5. Haha. It was just to slow to satisfy my interest.

There was this humorous scene, where Eduardo claimed that he didn't violate/abuse a chicken under his care.

Eduardo: I did not torture chicken...I did not torture chicken ! I was having a dinner at a restaurant with Mark. I brought the chicken along. I ordered a chicken and my other chicken have to eat. So I gave the chicken to the other chicken and they sue me for cannibalism.

Well, it was SOMETHING like that.

Bye now (:

What a day (:

Last Sunday I went to Serdang for a MAHA industrial exhibit or something like that with my parents. Ahha. And there, I saw a lot of stuff. Stuff that I never actually consider much in my life before.

I saw some cows, sheeps and goats. They weren't the usual ones. They were HUGE . No, HUMONGOUS . And really really smelly. HAHA. But there was where our dairy products, meat and fur coats came from. To think back, they are wonderful sources of life.

So, moving on, I saw some weird looking rabbits, which is so creepy. And the baby rabbits are way creepier. Then cats. Which I consider cute, but not for me. I mean, they are superbly cuddly and all but I think I'm just to phobic-ish to have pets.

And as I were walking, I saw chairs.

Me: Finally, chairs ! and fan. (It was sooooo hot)

So I went to a big pondok-like place facing a wide horse's field. And I just realized there were posters of a Rodeo show which have ended by the time I came (dang it). And the Rodeo riders were white men. White sexay men. They were having an auction of one of the white man's shirt. It was a baby blue checkered collared shirt which he had taken off from his body. And I saw his tattoo on his right pelvis. HAHA ! Not pervert, 'accidentally' saw it ;p

When I arrived at that pondok, the auction already reached RM40. So, curious, I just stood there looking at how the auction went. After RM40, no one raised the price anymore. So the other white man (host) went up to my pondok (well they were on the field tadi), and he was standing right infront of me, looking at me. So I gave him just a small smile. And he goes,

White man: I have RM50 here !
Everyone: *Staring at me.
White man: Yeah RM50 ! *pointing at me.

And I was like,

Me: Oh no no no sir. I'm not...
Everyone: *starts to cheer.

Oh no -,-
And so, they didn't even sell the shirt in the end, the just gave it for free to the RM40 man.

After the event, all white men take off their shirt while leaving the field. OH GOSH (Y)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Latent heat

During Phy tuition,

Teac: Okay so as you know cold water is not so hot right?

WHAT ? -,-

Sunday, November 21, 2010



I wanna punch your face until you die (:

okay lappie out of battery. so bye fr now !

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quality time spent with Abinos Carlos Santana


Italian : Phebe Colombo

French: Christelle Bouchet

Korean: Song Eun Byung

Spanish: Leonor Cordero (Y)


Meaning:Name Of A Princess In Celtic Legend

Meaning:To Wrap Or Bind

Meaning:The Perfect One

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diwali (:

Well this might be kinda early, but


To Losh, and everyone who celebrates it (:

Bosan bored

I got really bored this evening that I decided to hit my music again.
Worked. Well, a bit.

So this is how the result like,

A messy 16y/o woman. Haha :D


Third, Woman! you have to tell me where you're going.

Haha, chill la Eza. I will do so. Soon (:

Monday, November 1, 2010



Thursday, October 14, 2010


I was eating pisang goreng for lunch one evening, with my mum

Mum: *staring at me while I took the first bite at the pisang goreng.
Me: Mmm, rangup.
Mum: Panas?
Me: Rangup.
Mum: Panas?
Me: Rangup. Tapi tak panas.


Then today,

Mum: *staring at me eating porridge.
Me: Panas ;p

Saturday, October 9, 2010


So I went to mamak this morning for breakfast (saw Irina and her parents there coincidently). There was this tehtariktv on the flat screen and then i saw this amazing sentence;

Its better to be quiet and to be thought that we're stupid rather than talk and confirm it.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010






It's a pleasure to see you happy. I want you to believe that there IS happiness in this world. I wanna be the one who gives you strength to go through this life. Lets just live our life because you can't get it twice. This is your teenage years, HAVE FUN, GO NUTS ! That is what we're supposed to do and when you're ready, ring me okay ?

Forget about your past because there's a reason why they didn't get into your future.

And you know,

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amazing asians ;p

I adore this kid.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So it was after everyone has went back from my cousin's open house, Ieka and I was sitting outside on the stacked chairs in the garage. There's no one there. We had our private & confidential talk there about some stuff, well in another word, we're gossiping. Tengah bestbest storystory, suddenly,

Ieka: *eyes widen looking directly behind me.
Me: *thinking maybe it was just a cat because dari tadi this white cat tries to korek tong sampah.
Ieka: Weyy
Me: *looking behind me.
Me: .......................

It was a dog, just a few meters away from me. I was inside the gate and the dog's outside. It was big, really huge. And it looks really hungry,

Me: LARI ! *jump off frm the chair and tries to run.
Ieka: *held my elbow. Jangan wey, nanti dia kejar.
Me: Cepat lh weyy *pulling her.
Ieka & Me: *Looked at each other.


Luckily, the dog ran away. Unfortunately, we got scold by tuk, sbb bising sangat.

Kelapa parut (!)

HAHA, I still remember this day when I once bought a kelapa parut for my mom.

It was at this groceries store near my house. The owner is an Indian man. So after my brother has parked the car and claimed that, "Abang mengantuk la. Kau la pegi beli, abang nak tido balik lepas ni." I don't bother to argue so I just went to the shop. I walk straight to the man,

Me: Kelapa parut satu biji.
Man: *nods.
Man: Kaki awak ada buat operation ka?
Me: err, tak?
Man: Habis tu kenapa awak jalan senget?
Me: (whaaaat?)

Hahaha, I was wearing my sling bag which I didn't sling. So it seems like I walked senget.

Haha apa jee.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am really busy with my Accounts Kerja Kursus so I might not be blogging that often. Plus, FINALS are coming soon !

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I made a small gathering for my schoolmate this morning at my place.

Oh thanks to;


They came. They MADE it to my house. I just have one question running in my head for the others, why do I could ALWAYS go to your place, I could ALWAYS join any occasion of yours, all the time, but why YOU, can't even once get to my place for MY one and only event? Why is it so hard? I know I live far away from the grand 'Bukit Jelutong', I know I don't have a huge mansion like yours, I know I am not rich, I know I live in a cheap area, cheap house but can't you at least TRY to come? It hurts, you know, to be friends with you guys. Because sometimes, I feel that I am the lowest, at the very bottom part of your list.

I am always left out, no one even care.



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thanks Muzen

It was fun at Mukhzin's :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


I will miss you Jabb :')

Amirah Mora

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My Hari Raya is pretty much like the other cuti. No difference. Oh I met Jabbar and Ahmad Haziq at Jabb's house yesterday. It was fun, I tell you. Well, I really miss them so it really is a pleasure meeting them. I told everything to them. As in EVERYTHING. Even though it has been a long time since we last met but they are still the old, fun them. They have been in asrama for more or less than 6 months, and look at them, they never change. They remain exactly the way they were. But, you, who were here all the time, transform totally into another person. I thought I know you long enough, but its like I don't know you at all. I am really disappointed.

And who are 'YOU'?

You guys.

What have I done?

I felt like blogging when I signed in to Blogspot just now, but then, after reading my friends' posts, I change my mind.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Do you have any idea I like you? Haha funny isn't it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Eid ul-Fitr Day !

Well I will be away for quite a while. So,


May all of us have a safe journey this festive season.

A message from Amirah. At morebymora, I care about your safety.

I will miss you Blogspot ! Take care everyone. Bye ! :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

4th September

Oh last night was awesome :)

Met my cousins, my aunts, my uncles and some of my other relatives (who I'm not really sure what's my relation to them). We had our berbuka puasa together. Oh I love the homemade Kebab so muchhh ! Its delicious I tell youu. I think I ate like 10 of that :D haha. And I also had Nasi Arab and a LOT of drinks (7-up, syrup soda, Barbican) I just stuff myself until I feel really full and bloated :D HAHA.

And then me, Ieka, Afiq and my little sister, Aina, watched the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Well, to sum it, the story's AWESOME. its an adaptation from the novel : Diary of A Wimpy Kid. Its amazing, really :) Simple but brings a beautiful message to kid's of middle school out there.


I have been to those times when nothing seems to work. And I have done things that you did. And now I really regret it. Its a sin. We can't hurt ourselves. We have no rights to do so. So I want you to try something, when you're mad or feeling really crappy, take a shower, if you have a bath tub then go dive into it. Take a cold shower and just enjoy it. Let it flow to your head. Stay that way and think about your problem then close your eyes and let your problems flow down like that droplets of water from the shower. It always work on me and I hope it would for you too (:


I forgive you.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My past knocks on my door :')

Monday, August 30, 2010


Keep it,


What is wrong with that kid? Seriously, I was feeling sympathetic to that little boy at first but then it turns out that he deserved to be mad at. YOU ARE NOT RIGHT KIDDO ! I really think he need some intensive care. I mean, he is only 7 y/o, Standard 1 mannn. And he's already acting like this. Gosh I feel sorry for you and your parents. I would pray for you, I wish you could change.

Today was a really tiring day. I've been chasing this kid everywhere. I've got to tell you this story, Abin. Hari Rabu nanti :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Down Below

I know you can hear me right now
I'm gnna tell you that I need you somehow
As your heartbeat they fade and those memories they makes
It hard for me not cry

Now breathe all you can while you’re still here with me
And don’t be afraid cause your going to a safe place
People would remind me of you through the days but you know
That I'm smiling at you down below

Today I'm alive and I'm looking at your pictures
Thinking why did I shout at you when you know whats good for me
And now I regret but I wont forget
How you use to cheer me up and kiss me to bed.

-Down Below, Heart-A-Tack-

This song is very very deep and meaningful to her. I'm sorry for your lost.


At Sunway Pyramid this morning,

Me: Hahaha, lawak gila shades ni.
Aina: Hahaha, besar gilaa.
Abg: Eh, tu bkn Abin ke?
Me: *checkout* agak ahh !
Me: *runs to chase her*
Me: Hye Binnn ! :D
Abin: Oh HYEE !

Then we hug and etc .

Haha what a coincidence? And that evening, Liana texted me saying she's also at Sunway and claimed she saw me. Haha ambik satu gang pergi shopping.

P/s ABINOS, Amirah tak study langsung today nor yesterday. Lagi bestt :D tk study dan tak berniat nak study pun. Haha.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Chemical Romance

I MISS MCR. The song is so deep and meaningful. They don't just scream without any reason in their song. They might be kinda metal, but the lyrics inspire ppl to change. In a very HARSH way. Because they know that the good way never works.

These are a few of my favorite lines from their songs.

Cause I see you lying next to me,
With words I thought I'd never speak,
Awake and unafraid,
Asleep or dead.

I'm not afraid to keep on living,
I'm not afraid to walk this world alone,
Honey, if you stay, I'll be forgiven,
Nothing you can say to stop me going home.

-Famous Last Words

Because they sleep with a gun,
And keep an eye on you, son,
So they can watch all the things you do.

Because the drugs never work,
They gonna give you a smirk,
Cause they got methods of keeping you clean.

They're gonna rip up your heads,
Your aspirations to shreds,
Another cog in the murder machine.


When you go,
Would you have the guts to say,
I don't love you,
Like I loved you yesterday.

-I Don't Love You.

At the end of the world,
Or the last thing I see,
You are,
Never coming home,
Never coming home,
Could I?
Should I?
And all the things that you never ever told me,
And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me,
Never coming home,
Never coming home,
Could I?
Should I?
And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me,
For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me.

-The Ghost Of You.

I've told you time and time again you sing the words,
But don't know what it means.

-I'm Not Okay.

What's the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I say,
So long and goodnight,
So long and goodnight.






I am mad. REALLY REALLY MAD right now.




TIADA SESIAPA PUN layak hina Nabi Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w.




Change. People, igtlah, dunia dh nak kiamat.

Janganlah kamu menempah tiket ke Neraka Jahannam.


Reminder for everyone and also myself.


Its been my sleepless night just looking at the perfect moon.

Penat hahaha

Best oh berbuka semalam :D Kenakan Liana the whole evening. 5 MINIT ;p hahaha. And oh everyone's keep forcing me to eat. It was just a short but beautiful gathering. Everyone looks so happy. No one's being moody and all. It kinda brought me back to 2009 (:

Thanks people fr the great time.


You are way more interesting without her. HAHA :D
I'm happy knowing you're healing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just read about Kes Pembuangan Bayi in the newspaper and GOD I felt like killing their parents.

I mean, come on ! You did 'THAT' and then you're pregnant. Only by then you realized what you and your so called NICE boyf did was wrong. Okay, when the baby comes out, what did you do? You throw them away just like that ! What kind of human are you? That baby of yours tak mintak nak dilahirkan pun. They have no sin. They are so innocent but you, YOU, that has no heart at all. Not even a little sympathy towards them. You made them, for God's sake ! They deserve a chance to live. How do you live until this moment? Think about it. You live your life now because


Some married couples, they really wanted babies. Why don't you give it to them? Atleast the child has a future. You spoilt yours but you don't deserve to destroy their's ! You did ONE mistake, and you know its wrong, but then you did a bigger mistake next. Then what? Do it again and throw some more babies is it? Wow, congratulations, you are now officially an animal.

I am really sensitive about this issue so sorry if I overreact in this post. I'm just so mad.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Saya Kelate !

Gay no mu ni. Haha kata saingg :D


I did bad in my Drum Test.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Last Tuesday I think, I received a phone call.

Dude: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Dude & Me: Hello.
Me: Err hello?
Dude: .....
Me: Who's this?
Dude: You Hayden ah?
Me: (laa, ni mesti random Chinese dude)
Dude: Hayden ah?
Me: No.
Me: I'm not Hayden.
Dude: (Disconnect)

Then he called me 4 times more after that. I can't stand it so I turn off my phone. Then when I have switched it back on, I saw a lot of missed calls. So I texted him,

"I am not Hayden. I think you got the wrong number, mister."

And he never called me again. Ever. Haha.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tell me what you want to hear
Something that'll light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away
This time
Don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics never jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away.

-One Republic, Secrets


Scene 1

KF: Hey, pimpleface !
Me: -.-

Scene 2

KF: Err...
Me: If you were to insult me, then you don't have to say it.
KF: Hahaha :D

-.- apa ini?

AUGUST TEST yg sggh hebat ! -.-

Oh exams over ! ALRIGHT !

At home...

Okay whats next?

Haha I don't have anything to actually do even though exam's over. So yeah, I decided to blog a bit.

This August Test was really a Oh-This-Tuesday-Exam? kinda test. So I did not expect much in my results. I did VERY VERY bad in Sejarah and Add Maths so lets die together (: Well nothing was easy. As in SERIOUSLY. In Physics, I forgot to convert Joule to KJoule, so 0 mark there. And as for Chemistry, I don't freaking know that we have to freaking put the freaking 0 in the freaking decimal. Gahhh. Oh I'm tired of thinking, so WHATEV.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


There must be something to keep the whole world together,


And love towards your girlfriends or boyfriends really does not count here.

In this age, that so-called-"love" brings NOTHING. ZERO. NADA. AT ALL.


This is how Syamim takes his life as,

"Hidup ni ada dua benda je;
Mcm mana kau hidup,
Mcm mana kau mati."

And I totally agree with him.

This morning, at 8.30am, after I'm done with the shower and everything, I went down to my TV room. I brought my book with me. And I switch on the lights and fan. I put my book on the sofa and switched on the TV.

And suddenly, water started to drop out from my mouth. By then I realized that I didn't close my mouth, it was open all the way. HAHA !

Maluuuuu :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is to everyone who are down at the moment,

I hope this poem that I wrote myself would calm you down,


This poem is not at all about teenage love,
You had changed,
He changed you,
And you changed him.
Look around,
You gained one thing,
And you thought you have found,
The 'IT' you've finding all this while,
But yet,
You lost everything from your past,
You let go of it so fast,
As if it never exist,
Never exist at all.

You may run far away,
Far, far away,
But if you lost this game,
And you have nothing anymore,
Turn back,
And you'll see,
Mum & Dad is still standing behind you,
They've always been there,
Waiting, in case you change you mind.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Ramadhan 2010

This Ramadhan, I am gonna change. I'm gonna be a better person. I'm gonna achieve a higher level of puasa, not just stoping myself from eating but also other makruh stuff. Lets respect and appreciate Ramadhan. May us all be blessed by Allah all the time. Insyaallah, Aminn.


I just heard a very shocking news about my school. I kinda not believe it yet. But we'll see how.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hos 2010

Penatnya HOS -,-

But it was awesome. Well, for me la. It was really tiring, especially Day 2. Minus all the dramas and pain, it was purely a great trip (:


I really don't wanna talk bad behind you but I really am SICK of you.
Who are you? Where's my friend?

Please, give me back my old friend.

I knew you for a long time, but now it seems like I never know you at all.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old pictures :D 2009

Hannim buat apa tuu ha?

Aisyah, showing her biceps.

Dating (:

Hariz Ali, the happiest man :)
Qhaikal, the exact opposite. Haha (:

Monday, August 2, 2010


In between class interval, KF went into my class and held up both of his fist infront of his face. So I did the same, thinking maybe he's just playing around.

Without any wind blowing or thunder & lightning striking,

Suddenly, his right fist punched directly to my left eye,

Me: Ouchhhhh (took off my specs)
KF: OMG, sorry. *heartlessly.
Me: Auhhh, what's that for? Sakit gilaa !
KF: Sorry, I'm so sorry.

Fung, you are so random !

Thursday, July 29, 2010


This whole thing is killing the heck out of me.

Kamal Suria

I'm just telling you the truth. We might be separated in the future, and by then you will have to know and apply the things I have told you before. Its not easy to be happy when we really are not, but this is how we'll have to live this cruel life. People will ignore and hate us when we're sad and vice versa. People who always give and show their best mood, have heck bigger problems than us.

I have only one believe,
In this world, there will be someone who's better than us but there's also others who's worst.

Be thankful, savior it. Appreciate life.

And yes, someday I'll be gone and you will have to take care of yourself for the rest of your life.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Appreciation to Followers (:

In this post, I wanna give my thanks to my dear followers, oh I LOVE YOU GUYS,

  • Ezarin who recently just started her own blog (:
  • Shereen Reha who I lost count of how many times she divorced and got married again.
  • Ah Keong who always said I'm pent eventhough I am not -,-
  • Yi Ling sexy ladaayyy ;)
  • Ain Fatin my girl (:
  • Qhaikal my beloved enemy :D
  • Mrisha- stay away, she's all mine (:
  • Wani, a very shy person.
  • Kamal Suria, best troublemaker (:
  • Amir Danial, a friend I missed (:
  • Jannah, the Luisana Lopilato (as wht elora referred to) haha GO BLUEBERRY!
  • Sarah Hanis SAWAHH ;p
  • Jabbar IMY like heck a lot.
  • Nafis my consistent and caring bestie.
  • Julia the cute one (:
  • Andrew Go Star Wars !
  • Jaslyn Banana Chinese.
  • Fadhilah I MISS YOU !
  • Haritharan, pegi la jaga pokok tu ;p
  • Paan Sharabuddin gantungg.
  • Elora Lola.
  • Hanzy (:
  • Amir Wafiy the brother -,-
  • Annshrh Teknik :)
  • Qila Razali Saass (:
  • Ira :)
  • Syaza Aziz :)
  • Syz :)
  • Nur Aqilah :)
  • Ereena Alfian darlingg (:
  • Nasyierah :)
  • Muly Aidil Stevenson :)
  • Jem :)
  • Srh :)
  • Cik Ieda :)
I appreciate your support, people ! Thanks for reading to my crap post. If any of you feel hurt, annoyed, bored or even hated my posts, I am really sorry, I have never meant to hurt your feelings at all. I express, not impress (:

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your concern (:


Watch it.

I adore the dance. Its so cute. Haha.


Its 3.40pm on a Monday and I'm still in my mum's school waiting to go home. This is my life. When you guys are probably at home, watching TV, eating and such right now, but me, I am still here. Almost 10hours since morning until now was spent at school. I went home and the time left is like idk, a few hours left to get everything done. And that is why I always slept at 3am.

I answered you question, dad (:

RE: Kamal


I didn't say anything to you for my own good, I wasn't envious, and I certainly have a lot more things to do rather than talking crap to you. But everything I told you before was for you. I'm happy that you realized what's wrong and what's right now (:

Tc, kamal. Because one day I won't be there for you anymore.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Lets do Nota Sejarah which has been delayed for quite a while :D haha.

Self Review

If we think back, we always say "Nak!" instead of "Nak?" and we always say "Can?" instead of "Can!"

But why?


Friday, July 23, 2010


KF: Amirah,
Me: Hmm?
KF: Go wash your face.

Tkguna -,-

Dah la tu,

I really don't wanna say I told you but I really am MAD and ANGRY with you KS.

So yeah, I TOLD YOU SO.

I never told anyone this but now I am telling you, give up already, KS. I can't help seeing you like this. I hate when you're all moody abt the 'thing' you've been chasing. There's more to life than just that.


This is a real scene, somewhere in KL;

There's this old woman who got ragut by 2 teenage dudes with motorcycle. And the other random 2 men saw the scene and speed their motorcycle to catch the snatch-thief. At a junction, the thieves' motorcycle got out of control and they fell onto the rock-hard road. The 2 considerate men who chased them stopped and hit the thieves with random things they could get on the road (e.g cones, motorcycles padlocks and etc) . The thieves were bleeding and badly injured.

Suddenly, a pakcik came;

Thief 1: Pakcik, tolong saya pakcik. *hugging the uncle's leg.
Pakcik: Ni kenapa awak pukul dia?
Man 1: Dia ragut makcik tua dkt bank ni pakcik.
Pakcik: Kenapa mu ragut orang?
Thief 1: ... (speechless)
Pakcik: Aku ni nak tolong mu, tapi mu taknak jawab. *took the padlock from Man 1 and smash it on the thief's head.

Pfft -.-"

It turns out that the pakcik really is not helping at all though. HAHA.

P/s true story witnessed by my brother.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A scene with Eza,

In our Add Maths tuition class,

It was Chapter 10: Solution Of Triangle

Teacher: Press 164 - (160 cos 70). And Square Rootkan the answer.
Me: 10.45 something something eh teacher?
Teacher: Yeah, think so.
Hannim: Yeah dapat.
Eza: Teacher, I takdapat.
Teacher: *went to Eza.
Eza: Betul la what I did teacher but I got 6 point something.
Teacher: Hmm *observing the calculator.

Teacher: Eza, my dear, your mode is Fix -,-"
Eza: Eheh, malunyaa. Hahaha !

Apa ni Ezaaaa? Hahahaha ;D

Yeah that,

Abin, atleast you have good things in your past to reminisce about :'(

I was a freak, a loner to be precise. And now I think I am not one and somehow I missed being it. Being a girl which no one knows and realized about, no one gives hope and responsibilities on, and just seeing things in my own perspective. I have learnt a lot. I learnt to live this life since I am in Standard 1 in a kampung school somewhere in KL. And looking back at it, I would love to go back there and find my friends. I LOST THEM ALL. And it seems like I never remembered who and what have I done during that time because life was so dull. I was so dull and boring. But as things gets complicated now, I never thought abt saying this but I enjoyed being dull because then no one expect me to entertain anyone.
But heck (:

Monday, July 19, 2010

IQ Test or something,


Pronounce the above in their colours, and not their words.

P/s KS jgn try, nnti stress ;p

A Scene with my mummy,

Ma: Is the toolbox there, beside the cymbal?
Me: Uhh *searching. Oh yeah, its here. The blue one is it?
Ma: Yes. Bawak sini.
Me: Okay. *trying to lift it.
Ma: Cepatlah.
Me: Mummy, berat. Tak larat nk angkat. *hoping to be pitied by my mum.
Ma: Tak kira, angkat jugak.


A scene with my GrandMummy,

GM (Grandmother)


*picks up the housephone.

Me: Hello?
GM: Hello, haa buat apa tu?
Me: Br habis berbuka puasa.
GM: Puasa apa?
Me: Puasa Nazar.
GM: Tu laa, kena habiskan jgk puasa nazar. Kan susah, lain kali jgn bernazar.
Me: Haa?

Nazar pun salah, susah hidup :D haha.

Saturday, July 17, 2010



Life does have a point. God doesn't give it for nothing. There is a reason. For us to learn from it, to live it for Allah.

There is more to life than what we're living now. What's left is for us to find those reasons.


Me, with full enthusiasm have done my accounts tuitionwork. I looked at it and my heart is filled with pride and satisfaction. It was a 6 hours work. Buku Tunai, Jurnal, Ledger and wait,

Me: Mana Imbangan Duga?

So I took my Ledger book and started doing Imbangan Duga. Well, it is supposed to be balanced both on the debit and credit side but then, mine goes wrong.

Me: Asal tak sama, dingdong ?!

And then I slammed my head on my bed.

I did the wrong question damnit -.-

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey everyone! Its 6.03am, Friday morning and today is school day (:

Okay byeeee, nak mandii :D

Loshvindra (:

So, yesterday, we got our numbers in class (mid-year exam) and Loshvindra, my classmate, got number 16. She was so paranoid that she went,

Losh: Eh am I above half?

And then she snapped and just realized that,

Losh: Oh wait, I AM the half :D hahaha.


I had fun on the NIE night too, Abin (: Sorry abt yr piano test though. I should've done it alone.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This picture brings back a heck lot of memories :')

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last night I slept at 8pm, woke up at 2.30am fr Isyak, then did my homework, iron my school uniform, and slept again at 5am. And woke back up at 6am fr school (:

What a complicated night.

Monday, July 12, 2010



Its worth it to wake up at 2am and slept again at 5am, only having 3 hours of sleep last night and haven't slept since then. BECAUSE SPAIN WON ! :D Wohoo!