Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well, yeah.

From top: Me (the one without the head) Cousins (Ashraf, Sofea, Shasha,Irina, Marissa, Shireen, Ieka)

They're the best :)

Some pictures in case you got bored with my blog
;D haha.

29/9/09- Tuesday

I'm so HAPPY today :D

I got back the stolen class money. Thanks to that anonymous person which returned back the money. If you realize that you have done something wrong, I forgive you with all my hearts :)

Love you so much !

Saturday, September 26, 2009

26th September 09, Saturday

I just got back from my hometown, Kelantan and Perak. It has been a very tiring week. But fun though. I seriously wanted to tell you guys more about my raya this year but it seems like History Textbook Form 2 is not letting me do so. I PROMISE I'll update everything after PMR :) Till then, I'll be AWAY.


P/s Happy Birthday Ieka.

20th September 09


*If I'm not too late to say that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Shimmer by Mora Canon DSLR
Go die lah!

I was in a very bad mood this morning. Yesterday SUCKS. Seriously. They did that on purpose didn't they? Gahhhh!?! I don't give a damn okayy. Go on with whatever you guys are up to.

But thankfully, I have my classmates who tried so hard to cheer me up, especially Aisyah and Nafis. I'm glad they do because no one in the heck on Earth even know I exist this morning. So yeah, I start talking, and smiling and laughing, and yeah, finally, I became me again. I found this sentence very pleasing,

"Weird hobbies are weird stuff that people do. Weird hobby is not weird to weird people because they are weird. Aaa, yeah." -Keong (:

Oh and there comes more hilarious jokes after that.

"Eh badak, tepi la!" -Nafis to Amir.

"Haram la, bukan halam. Gahahaha" -Mora to Lee King.

"Wey, Raya ni aku nak mintak maaf la dh terpanggil kau Peng Leng, cina apek apa semua" -Armand to Lee King

Monday, September 14, 2009

15th September 09, Tuesday.

 I was laughing HARD to Elola's joke this afternoon. Well, here's the thing.

Our English teacher aka Fly House Shit (Gahahaha!) came in on the last two periods today. So, we stand up to wish Good Afternoon to her. But then, Amir was looking at teacher's handbag. Suddenly...

Amir: Teacher, kain ni bukan ke orang buat langsir?
Me and Elora: Gahahahahaha. Kurang ajar gilaa.
Teacher: Yeah why? Jealous?
Me: Ahahahahahha.

Then, Elora whisper to me..

Elora: Kitorang dh lama dh tau yg bag teacher tu mcm cushion. Tp diam je la en.
Me: Agak ah. Gila selamba doe.

Later after that, me, Elola, Sawah and Padi were sitting in a group during English. We were chatting about a lot of stuff. Guys, singers, ghosts, bugs etcetera etcetera. It gets so funny when Amir started to interrupt.

Elola: Apa pandang2? Tau la kau minat aku en.
Amir: Eeee tolong ah! Aku rasa en, kalau sperm masuk en, dia nampak je muka kau dia keluar balik la doe.
Elola: Sperm mana ada mata la ngokk.
Amir: Tapi bila dia dpt rasakan yg tu kau, mmg dia keluar balik doe.
Elola: Atleast sperm org lain normal au, kau punya dh la besar, siap pakai goggle lagi. HAHAHAHA !
Me: Bawak map sekali en, takut sesat. HAHAHAHA!

Omg, they were crazy, I tell you. Hahaha, I could still laugh until now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

13th September 2009, Sunday

Green Christmas by Mora (Canon DSLR)

So, I was studying Sejarah Form 2. The chapter where we learn about Dol Said, Rentap and all that. With the candle's on, the air conditioner on and radio on, my room is an absolute peace. Then, my mum's college mate long time ago came. They were still friends until now. So me and my sister went downstairs to meet him. Btw, its a guy. So he chat with mum. My dad's not at home. Their conversation were interesting and hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Until...

Mama: So yeah, rumah ni okay la.
Uncle S: Hmm. So, Man...eh tu neighbour I. Err (trying hard to recall my dad's name) Fuck err shitt! Oh ya, Mie pegi mana?
Me and my sister: (OMG! This uncle mencarut infront of us. Bad example) Hahaha.
Uncle S: (Looked at me. Ashamed. Knowing that he wasn't suppose to say that)
Me: (Smiled)

Hahaha, it was funny indeed. Well, he's a Pengarah Filem, and once an actor so yeah, I could perfectly understand why he said that. He socialize. But he's older than my mum. Whatever.

Now back to Sejarah. Better get going now. Time is chasing me. Chiao.

12 September 2009, Saturday

Purple Autumn by Mora (Canon DSLR)

Well, I went shopping today. Superbly tiring.

So, first me and my family went to Ikea. We bought some home decorations, candles, cups, kitchen stuff etc etc. It was fun, choosing, debating, reconsidering, stealing free pencils and shopping lists ;p hahaha, everyone did that right? Oh come on, admit it. Haha.

Then we decided to stop by Ikano. So there we went crossing the restaurant section, across the bridge to Ikano. The smell of food kills me. I'm very hungry since I ate a little on sahur this morning. We surveyed some clothes, laptops and books but none caught my attention.

And the journey didn't end yet when we stopped at The Curve. Mama wanted to buy some talcum and lotions at Marks & Spencer but we didn't know such high standard place like The Curve didn't have that shop -.-" sheesh. And we went to another bookshop to look for my sister's comic but still we failed. I mean, she failed. The comic doesn't effect me that much. After Zohor prayer, we went home.

I got nothing eventually. But it's great to spend time with my family. Dad's moved to a new workplace. So, we didn't get to see him that much anymore. So yeah. Till then, tata (:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

11th September 2009, Friday.

Look at that .

Well, I was googling around for what Sarah and Fadhilah ask me to. I was looking at G Dragon (fadh and sawah are crazy about him)'s pictures. But then I got bored and I wonder what makes they say he's hot? So I googled my name and taraaaa, look what I've found. A LOT OF STUFF. Some of it might be embarrassing but I'm going to share it with you guys anyway. Check it out:

  • Mora, Spain
  • Mora, Potugal (in the Evora district)
  • Mora, Minnesota, United States
  • Mora, New Mexico
  • Mora, Ethiopia (-.-")

  • Naima Mora, Americas Next Top Model
  • Jo Mora, American artist
  • Melvin Mora, baseball player
  • Mirka Mora, French-born Australian visual artist
  • Victor Mora, Spanish comic book writer
  • Sergio Mora, American boxer & The Contender 1 winner (-.-")

  • Mora, a villian from Power Rangers ( Gahhhh)
  • Mora, a plant from the pea family (wth?)
  • Mora, a type of fish (get another name la -.-")
  • Mora, a ship
  • Mora, a music store
  • Mora, a knife (Whuttt?)
  • Mora,a drink (blackberry juice + water + sugar) yummmmy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

4th Sept 2009, BAD DAY. VERY!

So well, here's the thing.

I went to school sleepily this morning at 6.45am. I'm excited to watch the Prefect's Retirement Day. Before I got to know that me wearing blazer and full uniform was just a waste because the event was cancelled. But still I'm looking forward to watch the performance for Merdeka Celebration today. So, Aisyah and I helped arranging the teachers' chairs as usual when suddenly Theeban came to us...

Theeban : Bad news, you guys will have to be the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the perhimpunan.
(the whole tapak perhimpunan were looking at us)
Mora : Oppss (covering her mouth)
Theeban : Okay well, just read this paper. (He explained a few basics)
Aisyah : I'm getting very nervous.
Mora : I wanna pee. (rush to the toilet)

The perhimpunan went all upside down. In other words, HANCUR! I told the students to sit when they're not suppose to, I called the wrong teacher twice, I said untuk memberi pengumuman when there's actually NO pengumuman at all, and lots more EMBARRASSING stuff. URGHHHH! and I ask myself, "What could get any worse?"

Then everything ended but all the new ketua and AJK pengws got scolded by the seniors and teachers and even Datin. I pity them. Its my fault. Well, apart of it IS. I really think its unfair because it was SERIOUSLY a last minute preparation. The teacher suddenly said, "Ok now we need MC, ikrar, doa, bendera, songs etc etc" Mmg tak ah en everythg nak flow fluently.

And that was not it. After that I went finding the counselor to pass up the SBP form, then she's not in. So we came back on recess and she's still not there. Then the third and final time, on 6th period me and Jab went finding the teacher again. We found her in the library, then she said go find the other teacher. *Urghhh. Then we went back upstairs and FINALLY found the teacher.

And more BAD THINGS happen to me after tht. So I guess things really GOT WORSE. Its the bad day I've ever had. Not gonna let it happen again.

Sadly depressed,