Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30th June, stayback fr 'koko' haha.

BLURGHHH, freakin' tired today. Tired of laughing, walking, running, eating, semua la. Haha, nthg much interesting today. Idk why, but most of my friends' relationship is on the rock right now, pity them. Idk how to help because I've nvr been in any relationship before. So yeah, I can only lend my ears and be a listener. I hope that'll help, guys /: Oh yeah, prefects dh sibuk2 about prefects dinner on this coming July, I don't know whether to go or not. What do you think? Well, I'll write more tomorrow, till then, c ya, chiao (:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lychee, iced Milo, a plate of fried rice, and pizza :O This is wht I currently HAD for high-tea and dinner. SEDAP LAHH. I shld stop thinking abt food. I puasa today, I'm EXHAUSTED. Everyone was eating at schl. and home. So, I took a nap, to prevent me frm seeing food. But guess wht, I DREAMT about it. SABAR je lah. Haha, but i puasa ikhlas one mehh (:

28th June 2009, Sunday- Drama Practise

2pm- Practise starts. Dangg, i missed the McD party. haha, nvm. Anyway, I'm glad everythg went out fun and serious at the same time. FINALLY, ppl coperates. But not all of 'em. Still ada yg pemalas nak dtg latihan, tu mmg tkblh buat apa ah. But CREDITS to Andrew, he live so far away but still had the urge to come, eventhough his scene was just short and simple. Thanks dude (: And I just knew tht I have to DIE at the end. And ASHMAN have to kill me. COOL. Ohh, the WESTERN DANCE was superdy duper HILARIOUS. I can't stop laughing watching it. GAHAHAHA, they're all so gay. But thank god, the drama is fully organised, well planned and with a few more rehearsal, it'll be JUST FINE. Keong sent Puteri (PGL) home, awwww. HAHA, I have a few pictures of them but I wont be uploading it here, because it may risk my life. haha (*

28th June 2009, Sunday- Badminton

I'm too tired to update my blog yesterday. Well, this is wht i did yesterday morning. I'm suppose to wake up at 7am, but I woke up on 8am instead ;D Haha, sry Kamal. Hannim couldn't come, she suddenly, idk, risk her life, went to the morning market near shah alam stadium :O hahaha, but anyway, I team up with Kamal on the first game, mann, I'm the one who ran here and there catching the thing called 'cock' (shuttlecock). But Jabbar and Nafis made a bad team. They keep blaming each other everytime they missed a catch. Later on, i team up with Jabbar, by tht time, I realize why Nafis keep blaming him. Because IT'S HIS FAULT ANYWAY *grr. Haha, Jab, I hope you're reading this, because I want to DECLARE MYSELF AS A WINNER ;p

Friday, June 26, 2009

totally exhausted.

  • prefect's meeting fr hari terbuka tmrw.
  • sweep the floor, rearrange the tables in class.
  • doing recess' duty.
  • play BM quiz.
  • clean the fan blade. DANGG, very super bloody freaking seriously terribly so DUSTY.
  • usher's meeting.
  • round the whole block, recognizing the classes.
  • do my homework.
  • walk to primary schl.
  • eat lunch.
  • maths tuition.
  • drum class.
  • and FINALLY sit in my chair writing this blog.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am so hungry. Today, I got punished for not-doing-anythg-wrong or to be specific, mencangkung fr half an hour even when it's not MY fault. Greatt! Plus, carrying a WOODEN chair down and up back again is seriously NOT a good idea AT ALL. And tht is just the start of my day. Then, there comes boring talks, where I have to be listening and sitting on the not-very-cozy-chair for more than 2 BLOODY hours. I'm fasting today, and guess where's my tmpt bertugas masa rehat? CANTEEN *grr. Anyway, Haziq, stop being so GAY la. hahahahahhahahahha, all the dance thingy is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS, mann.

p/s PLEASE people, coperate. When are we gonna finish the drama if you guys keep skipping the practise? If you think you can't commit to your responsibility, then quit, since we still have time to find a replacement fr your position. Thnks.

to Byd, I hope you'll enjoy your hols there, in Sarawak. Have fun, awek Iban HOTSTUFF. haha ;D and and, have a safe journey home (:

Greetings, today was awful. The whole drama thing is driving me crazy. Each scene ada problem. If that's so, when are we going to finish practising the whole thing? To actor and actress, just follow the plot, and stop complaining. We are the one who have to do everything, so appreciate it. We have a life to deal with, listening to all your criticism and opinions is the least of our concern. So please, IKUT JE LA whatever we told you guys to do. And Syamim, I bukan 'gangster' la kak! ;D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

gahaha by mora,

This morning, the unexpected rain falls down. But yeah, at least it freshens me up frm my sleeping mood. Haha, anyway theeban, amir, hari and sehran versus leeking, ashman and nafis. HAHA, semua cam gay la. and aimie, better beware of your sitting position, you dont wanna fall like just now rght? i felt sorry fr you but i cnt stop myself from laughing, sry lah babe, tksengaja :D anyway people, do you know there's this new thing called MIRROR. and fyi, i have one of those, you dnt have to tell me how do i look because i ALREADY know. i'm ugly, so whattt?

Monday, June 22, 2009


my first blog, i guess. haha,