Saturday, August 29, 2009

He's GAY?

To Sarah and Fadhilah.

GAHAHA, I knew it! I knew it! He's from boys school. Of course he's not interested in girls! HAHAHA. But yeah, he's rather cute. This is what I call, PEMBAZIRAN. Does he have any idea that we're short of cute guys nowadays? Sheesh.

P/s I gave up on guys already. So yeah, no big deal.

The perfect man is gentle
never cruel or mean.
He has a perfect smile
And is always neat and clean.

The perfect man likes kids
And will raise them by your side.
He will be a caring father,
And good husband to his bride.

The perfect man loves cooking.
He will clean and vacuum, too.
He'll do what's in his power
To show his love for you.

The perfect man is sweet,
Writing poems with your name.
He's a best friend to your mother
And will kiss away your pain.

He never makes you cry
Nor caused you hurt in any way.
To hell with this endless poem --
The perfect man is gay.

Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Omega 2009, Nafis.

Muhammad Nafis B Mustafa.

We call him Nafis. He really thinks I'm annoying. FINE. Wtv you wanna consider. I'm fine with it. This guy is superbly IN LOVE with a girl. A very sweet and lovely girl from 3 Delta. A class just a stone thrown away from 3 Omega. And every time we're otw to science lab, bengkel, arts class and so on, Nafis will be the HAPPIEST person to walk there. Haha should i mention her name? Okayy okayy, she's Julia.

Enough of tht, now Nafis, in class. He's not that LOUD. But he's also a fun guy. I love to kacau him. He's so hot-tempered. I cant cooperate with tht. I'm teaching him to relax. And he thinks I'm annoying. Wtv, he just doesnt see yet. I'm trying to help you lah pakcik!

His studies are also good. dh makin bagus dh pakcik Nafis ni. hahaha. Btw, since I'm here now. I wanna officially apologize for wtv u think about me 'INTERRUPTING' your love scene or wtv. Because I'm not. And I dont want to. Thats all. TY

No heart feelings ayy (: MORA.

3 OMEGA 2009, Jabbar.

Abdul Jabbar B Saiful Hilmi.

We call him Jabs. He's a guy. About 167cm in height. Weighing about 55kg. haha, i eventually hentam all those facts ;p Except the fact that he's a guy la. Haha.

I enjoy being friends with him since he's a very funny guy. He didn't make jokes. He add to jokes. Everything he said after a joke is the start of a new joke. Which leads to bigger and longer-lasting laughter. Hahahaha. He went home from school with a bunch of friends. Me, Haziq, Hannim, Eza and Ina. But eventually, he always waited for Jules and Ting. Hahaha. I mean, Fairusz and Haziqah. I think Jabs in love with his own neighbour. Most probably be Jules. They seem so close and nice together. They played water guns on evening, go to the park together, solve love problems together. HAHAHAHAHA. I made it sound so GAY. Okay I better stop.

But a part from tht, Jabbar's a very smart guy. And he's very down-to-earth eventhough he's rich. And he's sincere. He gives comments like he really mean it. For example,

Mora: Jab, am I annoying?
Jab: Mmm yeah, a little.

AHA. Even though it might hurt another person's feelings but it may help in the future. And after what he said, I tried not to be annoying. Idk whether it works or not but at least I tried (:

Thanks Jab. No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

Monday, August 17, 2009

3 OMEGA 2009, Aisyah and Kamal.

Okay, today's post is a little bit different. I'm combining two person in one post, since everyone wants theirs to be written, so, I have to speed things up ;p Haha.

Kamal is a mix of Malay and Indian which people claimed, end up GREAT. Idk what part though. The guy who enjoys SLEEPING in class. Wait, I dont think I have to tell that, because everyone knew it already ;p He loves NUT. Lalalala. Haha, and he gets annoyed so easily. But then, he's a math genius *GRR -.- wish I could be better. He's a fun guy, with that funny laugh and weird dance. He cares about people, eventually. One day, me and the rest of the class would be attacking his house hoping we could get some Muruku or tosai, maybe. Hahaha, Hariz's idea. One thing for sure, this guy, starting for now on, he'll LOVE SOYA & TAUGE. Hahaha, you know why *winkwink.

Aisyah, a wealthy girl who lives across the road, at the opposite taman perumahan from my house. She's a beautiful girl. She has the QUALITY of what we call that- "Perempuan Melayu Terakhir" because she's tall, white-skinned, nice bod, etc etc. Haha. She's so rajin since she write cute notes on agama. I have to admit I kinda like it. SHHHHH, dont tell her that. Haha ;D She wears lipstick to school ;p HAHAHA. No la, her lips are like dehydrated and stuff like that, so it keeps on bleeding and everyone was like, "My God, you wear lipstick?!" And Aisyah, annoyed, said, "mm yeah". Haha, good way preventing explanation about her sickness. She's a bit mystery, I cant read much about her.

And well, the combination of this two amazing person:

Kamal Suria + Aisyah Ahmanul = World War The Third plus Nuclear Fission which can cause Ear Irritation.

Hahahahaha, I'm great at this. HAHAHA. This is a bit of today:


A: What if I die?
M: That wouldn't happen right, I mean, not now. You're not sick.
A: How do you know?
M: I know, I just do.
A: No, seriously, what if I die?
K: We'll visit, once a year.
A: -.-
M: Hahahaha. Aisyah, at least you could haunt Kamal.
A: Oh YEAHHH! Great idea!
K: Amirah -.-
A: Mann, I can imagine Kamal's face by that time. He would be all freaked out. HAHAHA.
M: Then he'll go to your grave, kneeled, apologizing like crazy. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
M: Tu pun kalau kau berani la nak pegi kubur. AHAHAHAHA.
A: AGAK AH! Thank you, Amirah ;p
K: ( S P E E C H L E S S ) ( A N N O Y E D )

Deep inside, I know they love each other.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

15 August 2009, Saturday

I went to the saloon on Saturday. I go wash my hair. And then....

That kakak : Nak blow straight ke in?
Mora : Whaaaa?
That kakak : ?
Mora : (apa kejadahnya in?)
That kakak : So, decided?
Mora : In.

Well, i thought, trying wouldn't hurt. So, I was reading a magazine while she's blowing my hair. Half an hour later, she's like, "Okay dah siap" I lift my head up from my reading, and look directly in the mirror in front of me. "OH" What happened?! But like whatever la, cuci nanti everything will get back to normal. That night, my family and I, and also my uncle's family, went to a restaurant. It's kinda a bit pedalaman. At the start, I thought, "This couldnt get any weirder" But after our meal, I feel awkwardly HAPPY. There's this kinda section where people go fill a form, pay RM something and then get their turn to karaoke. It was so funny, we laugh at them, HARD. Hahahaha, suara pecah, key tak sampai, pic bersepah. Haha, but I think that was the absolute factor towards LAUGHTER and fun time. I enjoyed it. And we went home at 1am, arrived home at 2am. Balik rumah terus kong. Haha,

Friday, August 14, 2009

3 OMEGA 2009, Syazween

Nur Syazween Binti Zailan. Whoaaa, eventually I know everyone's dad ;D

She's a quiet one. Jabbar calls her Weena but she does NOT like it. So, I suggest you not to call her that. Haha, she's a study maniac. She worries and care a lot about her results. She's hardworking. She's not like me, I prefer making noise in the class instead of doing my revision. Haha, but this girl have a fun side. She love to laugh. She laugh to dirty jokes, to stupid jokes, to almost everything :D She skips school a lot, eventually. I could only see her like, twice a week maybe. But better stay at home la, go to school also didn't study one meh, no point. Haha, I come for my friends. But I DID study a bit here and there. Well, to Aween, keep doing what you're doing. Keep it up, and you'll achieve what you really want in life (:

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

3 OMEGA 2009, Fadhilah

Umi Nur Fadhilah Lulong Bt Hariz Joseph. Wait, do I really have to write that? Ahhaha.

We call her Fadhilah, Adla, Joyah, Rempit, Bohsia (jgn pilih jln hitam ;p) , Fadhil & Fadh.She's a talkative person who is multi-talented. She can play flute, she can play piano, she's learning drums, and she can also sing, act and be a TV host. Well that figures why she won the "Pelakon Wanita Terbaik" for our Sivics Drama. We're proud to have you in Omega (: Apart from that, she loves to fight. As in "Mouth War". Her usual targets would be :


She ALWAYS wanted to win. HAHA, biasalah, Joyah ;D But Elora and Jabbar loves to make jokes about her, since she's Iban. Well, this is a bit of it:


M: Wehh Elora, kau ingat tak kau gelakkan Aimi, lepas tu kau pulak yg jatuh kerusi.
E: HAHAHAHA, Fadhilah la punya pasal oh. Aku kata pen tu aku punya, NAAAAK jugak rebut.
F: Masalahnya tu pen kite lah.
S: Tu la aku dah kata, Fadhilah ada Saka Iban dia tu. Kau tkpyh ah nk cari pasal dgn dia.
F: Eyyyy!!!
J: Pastu letak dalam Tajau en.
M: HAHAHAHAHA, bodo la Jabbar. HAHAHA
J: HAHA, dkt rumah penuh dgn Tajau en. Ni letak rempah, yg tu letak kunyit. Hahaha
F: -.-

Ahaha, I love them all. They're so fun to be with :D

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 OMEGA 2009, Jannah.

Jannah / Janet / Jannoh

This girl right here is friendly, yet quiet, yet smart, yet blue-minded. Well, as a matter of fact, I could say she's a MIXTURE of everything :D she used to be a cuhh-razyy fan of SMS, Taufik Batisah, Joe Jonas etc etc, I lost count of them all. She's one of Pencinta Alam, and PRS ( which Jabbar said doesn't contribute to the school that much ;p) Haha, but she sure love to hang out with her besties, Jas; Evo; Lynn; Jabb. She smiles to everyone ( not exactly EVERYONE) but basically everyone she knows la. Elora LOVES to 'raba' her. Haha, pity la this girl. Well, thats about her (: Just be yourself girl. You're fine.

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

12th August 2009, Wednesday.

Seriously I don't GET you dude !

Can't you stop forcing me? Can't you stop blaming me, acting innocent, like I'm the only one who's guilty. And you NEVER EVEN BLOODY FREAKIN' TRY to communicate with me?!?! And now you're saying I AM selfish? What is THAT?! I'm tired of being what YOU WANT me to be. Fyi, you're NOT helping, instead, you're a type of TORTURE.

I've had enough.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 OMEGA 2009, Jaslyn.

Jaslyn Ling Hui San (: This is Omega's Genius.

She's a highly educated person. She made me feel so stupid. Ahha, yeah, I'm sure she studied very hard. Nothing satisfy her that much. But I'm very sure with her best friends, Jannah; Ee Lynn; and Evonia around, her life's almost perfect. She's also a prefect, she does her job pretty well. She did skipped recess duty masa mid-year test last time. I know because I was there in the class too. Haha, I can't resist the urge to read la that time. Sorry la. Theeban kecoh pulak. Ahha. Hmm, I kinda think she and Hari ada SECRET CONNECTION *winkwink. Haha, well, that's a little bit about her from my eyes. For more info, ask JANNOH.

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

11th August 2009, Tuesday


What did I do wrong? Why me?

Well, today, after two periods in the science lab, I went back upstairs to my class, 3 Omega. I was laughing to Elora's joke all the way when suddenly I heard Raimi lost his sanitizer and Yi Ling lost her hair clips. Then, I got a bad feeling, A VERY VERY BAD FEELING of me who might also lost my stuff. So, I checked my bag for the duit class. As I expected, ITS NOT THERE. And by that time, I could feel my heart displaced. I felt so guilty, because they gave me the responsibility to keep their money and look what I've done. Mann, my worst enemy now is MYSELF.

SORRY OMEGA. I didn't mean to do it.

But then, I have a feeling that maybe the teacher took it as a lesson for us because we didn't lock our class. If that's so, then okay la. But if its true that the money is stolen, then *(&*^$# YOU! I'll pay back the money. I wont ask money from mama though, but I'll figure out a way somehow. Part time job maybe. *sigh.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

3 OMEGA 2009, Puteri.

Oh well, next one is Puteri Eliani Fikri Bt Abdullah Kamil.

We call her Put / Pink / Princess. She's err... lack of idea lah pulak. Jap, jap. Wait for it to come. Delay sikit brain function hari ni. Buffering.... Oh yeah, she's into High School Musical. She seems to have a bunch of collection of stuffs from HSM 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Ntah, idk ada berapa series semuanya. HAHA. Anyhow, she's also into studies. She never (as far as i know) misses kelas tambahan. WHOAAA, what an achievement. She's good in studies. Among the top 3 in class la, eventually because she studied so hard, I think she deserves it. She LOVES to dance. Kelebihan dia la. I'm bad at those. She's been handling stuff for persembahan prefects dinner. Idk anythg abt it. But I do hope it went out fun. Well yeah, since it's not free, it MUST be fun! That's it kut. TY,

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

Friday, August 7, 2009

3 OMEGA, 2009, Elora.

This girl is mine, Elora Ismade.

Everyone has their own nicknames for her. Well, randomly, people call her Elora, Elola, Lola and etc etc. And there's this one person who calls her tembikai ;D She's such a LOUD girl who made people laugh at her jokes every single living day without fail. She's a strong person, as in mentally, because crying is definitely her last option in handling problem. Well, she's my penolong ketua tingkatan recently. Apart from losing the buku kawalan kelas, she's been doing fine with her job.

Her friends are her backbone. Jabbar, Haziq (which she calls Jig), Sawahh, Fadh, Kamal, etc etc are the most strongest factors leading towards smiling. Class is a bit boring though without her. She loves Amir, KUT. Haha, well basically she requested a Ferrari in exchange of Amir marrying her. They're like cats and dogs. Elora's the cat and Amir's the dog la, duhhh. Ahha, but it is possible to be the other way around since Elora's a bit FIERCER. But then if Amir's the cat, he might be a BIG one ;p

She's creative, she's pretty, she loves tomyam ;D she's very up-to-date, her mouth is uncensored though. And I have a big feeling that she and Amirul Hazeim / Ikhwan ada something *keningkening. Haha, alright that's it. Whatever it is, I Love her.

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 August 2009, Wednesday

Today, we waited for an hour for our Sejarah paper. But guess what, Norlia was down at the hall, with that X-Pac thingy. So, that paper remains a mystery lah. Haha, then we got down to Bengkel for KH, and Sehran, suddenly, tercabutkan apit G from the table. Hahahahahaha, tkde hujan tkde ribut tksemena mena apit G yang melekat atas meja tu boleh je tercabut. Bengg betul lh Sehran.

Then, there goes Jabbar, Sawahh, me and Fadhilah. We bergaduh like crazy today. Its just, Elora's not here with us so cam agak KURANG ceria sikit. We miss you lah babe :(

A few minutes before balik, this is what I laugh to....

Jabbar: Wehh Haziq!
Haziq : Pe?
Jabbar: Petang ni en?
Haziq : Pertanian?
Jabbar: Petang ni kan?
Haziq : Pertandingan?
Jabbar: Petang ni la pekak!?!
Haziq : Eyy, PUHI, apa benda kau merepek?!

HAHAHAHA, tak boleh bodo lagi lah oh diorang ;D Hahaha,

Then, I walk to primary school, happily. I went upstairs to pejabat, then I'm SHOCKED to death! The school gila sunyi tkde orang. Just because they heard rumors about H1N1. My mum answered about 200-300 phone calls today, asking whether the school will be closed for how many days. The same answer my mum would give....

Kring Kring...
Mama: Hello.
XXXX: Hello, saya nak tumpang tanya, saya ada dengar berita yang sekolah akan ditutup. Sampai bila eh?
Mama: Sekolah TIDAK ditutup.
XXXX: Jadi tiada sebarang kes H1N1 ?
Mama: Tiada. Hanya Influenza A shj.
XXXX: Apa bezanya?
Mama: Influenza A hanya selesema teruk.
XXXX: Jadi, peperiksaan mcm mana?
Mama: Disebabkan semua orang dah balik sebab takut, dan dapat berita yang salah, jadi, peperiksaan ditunda dan akan diberitahu kemudian.
XXXX: Oh, jadi esok persekolahan seperti biasa?
Mama: Ye.
XXXX: Jadi, sekarang boleh saya ambil anak saya?
Mama: Ambik lah (tone malas)
XXXX: Okay terima kasih.
Mama: Sama-sama.

After 150++ times,

Kring Kring...
Mama: Hello.
XXXX: Hello, Puan Rosni ada?
Mama: Puan Rosni tiada. H1N1 tiada. Sekolah tidak ditutup.
XXXX: Hahahaha, itu lah yang saya nak tanya.
Mama: Ye saya dah tau dah, ini panggilan yang ke tiga ratus setengah.
XXXX: Haha, terima kasih.


3 OMEGA, 2009, Lee Jia Zhe.

Lee Jia Zhe or well known as Ah Keong or Apek, the son of Allan Lee ;p

This guy is my ketua tingkatan (: He sits back there, and made high pic sound from where he's sitting, which sometimes menceriakan class, and sometimes, annoying. Haha, but he's a giving person, he shares food with me (: So nice of him to do such thing. His besties were Hannim, Hariz, Syamim (eventhough every time bergaduh), Yi Ling, Kamal, well mostly everyone in the class. I'm not very sure what I mean to him currently, maybe a friend, JUST a friend. His special one is A.M, well, you-know-who lh kan ;D Hannim gangster calls this guy PERWERT :9 Haha, I think this guy is great at times. Bak kata dia, "Tengok dulu ah mood aku mcm mana" Haha, ye ye Keong. Btw, I'm sorry Keong. Up to you la nak forgive me or not, your option.

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th August 2009, Tuesday.

TODAYY, Let's see. The first thing that comes to my head when I woke up in the morning was trial results. Well, guess what? What I've been longing for is killing me now. My KH and Sc paper 1 results was quite bad, I mean, alhamdulillah okay cuma tak memuaskan lh. Idk, maybe I'm not ready enough for this trial kut. But whatever la kan. Apart from that, hari ni best sebab dapat kacau SYAMIM ;p Haha, semua pasal Subang you tau en Kak? Kantoi sudahh.

Suddenly, Elora had a fever. Kinda bad. I pity her so much that I didn't tend to kacau her at all that day. Infact, I've been her 'Guardian Angel' today. Protecting her from class freaks. Haha, get well soon ayy (:


3 OMEGA, 2009, Hariz Ali.

THIS IS AN AMAZING GUY, Hariz Ali Termizi (:

He's crazy. And he's the best. Idk why, Syamim call him "KAYU". Haha I'm thinking blue. I know some secrets of his'. HAHAHA *keningkening. He's a bit mysterious though. Banyak rahsia eh bangg? ;p He's a 'loving' neighbour of the cutest person ever, Farhan Faidy (I adore the way he speaks) Haha, he LOVES Topman, thats for sure. He's the only child, so his time was not for HOME. He loves to lepak. Pent pulak tu. Bukan nak ajak. Haha, tkpe tkpe, lepas PMR aku tunggu wehh. His words were the best. Everything that goes out of his mouth ALWAYS and NEVER FAILS to make me laugh. Elora said they have the same shape of KENING, which I quite agree (: Well, that's him. Stay this way, dude.

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

3 OMEGA, 2009, Hadzwan Lee.

Hadzwan Lee. I kinda like his name. Cool ain't? He's a nice guy, who's VERY VERY good in debating. And stuff to do with being contra to other people's opinion. From my position in class, I could hear him and Andrew, and Ashman, and some other people over there fighting over facts and chess movements. His favourite game is chess. And he's quite good in it, no doubt. HAHA, he's cool. He's not annoying because he doesn't talk that much, especially with me and my friends. And ckgu BM said he should improve his karangan (: I overheard that, sorry. Haha, well, just stay as your own self, Hadzwan. You're just fine (:

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

Saturday, August 1, 2009



She's quite a bully but when it comes to DISCO DANCING, she's a champion :D Last night we were dancing like crazy, I tell you! Listen to Fantasy Girl- Caprice. You'll never resist the urge to dance (:

3 OMEGA, 2009, Iqbal.

IQBAL :l THE ONE WHO NEVER SMILES. Maybe he did, but only at unappropriated times.

Well, he's sitting just a few inches from me in class. He's so rajin that he never misses out homework, and he never skips school. But one thing for sure is that he always get enough rest than me. He sleeps in class when teacher's not in but I'm very sure he has his own explanation on that. I do talk to him, it's just that I stop because it gets creepy. HAHA. Elora is trying to get to him or in other words is making fun of him since he's a VERY A LITTLE TOO GOOD boy. Someone should tell him he can't survive high school being like that though. Well this is what I hear everyday:

Elola : Hye Iqbal :D
Iqbal: Hye ( with that you-know-how tone )
Elola : Nak ngorat boleh?
Iqbal: Tak payah la, kita nak belajar ni ( a little more of that tone again )

Kesian Iqbal, kena bully dgn Elora. Haha, btw, I'm his translater. Everyone seems to think he speaks German except me ;DD Good luck achieving your ambition yea Iqbal.

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

3 OMEGA, 2009, Aleef Ashaari

So, today, its Aleef's turn.

Well, he's a very quiet boy so there's nothing much I could tell about him. But I knew him since standard six and he is quite a bully. Well, not physically, mentally lah. Ntah la, I don't really take those things that serious by that time. But now, he has changed. He wasn't in Omega last year, so he doesn't really mingle around with us that much. The thing I know about him is that dia tak siap folio. HAHA. Yea la of course I know, I was sitting in front. Just opposite of the teacher's table. I know lots of stuff. Haha. I didn't listen to him, as in, talking aside from him just talking to Amir, the guy sitting beside him who basically, surely, without no doubt, talks A LOT LOUDER than him. Hahaha, well I consider him THE QUIET ONE.

No heart feelings ayy (: Mora.

1st August 2009, Saturday (:

I went to One Utama with my mum and my sis today. Just doing a lil bit of shopping sebab dah lama dah tak keluar :'( haha, moreover, the Malaysians Mega Sale is also still going on. So cam all shops is doing great sales and discounts on their goods. We went there in the morning, go breakfast nasi lemak there, and then starts walking. After one hour, we stopped at FOS, and I got myself a Tee. Then, we go walk some more, stopped, then walk again, stop and vice versa. We enjoyed ourselves so much today. We went home at 6pm. Well, at the end of the day, I got 2 clothes for myself and it's more than enough for me (: