Wednesday, November 25, 2009

S P A I N !

Ini Amirul Hazeim. Dia pergi Spain tak ajak kita :'(

I ENVY you, dude ! Why does your life has to be filled with fun while mine is soooooooo plain boring?

How I wish my life is that easy,

Wehh, one day, you kerja sana i ikut tauu ;D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Current obession:

His gay picture.
Through My Window- Bunkface


I thrown my phone to the wall. Accidentally. And it bounced like a ping pong ball. But to my amazement, it is still alive :D Thank God !!

Well I dnt know when will I be online, updating my blog next but as for now, nothing interesting happened so yeah, I dont feel like writing.

In case you got bored, go visit my friend's blog. Theirs are wayyyy more fun than my plain old blog -,- haha.

Oh yeah, I think this might be too early but,


p/s syamim, dh sembelih lembu jgn mkn semua, kau tu dh la dh mmg GEMUK ;p hahaha.

I'll be at my hometown in Taiping, Perak for maybe 3 or 4 days so yeah, I'll be AWAY for a while. Promise you I'll update my blog after raya.

Till then, love ya, chiao :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yayyyy alhmdulillah, finally the gadgets are on the right side again !

Lame kan? HAHA.

This made my day for some reason.


I'm still here breathing now, but you're not coming back after me. So just take my eyes, to guide you home.

So, I am addicted to someone. Really really badly. But he's impossible to get. And you know how it feels right? So frustrating ! I never mention his name here, or anywhere or to anyone. My cousin, Ieka, knows who am I referring to though. I feel so in love when I saw his picture.

And he's gay :D So my type !

Saturday, November 21, 2009

21st Nov 09

Hazeeq's 15th Birthday Party

Wow, it was fun. So, I was bored lately that I couldn't join most of the events with my friends until yesterday, at Hazeeq's birthday bash, at Mystery Pub & Cafe; Royale Bintang; The Curve. Hannim and I arrived on 12pm. We hangout around Ikea, Ikano, Curve, Tesco and then went to meet the guys at Cineleisure. They were playing snooker, acting like they can really play -,- haha. Then, Kamal, Syamim, Hariz, Qhaikal, Hannim and I walked around finding a birthday present. After two buildings, we finally bought a blue shirt from Kitschen.

Went to Cupcake Chic to get some cupcakes for Hazeeq. Then, we got hungry. So, went to McD and have some sundaes, french fries and nuggets. Then we realized it's almost 4pm. So rush to Mystery but no one was there yet. Even Hazeeq's still not in. So wait outside at the entrance of Royale Bintang, waiting impatiently for Radin, my long-time-no-see best friend. After she arrived, I hugged her tight, sign the autograph board and went into Mystery.

The place was pub-like. With the bar, DJ, tattoo-section and all. And the party wasn't like any other birthday parties, its like a disco party, with dances and loud techno music, similar to a disco but just without alcohol and sexy people. HAHA. And the host suddenly pick me for a game on stage. I was damn blurred out. I was chatting with Radin, I didn't even realize they're doing a game in front.

Me: I miss you (Cupping Radin's cheeks)
Host: Haa, you girl, come infront.
People around: Wooohooooo ! Mora ! Mora !
Me: Haaa? Whattt? Apa ni? (Put my bag on the bar station and walk on stage)

It was so random -.-" and the game goes like this. There will be 5 partners. The girls will have to sit and watch only. While the guys have to impress the girls with martial arts, dance and then propose. And my partner was Mukhzin's brother. HAHA. He was kinda impressive though :)

The food was okay. The elevator was"FUN". And the surau was damn clean :D we took some pictures and on 9pm, sent Hannim back, had dinner at Kayu Manis w/Aisyah (met Mukhzin again haha, wht a small world), then went home.

I thought Eza would come but she didn't. I miss her so much. Really wish you were there.

Friday, November 20, 2009



Apart from the most gorgeous gay picture I've ever seen, this is what I am currently addicted to. This heels come in three colours which is blue, black and white. If I'm buying one of these, I would prefer the black one but in a picture, blue looks awesome !

Guess how much does it cost?

RM 100? Nope.
RM 70? Nahh.
RM 50? No-o.

It only costs RM45. Amazing huh? But this shoes are being sell online, and I dont quite trust online shops. So, yeah, goodbye baby :'(

Thursday, November 19, 2009

19th Nov 09.

Okayy, so I wanna write about my activity today. I wake up in the morning, didnt feel like P.Diddy unfortunately, I feel more like myself. My cousins are staying here for a while since their mummy's outstation. My mummy too. But my dad's at home so he jaga all of us :) haha.

In the morning, we ate egg sandwich. For lunch, we had maggi cup and cornetto mini poppers. For dinner, we get dressed to go to TTDI. Eiman's Restaurant. After that I am full enough. And I think I saw Raisz pass by but I'm not sure whether it was him or just my imagination.

Then we hang out at D'Pangkin. Taking some fresh air.

Then, we went home. They're in my room playing board games while I'm here writing my blog :)

That's all for today. Gdnight :)


Haha, this is Ayesh :) And I found out that he is somehow very adorable.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a bore.

Okay, I changed my layout. But I still cant fix the gadgets. The gadgets were suppose to be on the right side but I dont know why everythg just kept going down. URGHHH! I'm too tired to edit some more. Its been 2 hours I've tried fixing my blog but ti doesnt seem to get any better. Anyway, enjoy my new template. I know it is quite a boring one. I'll change some more later.

P/s I feel so sad because I really wanna join my girlfriends and boyfriends ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid today :'( Feel so sad that I have to stay at home waiting for my sister to come back back after school.


Monday, November 16, 2009

3 OMEGA <3


This is the adorable people of 3 Omega & some of 3 Epsilons.

They changed me life. My life before was full of books and studies and Internets. When I met them early 2009, my life changed, totally. At first I thought everyone would be concentrating on their studies since this year is PMR year. But I was wrong. Everyone didn't really care :D And we had fun like there's nothing to think about anymore. Even three more days before PMR, Omegarians are still having fun, chatting, laughing. The tense comes on the first day of PMR. That time, I see worried faces. But after it all ends, we party like crazyyyyyyyyyyy.

And I think 2009 is the greatest year in my entire life. It was superb and fun. Thanks to all my friends who'd changed me from a plain boring nerd to a evil-guyish-nerd. Hahaha.

I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 And I hope even though we'll be far apart each other one day, that we will still be Good Friends :) And I'll always keep all our memories together.


People !

I know my blog mcm tkbetul sikit tiba-tiba.

But I dont have the urge to fix it.

Well not now.

So, readers, followers and fans *haha, live with it.

It wont be long, I promise :)


15th November '09

Okayy I had nothing else to do so I went out to Giant w/my brother and sister. Then, we ate lunch at S.A/R.S (BJ). On our way home, it rains. Heavily. We reached home but not under the roof. We cant get to our house without getting wet and there's no umbrella in the car. Great. We were like,

Me: Err, now what?
Sis: (Took the MPH plastic bag, put out her comic and put the plastic to her head) Done.
Me: Oh, then aina sorang ah tk kena hujan. How about me?
Sis: Kakak guna la bag kakak tu.
Me: Mana boleh (!) Mahal ni (hahahahaha bajet)
Sis: Guna je lah drpd tkde!
Bro: OIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! Kejap kejap!
Sis & Me: (Stopped, silence)
Bro: Korang lari je lah masuk kejap, then bukak pintu rumah ambik payung hantar dkt abg.
Sis: Okayy.
Me: -.-" (Seems unfair, abg sorg tkbasah) Okay okay.
Sis: 1 2 3 ! (run to house.)

So, that is when IT started. IT is playing in the rain :D We end up showering in the heavy rain. All of us. Hahaha. My parents are not at home, so yeah, safe enough. And after bathing, we took Panadol and sat at the TV hall pretending like nothing had ever happened.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday :)

I just got back from Extreme Park, Section 13, Shah Alam.

Remember the guy who said I always talk about education? Yeah, faiz. That guy. I met him today for the first time after we had chat a few months. He's my twin since we have a lot in common. His dad is also a policeman :) And he's the second child in 3 siblings. JUST EXACTLY LIKE ME :)

He was a fun guy who loves to talk and share. He brought along his cousins. They're super hilarious. Haha. And we kutuk rempit like crazy today.

AwaKkZz DoK kAt ManeW?? ~~
KiteWW CaYunkk AwakkzZ! ~

HAHAHAHAHA geli lah sial. Anyway, I had lots of fun. And my other friends were there too. Thanks to Kamarina and Maria and some other guys who were there joining us. Thanks a lot for coming <3>

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Saturday :)

I woke up today and I feel a bit different.

Like I just woke up from a horrible nightmare. Well literally. I feel so fresh and happy :)

I think I've been too stressed for nothing all this while so I took my time to chill last night. I rest my mind and my soul (you dont wanna know how though haha). And I rethink,

"I shouldn't be this way. I dont want to. This'll end soon."

So I woke up with a little funny quarrel with my sis,

On the bed.

Sis: (Pulling my blanket)
Me: Woi, nak apa? (sleeping tone)
Sis: Nak selimut laaaa!
Me: (Pelik) Woi, tu selimut kau dkt kaki tu!
Sis: Oh. (sleep)

Hahaha, bodoh je. And I'm proud enough to say tht I can smile again. Not a fake smile anymore.

And I'm sry, my friends, if anythg I did have hurt your feelings. I am so sry. I was unconscious.

Now I realize I was such an ass to treat you guys tht way. I want all of you guys to know how umportant you guys are to me. And I would love you guys for your best and your worst <3

Happy, NOT

So some people just asked me lately,

"What's wrong with you? You look so stressed out. Not the usual you anymore."

I dont know whether it was me, or the people around me is changing so fast. It doesn't seem like the fun them anymore. They were all selfish and very self-centered. Everyone shld be considered, okayy? Doesn't matter whether they're not your best friends nor they're just plain boring people, they are still a part of you.

Friends, who ever person who think this post goes to, I am not trying to run from you guys, I am not avoiding or ignoring or neglecting or whtsoever tht you think I'm trying to do,

I am just taking my time to heal.

Maybe its not really your fault, maybe its mine. So you guys just stay that way, I'll change. Since I am the one who always at fault every time, and if that could make you guys happy again than I will change. Well, if I fail, at least I tried.

13th Nov 09, Fri

So, we had a little class party today.

And I dont lie. Not inappropriately la. So when I say something or any freaking thing, I really mean it. You knew that rght? It was the SHORTEST CLASS PARTY ever. I just don't get it. Just because other Form 3 classes aren't doing any party, doesn't mean that we also have to leave OUR party after like 30 minutes or so. It was sad.

But it was a great short party. People were eating. Haha. Guys, they ate a lot. Told ya they have a tummy of a cow ;p Haha and they liked the spaghetti (amazingly). I ordered it from the school's canteen. At first they were sighing, since its the school's canteen, but then they ate like a pig. Tu laa, dont judge a book by its cover :)

But this do let me down,

A guy: (Talking to another guy) Pergh kenyang doe, byk sgt spags tkblh doe actually, nak muntah.
Me: (wth?)

I'm not mad tht he commented the spags. But I dnt quite agree the fact that he is trying to tell us what food we shld really get when he is not even from our class?! And he didn't even ask my permission to eat. At least the Epsilonese offered to pay for the food, of course I wont accept it, but I think that was so nice of them.

Okay enough. Now, I wanna give a special thanks and appreciation to my fellow classmates who contributed a lot in many ways (food, rearranging tables, party set-ups, cleaning etc etc). They do wht they said and care for others. Thank you very much.

Thanks fr the food brought by,

Matthew (not Omegarians but was so humble to get us those delicious Jellies)
Lee King
Ee Lynn
Jabb (the two small cookies was good enough Jab :D)

Also big thanks for the drinks by Sarah and Syazween and other fellas (Sry I dnt rmmbr exactly who but I really appreciated it).

And my lovely helpers,

Lee King
Kamal Ahmanul
Aisyah Asri Raja
Ee Lynn
Everyone who did helped

I love all of you <3

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I just received a phone call while I was doing the laundry at the balcony.

It was an unknown number, so I simply picked up the phone,

M: Hello?
U: Hello?
M: Hello?
U: dzcaicth khohne mono.
M: Whaa?
U: Hello? Rhuhnedeztch?
M: ...
U: ?
M: Who is this?
U: Oh sorry wrong number. (Disconnect)
M: Right.

That was oh so weird! I think he just spoke Deutch with me. Haha.


So, today, I am suppose to be at school, having fun at Hazeeq's birthday party/ Armand's farewell party but I'm here, at home. Well, I didn't came today because of some transport problem, and I dont wanna trouble anyone so I decided I'd just stay home with my sister.

So, I want to explain again about what did I say to my friends yesterday in class,

M: I like gay people. They're so cute.
Kml: So, gay people turns you on.
M: Kinda.
Everyone: Wth?!
Asyh: Wait, wait, you're not lesbian right?
M: NO lahh! I still like guys.

So it was actually like this, I like the fact that most gay guys are cute and since they're gay, they wouldnt like any girls. So, even though I can't get that guy, at least I know no other girl could :)

Yeah, that sounds better I guess. Korang jgn slh faham pulak. I'm not lesbi-gay or whtsoever.

I still like guys, but now, they seem to be so high taste that I couldnt even get one handsome guy T_T And to see my crush is with someone else, thats just.....

Just. Plain. Sad.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I feel like blogging abt wht had happened yesterday.

So, my brother and I was out sending our sister to her friend's birthday party at Jln Adang. Then suddenly my friend texted me telling tht he was hanging out at BJ. So I replied,

M: Where are you?
B: Somewhere at Jln Ubin.
M: Ohh. I'm at Jln Adang.
B: Oh, well then. We'll just meet next time.
M: Okayy.

I had no idea that Adang and Ubin was just beside each other. So we were on our way home when suddenly I saw my friend, the one I just texted. Then I was like,

M: I saw you.
B: Where?
M: I'll be there.
B: Ok.

So there I was, at the playground. He was there because his friend wanna meet his new MySpace friend (which was a girl. Duhh -.-) so he eventually teman him in case the girl was a horror. Haha (!) Whereas me, I have to wait until 6.30pm to pick Aina back from the party. And it was only 5pm. So, I dont mind hanging out with him. Dah lama tak jumpa dia pun :)

We were walking to a gazebo. And I noticed that my brother was following us. Ooookkayyyy. Me and my guy friend was like errrrr. I simply cover it up like,

M: My bodyguard dh ikut dh.
B: Ohh. Ohh tkpe.
M: o_O

Then we sat down. And my brother was behind us. STANDING. Looking directly at our behinds in case we did anythg we shouldn't (like hold hands or hug or anythg). Before tht, my bro was on the phone so we were free to talk about everythg, all stupid shits we always talked about. But when he started standing behind us we were like,

M: ...
B: So....., hows life?
M: Ohh okayy. (awkward situation)
B: ...
B: I'll be right back. (walked away)
M:Err, right.

That was so embarrassing. After that, he straight away went home. Haha more embarrassing it gets to me then.

Adios amigos.


I think I have a crush on someone :O

Its been long since I had all this nonsense feelings.

Gosh, creepy.

I dont like this.

Because it would end like how it always does.

Frustrated, sad, down and whtsoever.

Shooo feeling! Go away.

8th Nov 09

Look, kasih sayang ;D

Haha, I dont know what to write la. But I hate to disappoint you readers so I'll just write abt today.

So, it was Graduation Day today. The Form 5's dressed up awesomely. They look so gorgeous today. Well like wht Aisyah said,

"Its their day, they're SUPPOSE to look beautiful"

I'm kinda jealous though -.-" Nothing much today. We had to help the teachers with the chairs after the event (kena bully dgn form 5. tak guna -.-) but its worth it because we got beautiful and tasty CUPCAKES :D plus a can of Grape Drink . For FREE. I enjoyed it until I heard and smell something.

Haziq: Bangang kau Syamim!
Syamim: (Ran away)
Me: I think I know whts happening here.
Everyone: (Tutup hidung)

Syamim fart. Once. Twice. Thrice. Well who knows how many times. Damn it. Freakin' smelly lahhhh dude!

Then he went all burping here and there. Fish la tht guy. Haha.

Then we went playing this game which involves picking out poker cards.

Asyh: Ok, now, pick one card. The number on the card shows how many wives you'll have.
Symm: (picked one)
Asyh: OMG! 6. hahaha.
Mora: Ok now your kids.
Symm: (Picked out one more card)
Mora: Hahahahahahhahaha 12 !
Asyh: 1 isteri 2 anak eh Syamim? Hahahaha
Symm: (Annoyed) hahaha manade!
Mora: Syamim terlebih soya.

Then they bullied me back,

AhKeong: Okayy, skrg berapa byk kali kau mkn sehari.
Mora: This is not good. (pick out a card)
AhKeong: Hahahahahahaha 13 kali! Hahaha
Everyone: Hahahahaha.
Mora: -,-
AhKeong: Setiap kali berapa pinggan?
Mora: Pls be small numbers. (pick out)
AhKeong: Hahahaha 13 pinggan! Gila gemuk!
Syamim: Exercise berapa minit?
Mora: Mesti byk punyaa ni. (pick out)
Everyone: (Laughing so hard)
Mora: Korang sumpahh cheating doe!

You guys wanna know wht number is tht card?


Saturday, November 7, 2009

7th Nov 09, Sat

So yesterday, from 12pm until 4pm, I was here.

It was a SKBJ Teacher's Annual Dinner at Holiday Villa. The food was amazing even though the place was quite small and dark. I was there representing mama since she have a class at her university tht day.

I thought it might be quite boring since its the teachers event and I only know a few teachers there but luckily, I sat at the table which was SUPERBLY fun. I was laughing all the way. And they had a few games e.g Teka-teki (Apa beza seluar bola dgn seluar dlm?-.-" wth), Jgn Lupa Lirik etc etc. Then they had this karaoke, lucky draw and stuff.

The door gift was quite weird though,

An umbrella.

I dont find that umbrella related to the event. But wtv.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tonight :)

Well, here I was from 8pm-12am. Bluewave Hotel.

Standard 6's dinner. I was sitting at the VVIP seat which is the most front seat (Haha) so I got the full view of every performance :D It was so much fun, the teachers dressed in fancy clothes. Oh yeah, btw, the theme/ dresscode was BOLLYWOOD. You would have got the picture right? Lots of bangles, clink-clanking everywhere, the place was noisy enough. Then there goes the band, karaoke, Talent time competition, dancing show, Tectonic show, Shuffle Moves, Hindi dance and etc.

It was such a havoc. Haha. I couldnt help but smile to see the happy faces of standard six students, I could have felt the same way if I were twelve again. But then, being alone brings boredom to me. So I went out, to get some fresh air plus finding great position to take pictures, and lucky me, I found Mukhzin :D He was there because his sister was going to perform.

We were like,

Muzen: Masa batch kita dulu tkde pulak buat dinner kat hotel cmni en?
Mora: Agak ah, unfair gila -.-"

But before the performance started, both of us just sit outside chatting, exchanging SLRs, etc. He's a great person to talk to. Very open minded and friendly. Easy to get along with la. Then, after his sister performed, he went home. So I was bored again. So I just simply walk around taking pictures of almost everyone.

When the clock ticks to 11.45pm, we went home and arrived at 12am. ZZZZZ, now I wanna sleep.

Goodnight, clickclickbyebye :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5th Nov 09, Thurs, SP.

Oh today was superb :)

Me, Aisyah, Elora, Liana, Abin, Kamal, Syamim, Hariz, Haziq, Qhaikal and Nafis went to Sunway Pyramid today. We arrived at 10am. So early kan? So off we went ice skating. At first it was fun since the rink is still dry and not many skaters are in the rink. But you know guys, Kamal, Syamim and Nafis went bowling instead. So we skate and skate and skate. Qhaikal fell frequently. Liana fell eventually. Haziq and Elora fell a few times. Hariz, Abin and Me fell once. Aisyah (like always) didn't fall at all.

I planned to push her though but I felt to kind to push her so I didn't. Everyone (except Aisyah) fell, some very funny falling-pose, some fell of stupid reasons (eg "Hey, you pushed me?!) but mine was a painful fall. It was me and Aisyah skating very fast. And when I say fast, I mean, REALLY FAST. Then at the corner suddenly it turns very slippery to me, and I feel so unbalanced so I fell HARD on my cheekbone. My right cheekbone to be exact. Somewhere near my eyes.

When I first fell, I was like, "Damn it! That must be so embarrassing."

Idk what had happened to my face, but my jeans were wet all over. Then, my friends came to me,

Aisyah : Hey, are you okay?
Mora: (Trying to stand back) Ouch, my cheeks hurt.
Hariz/Haziq/Liana: (Just came) What happened?
Aisyah: She falls. And land on her cheeks.
Everyone: OUCHH!
Mora: Oh My God, I dont feel my nose anymore. (Feels dizzy suddenly)
Aisyah: Come, lets get out for a while.

So the Indian helper went to get some ice which then she placed in a plastic and asked me to put the ice pack to my cheekbone.

Aisyah: Letak benda tu nnti lagi sakit tau.
Mora: (Put the ice pack)
Aisyah: ?
Mora: OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Sakit gilaaaaa!
Aisyah: Warned you.

After a while, I get back to the ice rink ("Tak serik serik lagi minah ni", Haziq said) haha. I went to the rest of the gang and they were like,

"Are you okayy?"
"Sakit lagi ke?"
"How was it?"
"Okayy tak ni?"
"Boleh skate lagi ke?"

I was like,

"I'm okayy"
"I'm not like phobiatic person, I dont go all phobia just because I fell once"
"It still hurts though"

I throw the ice pack away, and my right cheeks were all red. Darnnnnn! "I have a dinner to attend tmrw, pls dnt turn blue, pls oh pls" Tht was wht I prayed all the time. And thank God, it didn't! :D So happy la now. But it still hurt. I think this might take a few days to heal :-(

I ask Kamal on our way home,

Mora: Does it look too obvious?
Kamal: No la.
Mora: Will it turn blue? Is it gonna be permanent?
Kamal: No it wont. A few days then it'll be okay I suppose.
Mora: Are you sure? I'm worried (cupping my cheeks)
Kamal: Crossed my heart.
Mora: *sighing of worryness.
Kamal: Cross out Amirah ;D (Referring to the sentence used in Jen's Body)
Syamim: Yeahh, cross you out.
Mora: -.-" (poke both dudes.)

And oh yeah, we saw SMS :D Syeikh Muzaffar Shukor. The Astronaut ! Real life. Yeah! Like seriously ppl! So close and so real.

Haziq: Isnt that....?
Qhaikal: The astronaut guy?
Everyone: OMG!
SMS: (Looking)
Haziq: OMG, he's here. Not in the television screen.
Q: Not just a paper cutting anymore.
Mora : (This is amazing, he's so tall btw)
Haziq: Unbelievable. My God.
SMS: (Walking towards a black car, his driver picked him up at the front entrance)

Cool enough, I thought. I wonder how great it is to not just be rich, but also freaking famous :D

P/s Thanks people, belanja + force me to watch the movie :D


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4th Nov 09, Wednesday

Webbie at Ebuddy :D

Okayy, today, was very tiring. Okay, lets see, wht did i do today?

Mmm, nothing! :D But i'm still tired. Tired of not doing anything. Well, mcm biasa je la basically, we played Chong Taiti (which Syamim refers as Chong Taik Taik), then, we played EPSILON (which is actually a game called Donkey but we change it into Epsilon to increase the alphabets in the word) (Hannim still calls it KURAP for some reason) Ewww (!) Haha. Disgusting sungguh nama game. Hahaha.

Then we go eat. Ustaz Azka scold them because they went recess on prefect's recess time. (Hahaha!) So they ran back into class. On recess, Aisyah and I actually did our prefect's duty. SO rajin suddenly. But Syamim cant stop poking us -.- But this is quite unexpected,

Adik Syamim: (walks to me & Asyh) Hey, nama apa? (refering to Asyh)
Asyh: Amirah.
Adik Syamim: Ermm budak kat sana tu (pointing to Raisz) cakap dia minat gila dkt kau, nak kahwin dgn kau.
Asyh: Whaa? huh?
Syamim: (suddenly came) Asal kau ckp dgn adik aku?
Mora: Lol -.-"
Asyh: Jom blah. (akward tetiba)

Hahaha, that was so random and weird. I was like, "Oooookayyy".

Then, Pn Radziah called us to help her type the Oral Test Certificate. It was darn bloody tiring. My shoulders hurt like hell. By 1.15pm we didnt finish 1 more class but we simply run back to our class. Idk why then, Aisyah have to go home early. She's not telling. So yeah. Dont mind asking.

And ohh, I cut my hair :D But it's not tht short though. Biasa2 je la. Hope its okayy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3rd Nov 09


As always.


P/S Its raining, I hv to switch off the PC.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Its 1am.

And I'm bored.

The washing machine just stopped but I'm too lazy to even move. I'll do the laundry afterwards then since I've slept from 6pm - 11pm.

Sad that I couldn't just sleep to wash this pain away with my dream. My head ache. So hard that I couldn't really think as in THINK.

And my arse is cramping. I've been sitting in the same position in this chair infront of my laptop for hours. And when I'm trying to move now, I dont feel my butt is in place anymore.




MORA - The one who always talk about education.

I saw this sentence on this guy's MySpace Profile.

I'm trying to turn the sentence in all ways I that I could but it always leads me to one conclusion

MORA = Boring (?)

Maybe it's kinda true.

But whatever it is twin, thanks for being honest :)



This is my hundredth post! Woohooo (!)

But I dont know what to write about. Lets just mark every 100th post with boring facts. Since everyone wanna make this little "blogging anniversary" something really fun and interesting, I would do it the other way around then.

I just wanna be unique. Even if it's boring.

So, here goes.

Do you know?

A lightyear is equal to 9460800000000 km.

Well, go check in Maths Form 4 Textbook la pemalas.

The End.

Boring was it?

I told you.

Regret you read this post?


Your bad.

Clickclick byebye.


2nd November 09


As I read through other blogs, (eg Abin's, Elora's) I found out that my blog is very lame and boring. Gee.

Oh, Haziq's place was cool. I've been there last year. And still adore the food until now :D When I came to the front door, there comes Kamal, Haziq and Nafis(kut). They were like shouting.


Haha, like my presence was such an amazement or wht. Then they served me with their Gay Omega Dance (Sugar by Flo Rida) It was still stupid now and then. And people keep asking me

Random people: Asal lambat? Asal dengan adik kau?
M: Whaa? How do you know ? -.-"
Random people: Haziq.
M: HAZIQQQQQ! Sini kau.
H: Asal?
M: Kata ah kau bgtau semua org doe?
H: Diorang tanya kau mana, aku ckp je la kuat2.
M: -.-" tkblh bodoh lagi.
H: Hahahaha.

Yeah people, LETS REWIND.

That day, I woke up at 6.30am. GOSH I was damn sleepy. I slept at 3.ooam the night before due to webcam-ing with my cousin. Then after Subuh, I drown into my blanket again but at 8am my dad woke me up

D: Amirah, bangun, jom keluar breakfast.
M: Aaa (Nodding) (Sleep again)
D: Bangun la cepat, dah pukul 8 ni.
M: (What do you mean DAH pukul 8?! I just slept. And EIGHT is considered EARLY) okay .

We went breakfast at a restaurant near my house. BURP! (Haha) On 11am my sister, my dad and I reached Sunway Pyramid. I am supposed to wait until my sister puas main skating with her classmates. So, there I was, went round and round the building as in all the Atrium (Ice Atrium, Orange Atrium, Blue Atrium), waiting until 2pm to pick tht kid home. But guess what, I called when its already 2pm,

M: Hello, kakak pegi ambik aina. Tunggu je dkt bawah.
A: Hello, kita balik dgn mak kawan kita. Kakak balik la.
M: (W T H?!) (Press Disconnect)

That was just so OVER THE LIMIT. I waited for 3 freaking hours doing nothing but aching my ankle, while she was all having fun, and she's telling me to just GO HOME? I should have not waited there at all! I could just simply go to Haziq's place earlier. WTH WTH WTH WTH.

Astaghfirullahalazim. Chill Mora.